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  • WheresTheDough
    I like what I read about $ALU but its balance sheet gives me the jitters FCF and negative NI. Can anyone give me reassurance ?
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    • BruceLee1984: Yes you need to stop looking at the past, there debt to equity ratio has improved each year as it stand at 1.20
    • BruceLee1984: They have 4.473 billion in cash while long term debt is 4.29 billion or so. Free Cash flow has improved each year.
    • BruceLee1984: I believe ALU will be or near break even free cash flow by end of 2012
    • BruceLee1984: The company's guidance as it stands strong net cahs position at the end of 2012 managment is comitted and focused on the cash situation.
    • BruceLee1984: Also they just sold off there Gensys unit and recieved 1.5billion for it, the money will be used for investments and debt payments.
    • WheresTheDough: Thanks Bruce Lee. That's what I needed to hear ... or read