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  • Shareholder adviser ISS sides with Apple (AAPL), telling investors to vote for a company proposal to eliminate the usage of preferred stock, laughingly citing the potential for misuse in a takeover defense. On the issue of bundling the preferred stock provision with other measures, ISS agrees with Einhorn, calling bundling "not in the best interests of shareholders."  [View news story]
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  • Apple (AAPL) can unlock $320/share in value assuming no PE expansion, says David Einhorn, speaking on CNBC after the release of his letter to shareholders. Apple has a "cash problem" and a "depression-era mentality ... We own more Apple today than we ever have before." Shares +1.7% premarket.  [View news story]
    I usually appreciate Einhorn's thoughts on Apple, but this is awful, a transaction that would put AAPL's regular shares in permanent purgatory. A massive buyback does the same thing, (raises the price with the same p/e). The thing is, if Apple does buy back, the daily nonsense will go away. The HFT's will struggle to fight against Apple's purchases and will move on. The best thing about a buy back is that it's benefits are long lasting. Apple hoarding the cash is just bad business. People should be careful about asking for a special dividend, once it is paid the stock is dead.

    Example: MSFT, If Microsoft would have repurchased shares, the stock would not have gone stagnant.
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  • Deutsche Bank downgrades Ford (F) to Hold on a valuation call after shares ran up past $14. The firm thinks Ford could see a tough pricing environment in certain segments and expectations could slip. F -1.3% premarket.  [View news story]
    Ford has a p/e of 3, why?
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  • Apple's Margins Will Stay Strong In FY13  [View article]
    I would like to know were Digitimes got the breakdown of iphone units. Apple does not provide this info, so the above chart is speculation.

    As for the naysayers, Apple will continue to build its cash pile, that is really all that matters. In three years I find it hard to believe someone would think AAPL would trade at 500 with 250 billion in cash. Even if Apple dropped to generating $30 billion in cash a year with a low multiple (4) that still equates to AAPL growing by $120/year. There are so many smart people on the internet wo do not get that earnings matter above all.
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  • Apple: Trading Faster Than The Rest  [View article]
    Finally, someone with a brain.
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  • Apple: Bottom Target Hit, And New All-Time Highs Coming  [View article]
    Croc, I agree with you about not being out of the woods, so to speak. I think where I have my biggest problem with the EW is this, "lets see if it goes back to low 500's then I am right mess". If it is predictive it should already be known where it is headed, one or the other. Me, I think we will retrace just because we have moved $85 in a week and there are people who have made a killing and will move on. The STO shows extremely overbought, odds are not in our favor for up. JMO If it goes below 570 I will get concerned about it going all the way back down.
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  • Apple: Bottom Target Hit, And New All-Time Highs Coming  [View article]
    Avi, I have a lot of respect for one of your follower's she is a Lovely woman who has become an EW enthusiast. She is who told me about your work. I think what is so hard for everyone to digest is the fact that you think we go back down for a double bottom. You are CYA right now and hey, I get it. AAPL is moving dramatically and that usually implies both directions are on the table, but here is my question, what does your chart say about prolonged time under the 200 DMA? Except for 2008/9 AAPL does not spend a whole lot of time under. I get that if Washington does something really stupid that AAPL could come crashing down real fast, but the shopping season has kicked off better than most expected and I would think nobody in Washington would want the finger pointed at them as to who ruined the market. I am a believer that the only way forward is with an up market, the alternative is very ugly.
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  • Why Apple Is Still A 'Don't Buy'  [View article]
    6x book value? really. Now that is funny considering it is trading at 5x cash.
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  • Is Apple Expensive At 5x Cash Holdings?  [View article]
    I just want to know how you get GOOG trading at 5.6x cash. You put up the chart of Apple's cash which is around 120 billion, but Google's cash is nowhere to be seen. (and is a lot less than 120 billion)

    Google at 765/5.6 = 136 billion cash, what games are you trying to play because Google does not have anywhere close to that in cash.
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  • Apple Has 40% Upside Remaining  [View article]
    Agree, Jae, I have to ask, why not buy some ATM leaps and throw the key away?
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  • Are Apple Bulls Aware Of The Downside Risk To The iPhone?  [View article]
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  • Apple: Wait For A Lower Price, Or A China Mobile Deal  [View article]
    The fact is that AAPL is only 7% over where it traded back in April and has a p/e of 16. Considering it is trading just above the average p/e of the S$P 500, it is silly to consider Apple to be average. Apple has 120 billion in cash and could buy almost every company in the world. The fact that Apple's cash is dismissed is unheard of and almost never highlighted when people value AAPL. Hopefully TC will increase the buy-back program soon, then we will really see the alue of AAPL come to the surface, after all, what company is a better investment?
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  • Apple: Wait For A Lower Price, Or A China Mobile Deal  [View article]
    Don, you are shortchanging yourself. LOL
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  • Some of the iPhone 5's (AAPL) finer details are getting criticized. Among the issues: 1) The iPhone 5 won't support simultaneous voice and data on Verizon and Sprint's 4G LTE networks, unlike many other LTE phones. 2) A $29 adapter meant to link the iPhone 5's new dock connector with older accessories won't work with some speakers. 3) Until they're rewritten, existing iPhone apps will display black borders on the iPhone 5, due to its larger display and new aspect ratio.  [View news story]
    Boy, you sure are having a dream. Pushed to another phone, please.
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  • Sharp has finally started shipping LCD screens for the iPhone 5 following weeks of delays, the WSJ reports. The deliveries should help ease fears about whether Apple (AAPL) will be able to meet demand for the device, which the company introduced yesterday and for which pre-orders will begin tomorrow. Sharp is one of three screen suppliers for the iPhone 5.  [View news story]
    Chop, now you want to attack Sharp and call them "substandard". The only thing "substandard" is the way Samsung does business. Sammy has bigger problems, my guess is that Apple is going to move completely away from Samsung within 2 years. My guess is that Intel will make the next chip for Apple (A7). Apple will buy the A6 from Sammy as long as it is incorporated into its products which will be a long time, but the next wave of design should go elsewhere.

    Chop, it would also do you good to know that Sammy's displays are being replaced by new technology. Sammy made this bed, I hope they have nightmares.
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