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  • Dissecting the Apple Flash Crash [View article]

    Your "analysis" is laughable, as several other commentators have pointed out.

    "One product"?? Apple computer sales are still strong, even as most others are declining, market share of the iPhone, while not as robust as previously, is still gaining, and iPads are selling in the millions. Which one of these "one products" were you thinking of...?

    "Competition" from "capable companies"? You must be dreaming.

    As to Google's Android, though def. a cool OS and idea in some respects, there are and will be mega-problems with security (already happening, including allowing malware into their apps store through their apparently non-existent screening process!). Factor in that they are selling on all major cell networks instead of just one, and that these have already been offering "two-fors" to boost "sales" and you get the picture.

    Add to the above the fact that Google's own hardware version of Android recently flopped and died, and that Google is notorious for lousy to non-existent service in almost product they have except their mail and Chrome browser, and we have many reasons to suspect that Android has trouble coming - trouble one just doesn't get from Apple products, because they are designed and tested in-house to run on their own design of software - and they do it well.

    If any problems do arise, their warranties and service are hands-down the best in the industry.

    Same goes for RIMM - and I might add that Nokia's latest CEO HAS to be some kind of sad joke. They brought a Microsoft guy in to turn them around??? Mr. Ballmer and his cohorts can't even turn Microsoft around - despite having told the staff that they have to learn to "be more like Apple."

    As for you programmed traders - you are all part of what is wrong with the system. It used to be that a product was bought on the strength of the company - the fundamentals (which, BTW, with a bankroll approaching $46 billion, a solid user base, and new converts daily, Apple has in spades), and held for years, sometimes decades.

    I admit I haven't held my shares (I had some projects going on), but they did VERY well indeed for me over the last six years. I sold half the first time they hit over double what I paid, and pocketed the money. Since then, my profits (not inconsiderable) have all been o "house money."

    The only thing I agree with is that stocks ARE gambling - but if one does due diligence and examines the fundamentals, you can make money - from strong companies with excellent products - like Apple.
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  • Is Android Buzz Starting to Tarnish the iPhone's Luster? [View article]
    I can't believe this article. Android may be "cool" (although it certainly doesn't LOOK cool), but as one commenter pointed out, Apple products all interface smoothly, with a proven OS and ecosystem.

    But a bigger reason I haven't even looked at android is that I LOVE my iPhone, and would never want anything different. They have fixed all the few things that needed fixing, the apps are incredible, (and far more than I need either, to be truthful), and, as with all Apple products - they "just work" - and if you have a glitch, they still have the best customer care / tech service in the industry - bar none.

    And just wait till the android OS or hardware goes buggy - if Google's laughable and non-existent "customer service" on their own site and products (like the various Ad-ware) is any indicator, you will not be able to get one iota of help from them... my experience with their software (other than their excellent mail and OK search engine) would NOT encourage me to buy ANYTHING from them - especially a piece of hardware with an unproven software.
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  • How Many iPads Need to Be Sold to Make It a Viable Platform for Content? [View article]
    @ Paul H. M.:
    "Fanboys" refers to people who think nothing beats Apple, and would not consider anything else.
    The majority of computer users choose Windows over Apple, because Windows is give you much better value for each dollar spent. People who ignore the "bang for your buck", and simply by Apple, because it's Apple, are the "Fanboys".


    And what color is the sky on the planet you live on...?

    I spent over twenty years in computing, including time as a sysadmin for both Windoze and Apple LANs, and teaching them. I think that by now I know a few things about computing, and of the relative merits of the two systems.

    I switched completely from Windoze to Apple over a decade ago and have never regretted anything - except not doing it sooner!

    People who buy only Apple (like me) think nothing beats Apple because nothing does. Call us what you like - the opinion of a minion of the Evil Empire doesn't faze me. I think of Apple users as the "intelligent choice" user.

    The majority of users who buy Windoze are usually one of two things - terminal, dead-ender Windoze "fanboys" or people who simply don't know any better.

    MS didn't get its huge market share for producing a superior OS - it has always been c**p, from the DOS days (which I remember, having learned on early DOS). While they did produce some decent apps like Word (originally made for Mac!) before they bloated them to death, MS got its market share initially by teaming with IBM and having the cachet of the IBM affiliation and sales reps. It also made the decision to license, and got $99 a pop for its crap OS from every little wannabee "computer manufacturer". This in turn drove up its share of apps developers. Gates combined this with unethical and monopolistic market practices, until MS surpassed Apple (who was formerly the big dog).

    Apple never caught back up in market share, but continued to build quality products (with a few hiccups, esp. when Jobs was ousted). However, they finally made the come-back trail, starting with the original iMac, then OS X, followed by iPod, iPhone, and now iPad.

    When you say "more bang for the buck" what on earth are you referring to ??? Windoze is buggy, slow, crash-prone, virus-ridden dreck, which requires that the user either be a tech whiz or that he or she takes the thing into the shop on a regular basis. NOTHING works right or well - even from the same manufacturer! (HP is notorious in this regard.) As for peripherals, they are still "plug and pray" while Apple has had true plug and play for decades, The hardware from many suppliers (Dell, Gateway) is pure crap that is "guaranteed" - to fall apart in under 3 years. "Service" is an expensive nightmare, and in most cases non-existent (even if you get someone who speaks English moderately well, and actually knows tech).

    Apple delivers high-quality hardware and software that just works - and LASTS! My old iBook (not one of the higher-end models) lasted SIX YEARS, and was passed on to another user when I upgraded to a MacBook Pro.

    Speaking of value - what is your old PC of ANY kind worth? My 4 year old MacBook Pro will still get around $400 - $500 easy. Bet you can't get $4 BUCKS for your Windoze laptop of ANY make of equal age. (IF you can find one still working!)

    So, let's sum this up:

    Best hardware and software

    Best customer service and care - and techs who speak comprehensible English [usually in the US and Canada ] who actually know what they are talking about, AND top-notch service and turn-around if anything DOES go wrong with the hardware!

    Best longevity and useful working life

    So where is this "bang for the buck" you are talking about? More a case of "you get what you pay for" - or "Penny-wise, pound foolish."

    So keep on living it up with your Windoze, Paul - and every time it is running slow, crashes, refuses to perform, or comes down with the next big virus, remember I'll be running my smooth, stable, speedy, bug-free, and generally low-maintenance Apple. (Oh yeah - did I mention that they are actually FUN to use?)

    @fairinfo - you must have gotten an early Apple TV - I just got one and LOVE it! But glad the Roku works for you.
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  • Why Amazon Cannot Afford to Lose the eBook Wars to Apple [View article]
    @Eric: Amazon has already lost the war.

    @Old Guy: I can't speak for you, but I don't feel "screwed" by the best hardware and software maker in the world. Apple delivers on their promise of a product that "just works" - and always in a world-class format and design. Paper books are effectively dead. Look in a lot of college libraries that have been converted to coffee bars, where the students are using their computers and E-readers to browse the new E-libraries. Better get with the real world.
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  • Apple: Why I'm Strongly Bearish [View article]
    Utter rubbish from an obviously utterly clueless person - he should go far in stock analysis circles!
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  • Why I'm Still an Apple Fan [View article]
    I have used both platforms extensively for years from DOS 3.0 forward through XP and Apple from System 5 through X.6), was a systems administrator on networks running both, and taught computers and apps extensively.

    Apple has ALWAYS had superior software and hardware - and since OS X, they have had the best hands-down. With the addition of the Intel architecture (allowing them to run Windows as well), there is no comparison anywhere.

    PCs and Windoze have basically been clunky crap for years. Now they are archaic clunky crap.

    The iPad is very cool, though I may wait a bit to get mine. Like some of the above, I am hoping for a later version that will run a few of the standard Mac apps, but I imagine it will be there in a few months.
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  • What's really going on with "Tablet Computing"? [View instapost]
    Excellent analysis of the coming revolution in reading. I'll wager that once again, though Apple won't be the pioneer in the field, they will take the best of the best hardware and software and deliver a superior experience which will take the public by storm.
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  • 5 Reasons Why the Apple iSlate Will Be a Failure [View article]
    @ the author - Interesting take, but I think you are wrong. I think the device will be everything som of the other commenters have mentioned, and possibly more.

    @ thinkb4uwrite - though I agree with most of your comments, I would hope that they would offer not a QWERTY keyboard, but a Dvorak - why would anyone still want to use a 125 year old keyboard designed NOT for speed or accuracy, but simply to prevent jams on the earliest mechanical typewriters? As an engineer, you of all people should be aware that this design has always been deficient, even in the days of mechanical machines, and became completely obsolete with the advent of the IBM Selectric. With modern digital typing, it is even more obsolete. (If that is possible.) Just because it is "what people are used to" is no reason to continue using a layout that is inefficient and ergonomically detrimental (among other things, it increases and aggravates carpal tunnel syndrome). For one thing, an average touch typist can learn Dvorak in a matter of a few weeks, and a newcomer can learn it far easier than QWERTY.

    I would like to have at least the option (as on any computer) of choosing Dvorak or another intelligently designed keyboard system instead of the archaic and inefficient QWERTY.
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  • Verizon Launches Direct Ad Attack Against the iPhone [View article]
    Ho-hum. When will they ever learn?

    First of all, this "commentator" is just regurgitating flak he read elsewhere, or is paid to shill for Verizon.

    Android, while a neat step in the right direction, will NOT be the "iPhone killer" - any more than Zune and scores of others were "iPod killers."

    As usual, the sad, lame, wannabee "competition" is skating to where the puck was - while Jobs, like Gretsky, skates to where the puck will be.

    Most of iPhone's few "faults" have already been cured, and the rest soon will be. "No keyboard"? Who cares? Most of us who use the iPhone have already adapted to the new tech. "Keyboards" are clunky, VERY old (125 years) tech. Only dinosaur type users think they "need" them - and dinosaurs are, in case you hadn't noticed, going extinct at a rapid rate...

    Also, Droid will almost certainly not interface as smoothly with the Apple OS as the iPhone does - it remains to be seen if it will even interface with Windoze as well as the iPhone already does. This is of importance because although Windoze is still the largest OS, their Vista cost them a LOT of business - which, along with those enamored of Apple by iPod and later the iPhone, have migrated to Apple platforms - and once there users tend to NEVER want to mess with buggy, slow, clunky Windoze again. (I know I won't! I refuse to even help friends still mired in Windoze these days - I send them to the local computer shop. I'd rather stick sharpened pencis in my eyes than return to Windoze!)

    With China about to open to iPhone (already popular there using jail-broken copies), global sales should do well.

    No, I will be using my iPhone for a very long time. While I would love to go back to Verizon, who I was with since they were Airtouch, I hope I have made it very clear to them that I will never return unless they have the REAL iPhone, not some sad wannabee version.
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  • Death Comes to Wal-Mart China [View article]
    The main thread here and in some of the comments seems to be that a "brand" lost "reputation" - not that a gang of company goons beat a woman to death. This seems yet more proof of what its opponents have always alleged about capitalism - that its overwhelming motivator and driver is greed, and that human life or well-being is not even a consideration.

    @ tedster98 - there was not even any proof that the woman had shoplifted - she apparently was concerned about whether the people pursuing her were actually security, as they were not in uniform

    In any case, whatever she did or didn't do, even if she had taken goods, we don't know what or why, or what her personal situation was. Maybe she is one of the many who have lost their jobs in the downturn in China, and was stealing (IF she was stealing!) to feed herself or her family. Again, even if she was stealing, she couldn't have had a lot on her - and since when is a human life valued in terms of a few dollars worth of merchandise? Oh, right! Capitalism at its best, again...

    Tedster98, IMO, you need to look in a mirror if you want to see a soulless dirtbag...
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  • Back to School on the Cheap: Another Round of Mac vs. PC [View article]
    Folks, just ignore jack dweeb (sorry! dee!) - he is obviously clueless, and has no knowledge of the background of the two companies, their relative health, etc. (FYI, jack, in the "earlies" Apple was the Big Dog with something like 55% of the world market - obviously a lot smaller market then than now, but the point is the same).

    MS gained market share when it hooked up with IBM (then "Deep Pockets") and licensed the lame DOS OS Bill and Paul (mainly the latter) had bought and re-worked. Nothing to do with performance or quality.
    By this means (along with some pretty sharp dealing and later monopolistic gangstering) later it became the new Big Dog.

    However, they did put out some OK apps along the way, like Word (And jack, did you know that Word was originally developed by MS for Apple?)

    However, in this much more sophisticated market, people are now twigging to the many superior aspects of the Apple OS X and software, and the word is getting around. I was a long-time DOS and Windoze user (by job necessity), and ran both Windows and Apple LANs. That was how I came to learn the superiority of Mac, and I switched completely when I left that job. Our house is entirely Mac now, and I have a lot of friends in engineering and programming, etc., who are switching as well. (Especially after the Vista debacle.)

    However, some people (like you) will never figure out what real quality and value is - and you will end up using and backing Microsuck forever (or until their ultimate demise). And that's fine - for you. However, for those of us whose lobotomies have healed, we will continue to use and buy Apple, which now also runs Windows - and runs it better than Windows-specific machines. I have a copy of XP on my wife's Macbook for a Windows-specific program she needs. It loads faster, better, and runs more stably on her Macbook than on a comparable Dell, Acer, or HP. No Windows boxes can do that.

    So stick with MSFT - I can also recommend some other premium buys, like Ace Buggy Whips and the Gaslamp Mantle Manufacturing Co.

    Long on Apple - and proud of it!

    (And BTW, jack - I bought it low and have since sold off some when high, and already made three times my investment back - with some "house money" left over for fun - . Can you say that about your MSFT?)
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  • AT&T: The (Apple) Brand Destroyer [View article]
    This article was totally bizarre!!

    @JeffDB - AT&T has "radical left wing politics"???? What color is the sky on your planet? AT&T has been a far-far-right org almost since its inception. These are the same guys who called for the overthrow of Allende in Chile when he nationalized their holdings there - and got it, along with having him assassinated, and lots of other nasty actis in South America and elsewhere.

    They were mega-donors to Dubya and his Dad, and Ronnie Ray-gun before them, and they never saw a right-wing politician or cause they didn't like.

    Not sure what their policy towards homosexuals is, and don't really care, as a person's gender or preference is of minus zero interest to me, and none of my business, though I think they should have the same rights as anyone else. Same for abortions - the last worst form of birth control, but preferable in many case to unwanted kids being born - or even wanted, but to the WRONG parents. (I worked in Juvenile Halls and the Neglected and Abused Home for some time, and BELIEVE ME, there are a lot of folks who should NEVER have kids - or even be near them... and there are kids who would have been far better off never having been born than being born into the places they were.) It is also none of my business (or the govt.'s, or yours for that matter) what other people do.

    Not sure how a person can have "Christian values" and be an investor anyway - did you ever consider the harm many of the companies do to the planet and the people of the world? As I recall, Yehoshua said something about "sell all you have, give the money to the poor, and follow me." and his comment about how it was easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of heaven." (Unless the Bible on your planet is as different as the AT&T.)

    He did NOT say (to the best of my knowledge), "Yea, verily invest in ye great trans-national mega-corps, and give unto them your gold, for they shall multiply it many times, even as the loaves and fishes, (unless they lose the bundle in their maneuverings and chicanery and with the mega-bonuses they pay unto their CEOs) and despite the damage they do unto tose in the Third World, be thou not vexed, because that exploitation of men, women, and children will gain thee many gold ducats, and they are only sons of the cursed Ham anyway, so piddle upon them." (Nothing personal - we are all just as bad here - I just don't pretend I have Christian (or any other religious) "values" - which (historically speaking) usually means you have to hate and / or kill someone else who believes differently...

    As to AT&T - I can understand some of these comments - AT&T as a corporation sucks. Most corporations suck. Even Apple has its suck moments, and I have been an Apple fan for years.

    Their tech and customer service personnel have improved greatly in recent years, but they remain hard to actually get to, and yes, AT&T has done damage in some respects to the iPhone, especially in the buying aspects and the "one size fits all" data plan.

    As to the dropped calls - I have had pretty good luck with them, and I just found out an interesting factoid - if you are on speaker and you forget or want it more private and hold it to your ear, your ear can cause the mute to go on, seeming to be a dropped call.

    Other than that, their coverage is great.

    Verizon (who I had for many years, and only left for iPhone) had good coverage and GREAT service - and if they go with iPhone in the future, I may look at them again.

    Meantime, Apple is a GREAT product and stock.

    (Full disclosure: Bought when it was 86, sold half at more than twice that, still have shares, long on Apple.)

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  • Apple Upgrade on 'Mac Surge' [View article]
    If Techtrader 10 had ever owned an Apple, he would understand why Apple users are also enthusiasts. For his info, since the Mac now runs Windows as well as OS X (and it loads faster and runs better than on a Dell, Acer, Compaq, or HP - I have tested it against them), he should seriously consider one for his replacement - if he buys another Windows box, he will only continue to get Windows problems. He can run whatever proprietary Windows programs he wants, and still have the best OS for his E, Net, and other functions. On top of that, he can start enjoying computing, with the best OS, programs, and support in the industry.

    (And just BTW, I have made a killing on Apple stock, buying low, selling off half wehen it was near its peak, and holding the rest - I am playing on "house money" now, and am long on Apple.)

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  • Apple Asks Microsoft to 'Quit Running Those Laptop Hunters Ads' [View article]
    I have owned and run MS Os and products since DOS 3.0 (on an IBM XT), all the way through NT and XP. I have taught computers, and was a sys admin working with both PC and Apple LANs, and I have used other platforms incl. UNIX, and all major apps for the relevant platforms.

    Since the intro of the Mac, I have grown to consider Apple to be the more advanced and better software and (esp. in the days when they made all their own peripherals,) the best in hardware, hands down. However, I had to use DOS (and later Windows) for my work.

    Just before I retired in 2002, I switched to Apple and have never once looked back or regretted it - except for not switching sooner.

    Now, with the Intel architecture, if you need Windows for work or some other reason, it will run Windows - and it loads faster, and runs more stably on the Mac.

    I cannot imagine what kind of PC or version of Vista Joe K is talking about, or what version of Apple OS - or for that matter, what color the sky is on his home planet...

    As for the people who are complaining about Apple users' responses, I challenge you to find any comparable dedicated group of Windows fans - especially after Vista - best thing MS ever put out - to boost Mac sales.
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  • Palm: Who Needs iTunes? How About PalmTunes! [View article]
    Pre loses a chunk of what little chance it had to become a player (let alone an "iPhone killer"). PalmTunes - what a joke! Eric, you are always good for a laugh...
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