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  • pokalolo
    Dollar stays strong until who knows & EU Bonds yield half US ,so, US is best safe haven & likely to stay high a long time
    Mar 19, 1:35 PM
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    • pokalolo: In theeee old days commodity backed $s was da good thing ,but, no mass ... eh
      Mar 19, 2:05 PM
    • Macreeze: Pura vida baby, it's out of our hands
      Mar 19, 2:43 PM
      • pokalolo
        $RNF just sold another 1/4 at 15.70 & added WHLR at 2.76 This 90 mill preferred smacking shares ,but, great move over bank borrowing IMO
        Mar 19, 11:54 AM
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        • noobie107: $WHLR looks like a capitulation sell day. Expect it to move up from here.
          Mar 19, 12:00 PM
        • losbronces: I don't like the convertible provision. Converts at $2/share or interest rate goes to 15% on June 19, 2015.
          Mar 19, 12:05 PM
          • pokalolo
            $DTO gone at 120 a 10 point scalp from AH buy. Used gain to add $WHLR at 3.01 Now WHLR ave at 3.49
            Mar 19, 10:31 AM
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            • hlcclc: Added to $WHLR @ $2.92. Avg cost now $3.19.
              Mar 19, 11:46 AM
            • Thalidomide Baby: WHLR just issued "C" preferreds that will be exchanged for common at $2 in 15 mos. That's a good indication of the future value: $2.
              Mar 19, 12:42 PM
              • pokalolo
                $FB neigh slayers are missing this boat & it's heading for the zenith...Onward an upwards pura zuck vida
                Mar 19, 10:03 AM
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                • bigazul: lived there for a year in '89, loved it.
                  Mar 19, 11:04 AM
                • pokalolo: CR has gone seriously down hill. Sad too me ,but, having access to Panama makes life super great. Panama is # 1 expat spot in world IMO
                  Mar 19, 11:07 AM
                  • pokalolo
                    $RNF just sold 1/4 position at 15.70.. Huge gain ,but, gonna add GARS with funds
                    Mar 19, 9:33 AM
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                    • IndyPEG: Ty for heads-up Dal. I like the space and consumer finance as well. Maybe small ins too. GARS rev & eps growth are nice too.
                      Mar 19, 10:44 AM
                    • pokalolo: very solid team there. very good d/d on their lending. I think their about as close to a CD as it gets
                      Mar 19, 10:47 AM
                      • pokalolo
                        US$ is still in strong & will get stronger. Don't by the touts as Fed's Central friends must continue to cut
                        Mar 19, 9:19 AM
                          • pokalolo
                            $GARS on sale via secondary.IMO shares r owned-not new issues.Great company with safe yield.A BUY.I must wait till 23rd,but,I'd go 2day if
                            Mar 19, 9:18 AM
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                            • pokalolo: los,now the new account is set & all other holdings went 2 buy into credit unions.Share buys r with divs,so,nothing like past.5 & 10K/ buys
                              Mar 19, 10:41 AM
                            • MMRPM: *
                              Mar 19, 11:12 AM
                              • pokalolo
                                $MCP is at crossroad Another example 4 1000's who averaged down why throwing more 4s ain't always a good idea
                                Mar 19, 8:24 AM
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                                • pokalolo: I've just watched 1000s of average downers over the years with MCP & the games a foot for all those Watson's.. An overall point IR
                                  Mar 19, 8:56 AM
                                • Tom Landry: I'm so proud of the +3% I made right at the top of this pile of dirt. I could have been buried alive.
                                  Mar 19, 9:15 AM
                                  • pokalolo
                                    IRS resents Congress telling them 2b fair,but,uses the 5th. Now will continue with rule changes Die Rep's die
                                    Mar 19, 7:07 AM
                                      • pokalolo
                                        $C's Morse saying US oil production 3 weeks 2 a month from a Forced industry shutdown do to storage.IMO he doesn't get mechanics of fracking
                                        Mar 19, 6:32 AM
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                                        • pokalolo: He says US must end export ban or start import ban.I agree for US ,but, an import ban crushed oil worldwide if mega US use goes away
                                          Mar 19, 6:34 AM
                                          • pokalolo
                                            Swiss Central cuts & Norway holds. Norway $ pops on news. The currency war continues & US $ still will creep higher because of world's war
                                            Mar 19, 6:06 AM
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                                            • markrpat: sorry, still on my first cup of coffee 0530 hrs.
                                              Mar 19, 7:35 AM
                                            • pokalolo: >)
                                              Mar 19, 7:39 AM
                                              • pokalolo
                                                Banks like GS C BAC set 2 take HUGE losses from oil loans because the planned loan sales ended as oil price collapsed What % hit on earnings
                                                Mar 19, 6:04 AM
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                                                • pokalolo:
                                                  Mar 19, 7:53 AM
                                                  • pokalolo
                                                    OIL Ed Morse from Citibank will push for $20/ oil live on Bloomberg soon. IMO yesterday was a sellers gift for little oils & MLPs
                                                    Mar 19, 6:01 AM
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                                                    • det9: Nice gains DAL.. I am sure more opps on the way
                                                      Mar 19, 8:10 AM
                                                    • pokalolo: We've made 100s of points playing happy happy with DTO in 2015 & it's only March.. If Morse is right DTO is in the 200s
                                                      Mar 19, 8:12 AM
                                                      • pokalolo
                                                        $PDR Mrs Rousseff takes page out of fellow BRICS in China & goes after criminals
                                                        Mar 19, 5:59 AM
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                                                        • losbronces: She is also a criminal. She hates Clarin because they keep asking where the money came from.
                                                          Mar 19, 9:01 AM
                                                        • pokalolo: They refuse to say where the beanstalk is so they can just climb up an get more golden eggs
                                                          Mar 19, 9:04 AM
                                                          • pokalolo
                                                            SA 5 AM news flash Nice summary & I see the US$ back up the 2%,so, oil move yesterday was a sellers gift IMO
                                                            Mar 19, 5:49 AM
                                                              • pokalolo
                                                                Watched US Congressional hearing on Immigration.Listened to agent comments of job threats & told to leave groups alone.2 count turnaways as
                                                                Mar 18, 7:10 PM
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                                                                • How to reduce poverty? Control Immigration and require a baby permit!
                                                                  Mar 19, 12:54 PM
                                                                • pokalolo: >) baby permit.. very China like >) Eventually US Canada & Mexico will be open ala EU.Was much talk of common currency when Reserve goes
                                                                  Mar 19, 1:29 PM
                                                                  • pokalolo
                                                                    $CERL I see we added at 21.95 with left over cash. Will shop again on the 23rd when ETN monhtlys post + PSECs payout
                                                                    Mar 18, 4:01 PM
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                                                                    • Tom Landry: Dripping here. And yeah, and I shouldn't have liquidated half of $MORL. Currency gain was tempting though, and my new position is solid.
                                                                      Mar 18, 4:17 PM
                                                                    • pokalolo: I hesitated buying MORL ,but, Ocean man got me off the fence. Glad as got a 1/4ly and am up
                                                                      Mar 18, 4:39 PM
                                                                      • pokalolo
                                                                        FED speak now is all over & Janet is ambiguous.. The Bond yield dropping & inflation is key & it's dropping. 2016 IMO
                                                                        Mar 18, 3:31 PM
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                                                                        • pokalolo: I'm thinking 1 st 1/4 to get ahead of inflations first sighting
                                                                          Mar 18, 4:38 PM
                                                                        • Energysystems: Inflation is greek(dead) to this market ;)
                                                                          Mar 18, 4:42 PM
                                                                          • pokalolo
                                                                            IMO the FED caused a major swing in oil. Nothing changed in oils direction & this is a great day to sell some oils
                                                                            Mar 18, 3:24 PM
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                                                                            • bigazul: all about the $
                                                                              Mar 18, 3:47 PM
                                                                            • pokalolo: I think "thee" industry oil experts are moving clients out.Storage is swollen & fraglogging is rampant.IMO the US$ had anticipated,but, aok
                                                                              Mar 18, 3:48 PM
                                                                              • pokalolo
                                                                                FED I was clear don't worry about dropping "patient" comment
                                                                                Mar 18, 3:18 PM
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                                                                                • pokalolo: I also was clear inflation drifting lower & FED said that too
                                                                                  Mar 18, 3:23 PM