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  • Why You Should Wait To Trade Telupay International Inc. (TLPY)

    Traders who vigorously checked their email accounts late on Friday got a jump start on the newest pick from Telupay International (OTCPK:TLPY). TLPY stock was announced just prior to the close of trading last week as Mike Statler's newest way of how you can double or triple your money by putting $1,000 n now and see it grow to as much as the rainbow that will, perhaps, come in just a few short weeks. What history has proven from the alerts which closely resemble those of the once kings of the OTC, Awesome Penny Stocks ("APS"), is that waiting for the dust to settle after the first few trading sessions is where the majority of money has actually been made.

    Before getting into what TLPY is really all about, let's first take a look at what is all about. We first saw the group whose pen name editor, Mike Statler, leap onto the scene in late 2014 after the poop had already hit the fan and exploded onto the wall for the group known as APS. The first alert StockTips issued was on an oil and gas explorer: Tiger Oil and Energy, Inc. (OTCPK:TGRO)

    The TGRO Pump

    TGRO hit the market running just like APS' first "real alert" did back in 2012, AMWI. Notice how after the slight increase in PPS for TGRO stock after the initial week, a significant dip occurred making all of those who were hoping to see double-triple digit returns were coerced into buying more shares to average down their position.

    As the first power of persuasion showing for StockTips, TGRO shares ran to well over $1 during a period, December, when APS began their legacy from their second alert, NSRS. As the chart shows, the waiting out the first week to buy on the dip was where the majority of profits were due to come from.

    The next move for StockTips, after 2014 began, was to stick with what worked before, oil and gas, and alerts were sent out on Well Power, Inc. (OTCPK:WPWR) at the start of February.

    WPWR shares dipped in a similar fashion to TGRO on the third trading session of the promotion. From the dip, WPWR stock played well in the shadows of the numerous marijuana stocks that were setting new highs during the same period and eventually topped out above 0.80 for a better than 150% profit from the 0.30 bottom on day three. What happened next for StockTips cost traders an enormous amount of money for not waiting for that initial dip to come.

    On the first weekend in May, 2014, StockTips sent out alerts on Pingify International Inc. (OTC:PGFY) and subsequently sent out their "hat tipping" update after the market closed on May 5, stating: "We saw PGFY trade over 22 million shares today and closed at 1.37 for a gain of 52.22 percent on the day alone!" What happened the very next morning solidified why waiting for the dip is the best approach to playing a StockTips promotion.

    On the morning of May 6, the CFO of PGFY, Vlad Milutin, submitted his resignation in objection to a promotion campaign to artificially raise the price and trading volume. PGFY stock plummeted to as low as 0.20, more than $1 lower than the previous day's close, but would eventually gain more than 300% in the next two trading sessions before the SEC suspended PGFY and left those holding shares with nothing but an empty bag.

    Up to this point, StockTips had been following the path of what made APS plays so successful: taking a stock which had no trading history and was controlled by insiders and the seed shareholders so as to have complete control of which direction the ticker went. Changing their pattern to see if they had landed on the same radar screen that shut down the APS group and their favorite legal team for shell set ups, Carrillo Huettel LLP, StockTips went with a play that had already been in play for several months: Alkame Holdings, Inc. (OTCPK:ALKM).

    ALKM shares had been declining throughout the summer months when shares dropped from over $1 to as low as 0.06. Once the kiddies went back to school, StockTips issued alerts on ALKM stock and saw it successfully rise from 0.083 to as high as 0.513 over the course of 13 trading sessions. This was the first time a dip in share price barely presented itself when ALKM shares declined slightly on the fourth day of the promotion.

    With a winner in ALKM under their belt and no immediate attention form the stock police, StockTips went on to promote eCrypt Technologies, Inc. (ECRY), another ticker that had a long trading history already behind it.

    ECRY shares dipped in a similar fashion to PGFY, dropping well below the day one PPS to as low as 0.164 on the fourth day of the promotion. As each other had been successful from the "dipping point," ECRY stock rallied over the course of the next 8 trading sessions to as high as 0.59 before the bottom completely collapsed like a wet paper bag of tears which left ECRY shareholders crying.

    Now that it's 2015 and there hasn't really been much happening on the OTC except for a few plays that have run, StockTips has identified TLPY as their "biggest pick ever!"

    (click to enlarge)

    What is ironic is how both TLPY and Mobetize Corp. (MPAY) share a direct link in the rights that stem from Telupay PLC. Since it would be insane to push MPAY on traders since it was set up by Carrillo Huettel LLP, the route to try and avoid a radar hit of TLPY only seems fitting. With a trading history behind it, albeit a short one, and persons on the inside very similarly linked to those from WPWR, the smarter approach would be to see how TLPY stock survives the first 2-3 days before drinking the koolaid Mike Statler is serving up.

    Mar 09 2:41 AM | Link | Comment!
  • AwesomePennyStocks Dumps To Make Way For StockTips

    Living up to their historic capabilities of offering high risk traders a chance to make 100%, the group formerly famous for their main website,, dumped out of American Leisure Holdings Inc. (OTCPK:AMLH) last week to make room for the big guys. On February 10, emails went out from StockTips to prepare penny stock traders for their first pick of 2015 which some can only hope is better than eCrypt Technologies Inc. (OTCQB:ECRY) was. With AMLH peaking at $0.40 and ECRY having just missed hitting $0.60, as long as the alerts are pitching $1 on whatever the new pick is, it should be a play worth flipping.

    AMLH Promotion:

    The days when APS could push a ticker for 30-40 trading sessions are long gone after the group more or less fell apart in 2014 and the SEC began following the paper trail of their picks. The AMLH promotion was an enormous money maker for the group when you see that the shell company was hijacked in 2013 and 80,144,928 free trading shares were subsequently sold to some anonymous insider(s) for $.0003/share. The wheels just needed to be set into motion which occurred on December 12 when American Leisure Holdings announced that it acquired Wroblewski Oil and Gas as a wholly owned subsidiary.

    Although AMLH shares never hit the $1 level the APS group of websites was calling for since it launched on January 20, there was the opportunity to double one's money once February came along. While no one can ever really time the bottom and ride it all the way to the top for a "perfect trade," from the mid .17's to as high as .40, the chance of better than 115% gains is still a pick to hang your hat on.

    So now that the "dump" is as clear as day, the road is cleared for Mike Statler (pen name) to bring StockTips out from their nearly three month hibernation and issue their newest pick. Last traders heard from Mike was when StockTips alerted on ECRY as an early Christmas gift for all. Starting on November 21 and peaking on December 9, the "perfect trade" would have netted 259% in gains.

    ECRY Promotion:

    So, what every penny stock trader is waiting on now is the ticker symbol that can bring them a triple digit winner on a sizeable amount of money invested. All anyone has to go on at the moment is this February 10 issued teaser:

    (click to enlarge)

    While its only speculation at present, Valmie Resources, Inc. (OTCPK:VMRI) would be ideal with the "drone" topic being so hot right now. Unfortunately, VMRI stock is way too high priced for a StockTips promotion. Drone Aviation Holding Corp. (OTCQB:DRNE) has proven that as its shares have seen a recent surge since the FAA took steps toward legalizing and regulating routine use of commercial drones. Until the alerts start hitting inboxes, it's double-digit flips and old tickers realerted on during what is usually "peak" promotional season.

    Feb 22 11:19 PM | Link | Comment!
  • $6.5 Million Pingify International Inc. (PGFY) Promotion Officially Begins

    Traders and investors are constantly on the hunt for the next hot penny stock that can bring them gains of 100%, 200% and sometimes over 1,000%. Rumor had it that come "power hour" today, the penny stock of Pingify International Inc. (OTC:PGFY) could see it's ticker get pinged like a nude selfie tweeted out by a Desperate Housewives actress. Set up on Valentine's Day, 2012, there could be a lot of love affairs with PGFY stock assuming the Facebook page of StockTips mentions it as their newest pick to follow in the footsteps of Well Power, Inc. (OTCPK:WPWR) and Tiger Oil and Energy, Inc. (OTCPK:TGRO).

    Since rumors have it that ties to John Babikian and Awesome Penny Stocks could also be involved with the Edmonton, Alberta-based startup in the classified space Pingify International, staying focused up through the end of today's session paid off in a very big way thanks to some free adivce that has come in handy time and time again.

    Pingify International's PGFY stock wasn't even a blip on anyone's radar prior to Friday, April 11, 2014. What brought PGFY stock to the top of the list of possible picks for the next StockTips promotion was some very in depth research done over at AimHighProfits who were spot on at picking possible tickers for the now defunct Awesome Penny Stocks group prior to their promotions.

    (click to enlarge)

    PGFY data by YCharts

    Seeing as how there are 25 million PGFY shares that need to get sold to novice investors, we were conducting as a way to try to spot the next StockTips pick before the pick was announced. The due diligence research the guys over at AimHighProfits conducted lead them to believe that PGFY was very likely to be the next pick to be issued by StockTips who have more or less replaced Awesome Penny Stocks as the top pump and dumper on the OTC.

    How it's supposed to work:

    Ping Me! is an application that brings together buyers and sellers of goods and services. The idea is that buyers can contact sellers and sellers can be contacted by buyers via a method known as a Ping. A buyer can set up specific needs they are looking for and when a product or service becomes available that matches their needs they would be Pinged on their phone or smart app device via the Ping Me! app. The same technology could also be used to notify an individual of website changes. The idea is to shorten the process of having to log in your email or other multi-step processes that are currently used to notify individuals of changes to products/services and web pages. Ping Me! will provide its notification service in real time.

    It all sounds hitech, but in reality, the reviews of the app at the Apple iTunes store have nothing good to say about it.

    Pingify International is dedicated to making their money from pinging and claims to already be integrated with eBay. Now, a "Ping" is considered to be a delivered advertisement to the end user treated similarly to an impression as charged by various online marketing services like Google's AdSense. Each one of these "pings" will be worth around $.008 per impression cost to Pingify whereas a "click," when a user is sent back to the client's network where the Ping is read, will be worth about $0.065 per click.

    Do you have any idea how many "pings" or "clicks" it takes to make $300? It would take 37,500 "pings" or 4,615 "clicks" and the result would be $300 - the amount Pingify International had in cash as of October 31, 2013 which was also all of their assets.


    Pingify International sold 25,000,000 shares of PGFY stock for $0.005 per share during the period from July 2012 to January 2013. Past promotions done by the same promoter, Amarium Technologies, Inc. (OTCPK:AMMG), Pan Global Corp. (OTCPK:PGLO), and Tiger Oil and Energy, Inc. (OTCPK:TGRO) also had close to 25,000,000 free trading shares set up to be sold during those paid promotions. All 3 began between $0.22 and $0.35 and better than doubled while the promotion was still fresh. The most recent, Well Power, Inc. (OTCPK:WPWR), had a float of 48,750,000 and started from a much lower price, $0.055, before peaking above $0.80.

    Simply put, PGFY stock is a scam, a massive pump and dump headed by Mike Statler and From the landing page ( issued late Friday when PGFY shares began to explode:

    DISCLAIMER: This report is for informational purposes only, and does not represent a solicitation to buy or sell the profiled company's securities, which trade under the symbol PGFY, nor any other securities. is operated by Amerada Corp. (Pending:AC). Neither AC nor its employees are certified financial analysts or licensed in the securities industry in any manner. The information in this marketing piece and any accompanying information is subjective opinion and may not be complete, accurate or current and was paid for directly or indirectly by shareholders of the profiled company who may or will profit as a result of the preparation, publication and distribution of this marketing piece and accompanying information. AC expects to receive 6,500,000.00 USD (SIX MILLION FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS) as a marketing budget for production and distribution of PGFY marketing material from an unaffiliated 3rd party, Laluna Services, Inc. AC will manage this budget for production and distribution of any marketing materials for PGFY and intends to keep the difference between the budget received and production costs as compensation. AC also expects to garner new subscribers as part of its efforts. This marketing piece contains forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties. This marketing piece contains or incorporates by reference forward-looking statements, including certain information with respect to plans and strategies of the featured Company.

    Last 5 Trading Sessions:

    DateOpenHighLowLastChange% ChangeVolume

    So basically, you buy PGFY stock in order to sell PGFY stock at a profit which can only occur if you have a short-term focus. With the share price already testing $1 after trading for less than 30 minutes today, Monday will the biggest volume session PGFY shares will see throughout its promotion. Anyone not looking to sell during next week increases their risk significantly to be left holding a big bag of ping which will force them to learn how to average down during one of the worst times of the year for a penny stock promotion - Summer!

    Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.

    May 02 8:06 PM | Link | 8 Comments
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