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  • Verizon Battles Higher Churn, Lower Margins While Preparing To Release OTT Service  [View article]
    LJ, Believe me, I'm not suggesting what to buy or sell. However, if I may, I'd suggest that an emotional response to a customer service department would not be 'my' basis in that decision. (fundamental and technical analysis instead) My worst days in my 24 years of trading were primarily caused by my emotional responses. I still struggle with it although I'm pretty sure I'm better than in the 'olden days'.
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  • Verizon Battles Higher Churn, Lower Margins While Preparing To Release OTT Service  [View article]
    To: Pengy and Stonecutter12. Since I've been reading extensively on AT&T (T) on SA, it's beginning to seem foolish that I don't also own T. Neither T nor VZ seem to be going anywhere fast, why not collect an extra full percentage point in dividend?
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  • Verizon Battles Higher Churn, Lower Margins While Preparing To Release OTT Service  [View article]
    Funny! My 1st service was with Sprint in 2000/2001. It actually was not horrible. I got it because I was moving from Kingston, NY to the outskirts of Utica and had no 'normal phone'. Once I got settled and at the end of the contract, I thought I was a smarty-pants and was going to save a ton of money by switching to T-Mobile. Three miles outside of Utica, T-Mobile had ZERO coverage! I bought out the contract and went to Verizon. Except for a brief experience with TracFone, I'm with Verizon again. I live in rural Tennessee and Verizon is the only service with 'nearly' total coverage. I am totally willing to pay some 'premium'. Although I've never had AT&T, there's really no comparison between Verizon and the other carriers. I also own the stock and this margin compression has me worried. I'm an older person and love the dividend but capital depreciation is an ugly thought. I probably worry too much.
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  • Philip Morris: A Primer For 2015  [View article]
    I own both MO and PM. After watching for 25 years, (I got my feet wet trading FOREX in 1989), It seemed to be evident that the company/companies have had a knack, historically of maintaining administrative managers that are of relatively higher intelligence than most. Of course that can change. So, my reliance on historical results could definitely be misplaced. Has the $US signaled a change in long term trend? With the current state of the 'currency wars', I somehow doubt it. For now, I'm hanging with the PM. I am, however, delighted that the author has published this. In my opinion it's a welcome 'alert'. I will be watching more carefully.
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  • Transocean Is Dead Money Which Continues To Die  [View article]
    I really appreciate articles like this. Since the last x-date, I'd arrived at the same conclusion. I had originally bought in at 46/47 level and didn't like what I was seeing in the price action so sold a few days after the x-date. I got out (with dividend) at exactly zero loss/gain. Then I was foolish enough to buy again around 35/36 and wasn't as lucky. I've given up on 'oil' until my eye catches a chart pattern with a technical turnaround. Then I'll revisit fundamentals. I do still own ETP (MLP pipeline) but theoretically, they collect their percentage regardless of the price. If, however demand drops or continues to drop, it will be a different story. After OPEC's decision last night, I fully expect it to drop 'in sympathy'. Haven't looked yet.
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  • Retirement Strategy: Johnson & Johnson Did WHAT Today?  [View article]
    Wow! Actually I'm fairly new to this dividend stock-thing. But, I also doubled down today. Had 100 at 103.72; now basis is 100.52. Seems a crazy coincidence that we're so close. Hope it all works out. I have VZ instead of T. Although after some due diligence I fail to see much difference. VZ seems to have slightly better capital appreciation but T has a nicer dividend.
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  • Energy Transfer Partners' (ETP) CEO Kelcy Warren on Q1 2014 Results - Earnings Call Transcript  [View article]
    I'm not adding my picture because it would accomplish nothing. (For me) Are you trying to find me or pass information to the feds?
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  • A Short Case For PDL Biopharma: Why The Company Is Worth Less Than $5 A Share  [View article]
    I'm not a millionaire so, I appreciated this article. I had a GTC order in to buy at $8.03 which I am removing. Whether it's all true or not it places the whole scenario into the "too iffy" category. I'll use the money to buy a few more shares of ETP or some such. (Not at it's current price).
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  • The Good And Bad Of Dave Ramsey  [View article]
    I agree with you. I've been listening to D. Ramsay regularly (not every single day) for about 8 years. Truthfully, I find very little negativity in his advice but was glad to read a different view. The last 10 years I've fancied myself as a "trader". That approach has done me no good whatsoever. If I had taken his advice and stayed long the market over this time period as an "investor", I would be so much better off. I like many others was decimated by 2008/2009. That made me terribly gun-shy. I've basically recovered all losses but have been static for the past three years. At this very moment I'm searching for an investment strategy. For some reason I still distrust his allocations. But if he follows his own advice I guess I should!
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  • Mortgage REITs continue to get repriced for lower yields going forward with earnings reports from JPMorgan and Wells Fargo not bringing good news. Both banks reported sliding net interest margins and booming mortgage business (some, if not most of which is refinancing) - an ugly combination for leveraged owners of MBS.  [View news story]
    Funniest thing I've heard in months! I foolishly jumped at AGNC as soon as the ex-dividend occurred because (as in the recent past) it usually recovers quickly. I already averaged down once but that was clearly too soon! Reading everything I can today to try and decide whether to kill it or hang out for some recovery. Guess it's high time for some adversity since I was doing so well for 9 months. Oh well.
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  • Not worried about QE3 and prepayment risk as much as one might expect, American Capital (AGNC) CIO Gary Kain notes (transcript) 70% of his company's holdings are backed by lower loan balance mortgages. With mortgage origination operations running at full capacity, a $100K refinance is going to get pushed to the back of the line. "You really need ... 150 or more basis points of incentive ... then you start to see (lower loan balance refis) pick up."  [View news story]
    Maybe I'll add my picture if you ever post one of my comments. Besides, what does physical appearance have to do with any of this? Maybe I'm too old for the society as it stands.This "new" American culture is so wrapped up in appearance and political correctness that I just have to laugh.
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  • American Capital Agency (AGNC) falls 4.2% premarket as the stock goes ex-dividend today. The $1.54 decline thus far is quite a bit bigger than the $1.25 dividend. Secondary offering on the way?  [View news story]
    That's what I did Capn'. Someday the goodtimes will be over. But I've been happy as a clam over the past year+...hehe...hopefully, I didn't just curse us all by putting it into words!
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