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  • Bakken Update: The Three Forks Has Huge Potential  [View article]
    Mike would there be any plays toput a lot of these companies in a basket investment such as etf and if so any thoughts on who has the best handle on this gamble which in time will surely show great value and does the infrastructure still have a strangle hold on the product to refinery end. Also is there specific pipeline companies expecting to get in the long term value of this area' Thanks Mike you do good work and have been hanging on that area to keep me informed and I have done well with your insight Thanks Again!
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  • Quicksilver Resources: Time To Get Out Of This Heavily Indebted Natural Gas Play  [View article]
    If you like kwk you might like arslf in Horn River there little bit of land sits right in the middle of the big boys and the man that runs the company was T B PICKENS partner and right hand man for a long time if he says it is in the ground T B says he means it they only cost a nickle a share or a little more and they already tied into one pipeline , the other kicker is there product is going to end up in Asia thanks to Obama and no keystone and they already had there little lunch meeting with Mitsu and Korgas and the China yang money players they will get bought out buy the Asian's or CON or ECA they are all in the hunt you got a lot more to gain while it is still under a dime because when it goes it won't be a penny stock no more ask T B PICKENS lilke I said if James says it is in the ground it is in the ground, do your home work and wait for kwk to keep coming down 10,000 shares of Altima will make your wallet bigger when the bidding is over.
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  • 6 Reasons To Love This $6 Energy Concern  [View article]
    It is nice to see that there is good long term value when hard smart work is applied GTE has that and KKR is playing there crds right in my book most of the time, I have some GTE and looks like I will get some more hopefully they will go on a run like Petrobakken did since last fall I was told they where finished because of there debt but there hard smart work made my 1,000 shares at $8.00 with a monthly divy look pretty good I sold 500 at a little over $16.00 now I am on the houses money but I wonder if I should have kept it because I still think they are like a little SUNCOR but you just put the bug to get some more GTE for the simple reason it seems like a $6 or 7 or 8 dollar stock can pop up in value than the $20 DOLLAR and up stock can, my reasoning might be wrong but the pricier a stock gets the more analyst climb on after the fact and then there are to many big heads with all these theory's when all it takes is a little luck and a lot of hard smart planned out work. GOOD ARTICLE!
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  • The delay to the Keystone pipeline and the stunning growth of North Dakota's Bakken shale could cause a "Cushing moment" for Canada, with some fearing that pipelines that carry oil from Alberta and Bakken could run out of capacity in 2015. However, Enbridge (ENB) is confident that the 1M bpd of spare capacity should be good for 5 years.   [View news story]
    ENB way way overpriced and it will not change overnight get some TX pipeline stock before Nat Gas jumps in the fall after that when Obama is gone the price will change because the tree huggers will not be allowed to join the union because they ticked off the union and now Obama is running out of friends and there will not be as many sleep overs at the White House and don't think the rail road commission is to fond of the maple leafs going that far south when they are also getting alot of that China Obama YANG CURRENCY THAT BEN B PRINTS FOR THE WHITE HOUSE every day you crossover so many pipelines they are every where but Obama uses a different kind of pipe. It is not ENB fault that Obama is hooked but now he has ticked off his doners KENYA BELIEVE THAT. China can!
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  • The U.S. Economy Is Producing Too Many Jobs  [View article]
    Was he talking about shovel ready jobs for the keystone or Wal Mart is putting everybody is on full time 12 hour shifts like Apple and FOXCON so they will ready for Best Buy at Xmas, probably should buy some stock in nets that would look good on the HR Dept. the Po# for suicide nets it would cut down on the DOA (dead on arrival). Safer buy is MSFT and INTL and some of that 25$ Japan cattle futures, and start the grill heck at Apple and Foxcon the do not eat hot dogs they eat dogs. That will really put a crunch on Pet Smart Inventory,can't wait till Apple puts that undercover video out!
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  • T. Boone Pickens' Top 10 Stock Picks  [View article]
    MITSU has tankers going from Canada on one contact to Asia for 10 years , there is a little staying power and that is just one long term deal that has been out on the street for the last 2 mn's you might wonder just how reliable ECA's cash flow will be with 60% of that going into there pocket but BlackRock thinks the checks will all be good and ECA has not even got the ball rolling yet but this summer the 10 year game starts and ECA is kind of in a place where one would buy some all thanks to Obama dragging his feet on Keystone but even when Keystone does get going the far east is still going to pay more for the product especially when the refineries have all the raw product they need a lot closer in west Texas ECA ENBRIDGE PIPELINE MITSU SHIP OR West TX. Pipeline to Houston Keystone will be an on and off hedge. Now that is real Obama EPA HEDGE that really keeps the air clean oh I forgot his Library will be in Hula Land think a ship might stop there.
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  • ConocoPhilips Ready To Break Out In 2012  [View article]
    To be self insured or not to be gives you the opportunity to pick out what floor on the skyscrapers attorney union wants to charge how much for the retainer renewal for your legal projections ,this is not BP in the gulf with all those nice pictures of a little spill and the billions to make it go away let alone the misfortune for the lack of skeptical throw out of court data from the most reliable EPA who has since lost some employee's to the companies in reference here,it is not good when you tie up long term litigation with the expert EPA lobby opinion.Due the math I would bet the PSX will feel pretty good when it is put on record of the quality of the paper work the reports where filed on,Mr Smith has a very good theory and a good article and I believe uncoverup should reverse his projection and reap the benefits especially if it gets to a New YORK BUY A TSHIRT nice SEC litigator by the turn of the century,on the other hand which is short on fingers COP has a nise group of international finger nail clippers,39401 and 1001 will be happy campers especially with Chinese Horn River Basin pay double theory and if they get in the way the cost plus contracts are better than Keystone even after they quit dragging there Democratic left foot.Good article and the Sec will use the farmers almanac for the unpressidented,I would look at the PSN as a goo hedge sounds like there could be a very reasonable doubt and a hung jury.
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  • A Rare Earth Element Opportunity, With Something for Gold Bugs  [View article]
    Get a copy of the strategic mineral reserve from the US Govt.and about half way through the 200 plus pages it will tell you what minerals and there bi product of the main mineral is where the shortages will come as far as the US Govt. is concerned and you will be surprised what the seven bi products the US is secretly stock piling and there are no big boy name companies on that list and that is the report the President signs off on in the oval office. Loose lips sink ships and that open information theory is very political.
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  • Warren Buffett still likes stocks as far better long-term investments than bonds or gold, two assets that “enjoy maximum popularity at peaks of fear.” Bonds and other “investments that are denominated in a given currency,” including money-market funds and mortgages, are subject to inflation risks, Buffett writes, while gold is an asset “that will never produce anything."   [View news story]
    If you by a Jack and Coke you very seldom know if it is KO but it is one of the most cheapest ways of advertising there is and I do not even drink Jack but I do buy Coke and only your mind will tell you it is a better value but I do not care because all we buy is off brand names with cola on the label and there is never any complaints from family and friends and my wallet gets the same value for about 1/3 less money but coke still gets the advertising.I think of it as a generic drink just like when you buy name brand gasoline that comes out of the same pipeline as the off brand except your mind does it with octaine which the Govt. charges you for or the wine made in north America and in Europe the only difference is what you want it to be and when you have a budget you will live by your wallet and the money is not generic yet buy that could soon be if the Obama to Ben B money tree printing machine is turning into the Chinese yuan almost 50 cents to the dollar now that is true long term investments for China.
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  • Analysts Stuck On Petrobakken's Share Price, Ignoring The Business Itself  [View article]
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  • Apple: Is There Still Scope To Innovate?  [View article]
    I like the healthcare target you play with it do your work with it show off with it fertilize it watch it bend like the leaves on a tree and then you make it biodegradable, program your vitamins in it then eat it and use it later now thats innovation but if it don't work after 4 hours and it makes your vision blurry seek medical help right away I do believe health care is the way for the plastic apple that melt in you mouth not in your hand.
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  • Don't Worry About The Debt - SeaDrill Is Financially Strong  [View article]
    Hope you got your sea legs, you might get better result from the venders that keep them afloat and there debt needs t be spread out longer or you will really need to be a lot longer on them than you think,there clients are getting more inhouse and the cost plus theory days are really numbered unless political unrest really jumps which is on you side right now when the US has a mother in law for President and they do not like the land and they really don't like salt water,you have an interesting view but you should take some extra fishing line because the water is deep, the tanker production side on ship and wet transportation that even alot of your majors are leaning towards land,one way for Seadrill to make a splash is as long as they are out there they have wind and solar which the three in 1 set up for energy is coming with the new ocean going barge batteries are in R&D for storage of power and desalination sounds far fetched but not to GE and Siemans under the table JV sponsored by none other than TAX$ I know sounds way out there but the 2011 Dec. report that crossed you know who's desk is trying to put Solyndria on water you will see in the Obama Super pack cure election commercials ,just order the latest (DOE) report ther cheap to get but a lot to read.
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  • Bakken Update: Q4 2011 Results Have Been Good, But Derivative Losses Hurt The Bottom Line  [View article]
    Mike does crossing the line into Canada play a part in any of the bakken plays up there or is all the profit on the US side you know about the geography does that come into play with your reporting or does it even matter on the political end where you drill and for that matter does the Montana and North Dakota line have any price or legal matters or all they all on the same side. I am not into politics but I do vote and my voting is for drilling to be more dependent instead of the opec and south America abuse we take and we hear about the jobs and transportation and hard to find a place to live but out of curiosity what about the politics.You must see or hear the good and not so good especially with the fracing talk but what about the laws up there when those companies cross different state and country lines. Thanks for the good reporting work and take care.
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  • 5 Interesting Dividend Plays With Good Yields  [View article]
    Stay above the state line meaning Canada the money exchange is a little bit of difference but that is with any currency, the rules are better as far as cutting down tree US paper work. Canada is more rational and still safe and smart to protect it's resources then the tree hugging USA EPA and I live in the USA if the White House would get it's head out of the EPA and I am not a union guy there was a time for them but Obama has chose the EPA over his union donators so maybe they will figure out if you get rid of him you can get jobs and then collect union dew's and then the union should form an international division and go over to China and help those workers who get abused every day and we created it ,just look at all the labels in your house made in China and Apple even doesn't care they know if you complain in China you will go to jail and the govt. over there just throws the key away just think if all the buildings in the US had nets around them it is not so you can jump and get to work quicker although I am surprised that Apple did not do that to increase there output the nets are for suicides because they build and work 12 hour shifts for $1.78 an hour and still will never be able to get there Apple and it is not just Apple but they have the money to make things better. I guess Steve could not fix that. Sol good article crunching all those numbers makes a lot sense but Obama does not care about the debt-to- equity ratio he just wants to know the debt to the Ben B run the money printing machine ratio and you will not have enough money because of his no work and govt. pay inflation labor ratio,can't wait for his election so we can see how many more Solyndria's he has made ,and there is five of them he will not be able to put a gag order on till after the election this time right now,soon to be talked about by the Super Pack like they are any better. God Bless America I think we can still say that. That is why Washington D C is not a state it is a different country that the people who do have jobs send elected people on vacations to spend there dividend money.Where else can your mother in law get a check eat and live for free but in the good ol White House 3rd. floor talk about perks or is that the quick ratio or acid test divided by the current liabilities ?
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  • 5 Oil & Gas Stocks With Low Payout Ratios To Consider Now  [View article]
    BP insider if you care tips,stock will be moving inland more after settlement from Gulf of Mexico, by inland they are preparing for the north country Horn River BC as well as other area's up there for growth in Liq Nat Gas,playing with ECA and China and Mitsu for 10 + years growth pattern also involving logistic partners who already have land but are looking for capitol,they feel the US as a good customer but the Asia market a more profit long term goal because US will start to prune there own assets so they want to feed the far east with long term adjustable gas rates,there only problem is China is showing the willingness to more than out bid any other players which paints a good picture for established up, down and midstream Canadian Companies, even with the eventual keystone hedge the far east will pay more for product at western ports tanker bound to go across the big pond, one other funny thing is watch the cattle futures or in other words how many LBS. of steak equals a barrel of fuel. Several CA. firms like the fuel for meat for land to eat program.Ten thousand head of cattle a day to loose surely plays with the supply and demand for fish head soup.cattle best price is at age two ,two big markets come out of BP's strategic planing Fracking and Mad Cow investments.Take it for what it's worth, sooner or later instead of a bike they will need fuel to drive to go out for a steak and McDonalds will get the bikers,thats a good Happy Meal to,ask Argentina where there cows are going,check out the UBS projections they are usually pretty close to the farmers almanac,and the US will just keep printing money turning calls into put's is the new WALL STREET movie. Play BP,ECA and there are a lot of JV companies licking there chops for the northern lights barbeque's soon to happen.UBS loves the northwest country! Just look at the little Altima ARSLF,one of T Boone's Oklahoma buddy's for a nickle a share right in the middle and watch the volume of buyer,s won't be there long, and there are a lot more like that,can't wait for the cow to get old check out the veal now that's a meal.
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