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  • Stocks turn decidedly lower as Cyprus' ruling party will apparently abstain from the bailout vote, thus assuring its failure. The ball now moves back to Brussels, where the ECB has threatened to withhold funding from Cyprus' banks if the bailout (and depositor haircut) isn't passed. Stoxx 50 (FEZ) -1.5%, S&P 500 (SPY) -0.5%, the euro (FXE) -0.5%[View news story]
    i'm one of those doom chasers tack - non savy, non financially educated, who gambled (note gamble, not invest) on world destruction in mid 2011. i'm becoming more discouraged that reading articles here will educate is mostly french...i'm so under now, my calculus continues to conclude that i need to wait for some correction before cutting my losses...meanwhile, record highs. it is funny, as i find myself so drawn to the doom and gloom articles. i don't enjoy checking my balence these days.
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  • Can The Stock Market Continue To Go Up When The Middle Class Is Suffering? [View article]
    hasn't this conversation played out a million times already? - i don't think it is so clear who the "takers" are - at the upper end, they pay low tax rates, in the middle, we get lots of deductions...and at the bottom, social programs.

    tea, do you really think that only poor people vote for their perceived direct beneift? can't you agree that our finaincial elite and romney's 1% are largley voting for their tax breaks?

    i think tea or drew is actually mit. mit, is that you?
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  • The Market's Bipolar Tantrum Will End Soon [View article]
    "In summary, the good news is that the current Bipolar mood cannot last much longer; the bad news is manic depression will follow."

    when when when?
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  • A Week Of Historic Economic Tragedy Ahead [View article]
    does anyone out there believe this 20% decline could occur/begin to occur in the next two weeks? SA concencus on this thread seem to push it further. i'm curious Avi, what makes you think we have more upside ahead of us? If i'm reading mr. K right, he seems to think short term upside will be based on false hopes of hopeless solutions. I'm just trying to figure out if i should get out of my short positions for the time being.
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