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  • Buy Plains All American Pipeline For Dividend Growth  [View article]
    What about little ol FCGYF and PBKEF and GSFVF? THANKS!!!
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  • 5 Reasons To Consider Nokia  [View article]
    Wait till the Apples fall out of the tree,which will be Q3 and then the talk will be MSFT/NOK and then Apple will come out with a new Apple tree but given the length of time for all the R@D should play to NOK side if there MSFT/NOK team has all the bugs exterminated and the product and stock will produce a very good result and the XMAS volume will start at Thanksgiving Black Friday only to make some excellent 2013 options plays right now,Play the third Friday of January alot more to win then loose. Time is on your side good article Mr. Lupin.
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  • A Provocative Play On The Smart Phone Market: Nokia  [View article]
    Good job Bret keep the USA dollar away from Apple the team of MSFT/NOK will put money in pockets and with time they will put more Apple sweat shop money in cost conscience USA pockets as time rolls on Apple's rot that is why they keep having to upgrade so they get the money to taste right,that Chinese sweat can be salty and in the long run for USA very costly. Where is super Steve to figure that one out,I do not think he had in mind to destroy his own country even though he said he would use his power to destroy something else,but I do not think his followers care but they will when they have to take off there shoes where ever they go or will they get the old phone from the old tv show,the GET SMART TV SHOE PHONE!!!
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  • Nokia: The Market Is Missing The Point  [View article]
    The talk is it will be to late and hard for MSFT/NOK to change the minds of the people that have already bought the Chinese sweatshop Apple products .This I find a very good selling point and a avenue for the talkers who have already dropped there rich mommy or daddy's allowance money and will have to go back on there hands and knee's if the NOK does it right with MSFT and one of those rich kids cry on tour parents shoulder till you get your way.Now on the other hand as long as the new NOK has caught up and made some improvements which adequately perform and the price is right it seems that with such a robust economy which has turned even more cost aware will be to there advantage because we are now talking about people who work hard for there money and not the rich mommy and daddy get what you want kids are outnumbered,do not get me wrong I like parents taking care of there kids,but the single parent cost aware will tell there kids take it or leave it,so as long as MSFT/NOK have used there time and there R@D has did what they get paid for Apple's only answer will be to say we have another new run the person over in the store China sweat shop product that will be out for XMAS.take your time and do it right MSFT/NOK and you will get my money and many others even with a good rating and not an excellent rating you will still get a good if not better market share by using your time to product ratio because remember a big chunk of your business comes from people who watch what they spend especially when they go out they want to have money to pay the baby sitter when they get home,not like Apples sweat shop have a one kid rule and make a product they get to see everyday but only dream of owning,that is why the have a suicide net around all of there sweat shops living 7 to a room bunk bed jail cells and 12 hour shifts and the USA looks the other way,it is really funny because a lot of the USA treehugerrs use there SWEAT products to support and complain for what they actually are using, talk about bigots that is a good name for the new Apple product and they are not the only company with this Obama business profile just the biggest.The time is coming thank to Apple that the new world currency will not be the USA dollar and all your analyst said it is already happening but Apple has not put a time on that yet.So an APPLE a day will keep the dollar away just ask Big Ben B the Obama printing machine man he already said so!!!!
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  • Edgewater Boasts Attractive Free Cash Flow  [View article]
    I believe the focus has two EDGE'S and they both are good and it is hard enough to keep a company and there stock holders happy and prosperous when the way business right now is hard to plan on because of lack of uncertainty on the believe it or not do nothing lame duck year,which for most companies is much tougher than it is for EDGW because those companies are the ones who will be growing EDGW'S customer base and they will be calling non other than who we are talking about, back to the focus which is the best part of the gate swings both way theory.EDGW has a distinct advantage of growing on there own or choosing if they want to grow by acquiring some company to compliment them or on the other end choosing if somebody who wants to acquire them that they they will hold the cards unless an offer was just to big to look the other way,but as I see it EDGW can decide the price and advantage of either option or just wait under the undecided future of how business will be when this country decides that it has to make some concrete goals instead of just printing money and giving extensions because under these uncertainties EDGW has proven it can put money in the bank either way and there are only a limited amount of companies that have that almost perfect focus choice.Do not worry about a trailing stop with EDGW because 3+3+3+ a very reachable target when you have 3 choices.Frank you should feel good about your article,I have done a lot of due diligence on the team at that company as well as the + an -- $ numbers and I thank you for the insight on a couple of your analogies which has really made the EDGE have a few more +'s for the EDGW and will not watch what they do I will just buy some more and check on it in a year or 3.Thanks again Frank!
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  • Edgewater Technology Inc. CEO Discusses Q4 2011 Results - Earnings Call Transcript  [View article]
    When you look at all the results and put together an opinion it should be easy to see this is a good company even with adversity there management team stayed a team and learned from all of there experiences together.Yes even not personally knowing this company and employee's something tells me they are not just employee's,in essence that will breed a positive value which puts them way ahead of other companies on the learning curve in the business to client to make whoever has some thing they offer that EDGW will get the first call which is contagious,instead of taking the easy way they took the right way and I give credit to the more than one team leader that they have.It sells itself which means more good solid open book growth, good reporting and more than that good company which does not have to look in the mirror to see what they look like,they already know that and so does there competition ,it will be something to see how good they react because there are always curve balls in business and if you know when to swing at a good curve ball you will get on base but when you do not swing at a good curve ball it will still be a strike,EDGW has runners on base and I bet they score.
    Mar 1, 2012. 02:47 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • According To Jeremy Grantham Everyone With A Brain Should Be Trying To Profit From Low Natural Gas Prices  [View article]
    Fcgyf just slowly goes up with out any volume of any amount and will keep on that trail because of a 10 year contract to deliver encana product no matter what the price is,so you have a company on the upside of closing in on 3 Billion market cap with part of there business wrapped up for 10 years and gradual growth and a monthly dividend,nothing fancy but it is about as safe as you get for the energy sector and the can play the nat gas game when the price is right.the mid west gets a company that plays on both sides of the border one with the EPA and one without the EPA, I got in them last fall and hope to be in them to watch the leaves turn for many more falls and a little trailing stop so I at least keep some no matter what.All the big boys except one have pbkef on a three year target between $50 and $75 with the lone big boy low balling is in the low $20's some one will pull the trigger on them without a doubt and China as already said they will beat anybody's bid and pbkef is not even playing with there Horn River Basin hardly at all,how much is pride worth,a lot the longer they wait and you still get your monthly divy and like there neighbor they have a ten year guarantee so it might take a while but it will be worth the change from oil to nat gas but both of those players have both.Happy hunting even for the little guy altima arslf at a nickle a share right in the middle of some of the big boys property in Horn River Basin, just think 10,000 shares for around $500 dollars will not be that cheap for long or you could loose $500 dollars but I think you have a better shot at $10,000 than loosing $500 it is hard to get odds like that,no divy's on that one but China doesn't even care about divy,s.
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  • Gasfrac Energy: Unlocking New Hydrocarbon Liquid Basins  [View article]
    Newar I own both and just bought more of both ,I think indirectly they will both compliment each other leaving the others in the same business sector to try to catch up,only time will tell but if you have 2 pieces of the pie you can always take a bite of both of them,a lot has to do with the terrain and they both will grow by who they know and what part of the market they cater to. I would ride both of those horses and not worry about who comes in first becaus it will go back and forth. Good Article Thanks and any advice on FLINT ENERGY looks like they have similar friends!
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  • Sempra Energy: A Good Utility Bet With LNG Exposure  [View article]
    Does the HORN RIVER BASIN have any plays that are not yet noticed concerning LNG,off of you subject but always am looking and China is looking up there pretty quietly, good article Mr Wolfe,Thanks
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  • Sell-Side Firm Goes Bearish On Kodiak  [View article]
    KOG is like an old horse it will still get you there but the big run is gone, dump at $12.00 and look to it's little brothers who do not have all the news letters money back guarantee hype.But it was a good horse and will still run but just not as fast,unless you are waiting on a Dividend sell. Altima is only .05 and is sitting in the middle of all the big boys in HORN RIVER BASIN look it up it's only a nickle.
    Feb 29, 2012. 12:40 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • A Provocative Play On The Smart Phone Market: Nokia  [View article]
    Bret NOK and MSFT did not get the China do not care about human rights issue, and all those Chinese workers making Apple's products only to never own one is like making license plates in prison,and they know what they are making will go on a car which they will never have,so NOK,MSFT, will at least let them ride a bike.A lot to gain in NOK for the price and also MSFT while the Apple looks good it is getting farther away from the tree.just wonder if the no longer Steve magic can still make people pay for something that they would not work for the company who makes it.
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  • More on Kodiak Oil & Gas (KOG): Q4 revenue grew four-fold Y/Y but still missed Street estimates, as higher interest and acquisition expenses took their toll on bottom line margins. Shares -4.7% AH.   [View news story]
    KOG is not a surprise stock anymore,slow growth which will not be pumped by the media and all the stock pickers that all the investors buy there reports after the cat is out of the bag,so the $6.00 stock is almost doubled but the Kodiak bear will stay in its territory now but will be hungry because spring is almost here.pay attention to the bears cubs they learn from mom and then she pushes them away to make there own territory.Liquid Nat Gas is coming and is cheap now but if you can not wait till the USA lets us do what China already does then go long on the EPA and Obama.
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  • 6 Reasons To Pick Up This 6% Yielder  [View article]
    Horn river basin,China, Keystone new pipeline across the big pond,instead of being good to our neighbor,the White House gives money to Brazil to drill and gas to China to help run Apple's Hi Tech top company to work for ,$1.78 an hour,7 workers to a cell,12 hour shifts 2 hour break what more could you want or is oil a biproduct of the Apple.China will double any plays for energy companies in Horn River Basin they know how to use Nat Gas and do not have the nice protection of our EPA,OSHA,LABOR UNIONS,not a good place to see if they will roll over your 401 in China,but that sounds like the price of a gallon in USA, for now,they also have a team looking to help USA with rare earth seeing that we need help in finding it.2 YEARS max to get mining permit in most countries 6 to 7 years in USA and you did not even lift a shovel yet.The richest man in the financial world who is very low key got out of oil and minerals and put 80% into cattle futures imagine that Argentina.Now are you sure it is not APPLE instead of APL? I LIKE YOUR APL better than the CA APPLE, oh the CA does not stand for Canada which I wish it did, instead it stands for controlled atmosphere (CA) it controls how fast the apple ripens not the $.Good article Bret and the man said make plays on beef what is the best way to invest in that? Thanks
    Feb 27, 2012. 05:46 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 6 Stocks Under $10 With Strong Trends To Watch Next Week  [View article]
    SSN,nice and will last and will get good offer,TPLM is watching them and are in no hurry till they see the best results SSN has at getting $ out of the holr ,they are a good play to,still better above the Obama line is some maple tree sap FCGYF even though they cover both sides of the fence they are low volume long stable contracts no matter the market maybe another 1.50 to 2.00$ but you can count on monthly divy thanks to A/SABLE in the windy city politics and still like pbkef they will not forget how they got back where they are and there target price can only take so much pride,China is half way to the twin cities with them and they will turn that cash into gold. What a shipping logistic double play.
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  • Petrobakken Still Considerably Undervalued  [View article]
    Not the quant paper is readable but the only way is up,if you will look the US just took the word of a single preferred bidder which helped the tax payer stay idle and still paid 1 billion extra in taxes for just one sector because they would not even look at the bib for the job,just take the way it is Ben B can print some more money for the no keystone pipeline lobby which is why I will keep getting the monthly divy's not to mention almost triple the value of PBKEF,,you know it is coming you just have to keep moving your stop loss up because of this great Ben B printing QUANT MONEY ,it is okay with me that PBKEF uses this to there advantage ,but in the long term how long will Canada wait before they take that pipeline bid from China which will be the third bid. Long PBKEF till then and the stop will stop and hopefully so will QUANT MONEY Ben B PRINTS.and PBKEF will still get a good energy product to its neighbor US.
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