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  • Petrobakken Still Considerably Undervalued  [View article]
    Very fine analyst,but there is always that hill to get over or around and they have the vantage in some instances to be patient and then pull the trigger on there own style,which separates them from a few of both the smaller and much larger player which seems to fit there mold especially after the last couple years up and down learning curve which they used as a learning sponge and they are kind of ringing it out at there own speed.Many others do not have that luxury of some what of a crystal ball theory.I wish you would do the same analyst on tplm because I think they have time to watch what happens around there land to see what works best and still pull the trigger as Pbkef but on a much smaller scale,Your $34,22 share number is just under 2$ what a very interested party has that much I do know so I was taken by your comparison and as I said would like you to throw a number on the other player mentioned strictly for curiosity ,there debt is a treat it is the time that plays there mood and off coarse Horn river basin is not in there game like the other,which is a huge advantage because the driller can look at more opportunity to which way to send his product and the Horn has many heads turning and the reasons are all mostly positive as well as the end users needs,the logistic opens many doors even with terrain difference compared to the land locked aspect where one with more logistic outlets and a little storage hedge can some what deal there own cards when to move if there pockets are big enough and the big boys who we have not mentioned use that like a point spread in the super bowl game with a couple extra time outs which every body loves to watch the new commercials which is always an attraction for selling.It will be interesting the cost of pride or as the crunchers call goodwill,everybody has a number almost, that is really where the fire will get hot especially with China waiting to double any number out there and look for gold at the same time.Canada controls the next US President and if they just even shoot some sparklers off in the middle east Obama's trade knowledge will bring James Bond back to life which I think they already have a clip for that movie ,and then the green policy will be stalled a good 10 years which it already really is,why put the dog in the back yard when you can let him run, he will come home won't he, no there will be some new stem cell oil companies molding that hound KENYA BELIEVE THAT, Love PBKEF but in two years they will be forty if they make it that long I think the check comes before then, but so did Boots when he got fired for putting out the fires on his time schedule and Bechtel was never a time and material company ,they where cost plus get in get out take the PO to the bank ,like there counter part said at FLOUR ,Gary Bechtel you be no. 1 domestically this year and next year we will be no.1 and vise versa on how we do the INTERNATIONAL rankings the media will have more to print and as long as we build it and maintain it they will come and wear it out and call us again ,where do you think the three bid process came from ,not them.
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  • Nokia And Microsoft: Together Ready To Take On Apple  [View article]
    How much of a raise did the Chinese workers get for making Apple products when they knowingly did not fix a safety violation that led to the death of cheap labor explosion workers and what other company gets away with buying death for progress to profit and take away USA jobs,who is the winner,usually who pays the most to keep there dirty work gag order to the media Apple makes all these communicating devises but fails to say what the (DR/PR) death rate profit ratio is in there marketing budget per device humanity form.
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  • The Frac Facts  [View article]
    Mike just seen that GASFRAC and eCORP hooked up to spread out to EUROPE and they are real treehuggers over there, and did some research on eCORP out of Houston and they look pretty impressive do you have any knowledge or thoughts on that venture ecorpintl.com look like private Company with alot of experience but the storage pro's and con's they show which I like at least they put it up to see don't know much about that is there more into fracing then just the + side of production? Thanks
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  • Bakken Update: What To Buy In 2012  [View article]
    Good update Mike, I have stayed on the TPLM ride and hope to get back on KOG just missed my timing on when to get back in,on the other hand do you think TPLM would still be good to adding to verse KOG, I do not know what it is I just get this gut feeling they don't have as much media hype as KOG and just keep tagging along under the radar,its like it is easier for people to say KOG verses TPLM I know about the all your eggs in one basket but if said be which one to you think is safer risk wise? THANKS TAKE CARE!
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  • Why Hecla's 'Sell' Rating Is Unwarranted Compared To Rival  [View article]
    Long HL as long as they keep printing money,but now they have to hedge att. fee's and in this world even if it is brought up it still leaves a bad taste no matter what the results are, that is supposed to be the price of freedom, but some times it is just another show like the reality show which I have never watched but did see some of the commercials,which basically said, I won't worry about it till everybody gets kicked off the island.I wonder who said that but it does not matter because it is just a show. Pretty soon it will be the tomorrow show on today, this is unusual ,I like telling myself the truth and know that some body like Takeover Analyst knows it is the truth, good home work but I still am long on HL you know like it is supposed to be innocent till proven not except all the names where not changed to protect the innocent. Good Reporting TA now it is your turn to let us know what happens. Thanks!!
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  • Hecla's Assets Value It At $7 Per Share  [View article]
    I to bought and sold HL and bought and sold this stock and am currently involved in a class action lawsuit against HL that was filed in US District Court for the District of Idaho which alleges violations of Federal Security Laws Section10(b) and 20(a) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and Rule 10b-5 including allegations of issuing a series of material or false misrepresentations to the market which had the effect of artificially inflating the market price during the class period which was Oct 26,2010 through Jan 11,2012.If you bought shares during that time you have till April 2,2012 to serve as a plaintiff for the entire Class Suit. Attorney Federman&Sherwood have the paperwork if you fit in that time frame.Just thought if you did not know that, it would be something you would want to know,again it is just a lawsuit filed with no results ,they have not set a date yet and will wait till after the April 2nd 2012 for the next step, but you have to meet legal requirements pursuant to the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 and as I said you got till no later than Monday April 2, 2012 to get in or I guess you can go on your own, I am no ATT but they sent me the paper work.I do not know if that 52% operating margin reflects what Sammy said or if Randy123 is on the right JP MORGAN types legal deal but the Sec is the Sec not JP MORGAN and all said and done I am sure I will go back for more but I will wait for the sun to shine first and then go out and play because either way you know Ben B is going to keep printing money and by then HL should be a good hedge I just do not like cutting hedges.Good LUCK!!!! Check it out if you have your doubt's but that is the truth.
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  • Hecla's Assets Value It At $7 Per Share  [View article]
    Sammy what about the class action lawsuit the SEC has against HL,don't you think that will mess with that 52% margin? April 2 2012 to get your name in the pile,I would think you would tell your readers about that.
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  • Why Hecla's 'Sell' Rating Is Unwarranted Compared To Rival  [View article]
    But the class action lawsuit by the SEC which you have till April 2 2012 ,filed in US District Court for the District of IDAHO against HL is pretty real Section 10(B) and 20(a) and Rule 10b-5 with allegations of issuing a series of material or false misrepresentations to the market which had the effect of artificially inflating the market price during the class period Oct 26, 2010 through Jan 11,2012 will definitely put a little more over head on the books because good Sec Attorneys are not cheap and either is there performance record the Sec is like the FBI when they come calling they usually already know the answers and if you don't fess up they play hard ball. I just signed my papers that the ATT firm FEDERMAN&SHERWOOD sent me and you go on your own I guess if you do not get in by deadline of April 2 2012 unless you just don't care. This is fact not fiction so take it for what it is worth I did not start this I am just part of it.Check it out if you have doubt,but it is true,then I will get back in because Ben B is still gonna keep printing money and HL will be a good hedge if they get that behind them,
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  • Natural Gas: The Clearest Bright Spot In The U.S. Economy  [View article]
    I just don't know so I thought last fall 2011 to get on the ENCANA selling one of there many legs to Veresen and had to get some of that cause I had a feeling Obama would drag out the keystone pipeline and AUX SABLE and the Alliance, Palemro,PrairieRose, pipeline set up to his old stomping grounds in ILL. would keep his donations coming in especially when he lost his best friend the long gone Governer ,I had a feeling the midwest politics would help, I got lucky FCGYF went up a little and I still think they will do Keystone but not until the Pres. lets Buffet build some tanker cars for his RailRoad Train set and you know where they build the tankers for Buffet you got it Chicago, Rescar I wonder if there secretary pays more taxes than Buffet's but either way ILL.will benefit on can't make a decision Obama till after the election,Long FCGYF,GSFVF,and PBKEF they were in the money last fall and they still are it is sometimes good to make a position but if you can't thats okay to you can sit back and watch, I got the nuke deal that will be fun next year when China gets all the uranium after we saved Russian lives and will be good for Gold if you know who lets Big Ben B keep printing and watch the US dollar fall that's the bad part,some times you just have to take a 72 hour no position break.Good Job
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  • Expecting Apple to Pull Back To $450 Before Going To $700 And Beyond  [View article]
    It should go up they are self insured,just ask China,at least the author did not show lack of understanding for human life,Apple has a good benefit program for there Chinese cheap laborers did you think the workers in Apple's home country could mass produce this product here at least we will be good friends with them when they take over our country and we can all vote together,don't you know an Apple a day keeps the doctor away buy not communism now you know Apple does have understanding your wallet not your life.It is to bad because they could do the USA so good but I guess Doug will still put up his flag on the 4th of July.That 5% really will add up but you will not like the total % for a while but your kids will find out.Things used to be made in America now we just print money and think thats how to control GNP and inflation don't worry the US banks will give you maybe 2% if you have a savings account but put your money in Apple so they can spread it around just ask the White House the China man was just there for a free lunch and to pick up an %check what more could you want.China says God Bless America maybe we should to I do how about you.
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  • Gasfrac Energy: New Evidence Of Superior Production Results  [View article]
    Got into this because of the EPA and mainly a good ol boy and I mean old that has seen and done alot even back to the fire bug Sadam left after he knew it was lights out this good ol boy a big dog on consulting with worldwide oil contractors the Flour,Bechtel ,etc ran into him again on an EOG deal and he said even back then about 8 or 9 months ago to jump on the gasfrac train and just sit back for the ride,I am still on the train and from what he said it looks like the ride will be worth the wait which would maybe get the EPA to go find a real job and spend taxpayer money the White House Iam sure they could find some mold in those water pipes.Long Long gsfvf think the train ride is coming this summer. Good reinforcement article Newar.
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  • The Right Way To Evaluate Apple: Divide By 10  [View article]
    Good response,except you left your soon to be new boss out of you answer,everybody's salary if Apple and all the other monsters keep feeding China will have a new look on life and portfolio will then be called polio, but do not worry there are some bio techs who will need some of that Apple $ so can still put up your new flag,the one with stars and stripes will have a big red star in the middle of it and they will make you put it up or with all fairness in mind when you don't put up your new flag and go to jail they throw the key away over there but they will be here so that won't matter and you will be mad but you should not be mad because you paid for it remember Ben B can't print money forever and sooner or later they will get there money back now that will be a reality show to watch but you will not have to watch it you will be one of the stars in it, you know the little stars on the flag not the big one in the middle.
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  • Reviewing Apple Price Changes Before Significant Events - Part 2  [View article]
    SoCal.Sooner the shot up in early trading is a good question,but the check cleared to the Chinese company that nobody thinks Apple controls, all the Chinese high paying laborers got a pay raise at the plant where 2 of there co workers where killed because Apple did not fix the safety problem for the venting in the plant that they where told to fix ,but they waited till the explosion because they could not afford to stop production and now they have a new venting system in place and Apple is going to get to the bottom of this by having one of there in house people on Apple payroll explain it was not there fault,I think an independent firm should examine the cause like it would be done in a Diplomatic country but I am sure they will spin the safety explosion problem so it looks like they really cared,wonder if they gave the Chinese families some help with funeral and future loss of income so we can play with our Apple toys.So all is good on the pass the buck media front and the cheap laborers at the plant got a lets say safety raise.This would be a lawyers Christmas party in USA but life in China is population free you know 1 child per family preferably a boy to make money for there family, maybe that would help USA inflation and our USA technology would not be shipped away to countries that have such a high regard for human life and we would be able to tell Ben B to slow down printing money so we do not have to pay China so much. But all is good now that the stuff Apple put under the rug is paid for and production is rolling ,that would get any USA company's stock a boost not just APPLE.
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  • Canadian Natural Resources: Expect Selling Pressure On Shutdown  [View article]
    Sorry bro meant no harm ey you do good work except my apology, usually it is the media blowing smoke with out knowing which way the wind is blowing,CANADA is a great neighbor the best, lived and been all over up there east and west and middle down in Oklahoma now don't have to warm up the car so much,A lot of people back off of PBKEF AND FCGYF but for the last 6 months they have been racking up some good numbers again they have learned and grown with a new be prepared and kind of loose lips sink ships attitude and I like that I know GSFVF has some magic with EOG as soon as they get all the kinks out ,if you will except my speaking out of turn let us know if you have any yuong JV Frac companies that might turn some heads .AGAIN SORRY GOOD LUCK on the publsher.
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  • What Does Xerox Mean To You?  [View article]
    Did not read your article,when I hit your site I just saw the headline and scrolled down to comment first,which I never do that so these are my thoughts before I go back an read your article.XRX was once a winner and has many hands dealt to them some there doing some not but the leadership no matter what type of business is supposed to have a crystal ball and no matter what never be allowed to make mistakes that effect it's shareholders. Impossible to do but that is the way analyst and critics see it,I don't have that same theory.I sold my company in 1997 and along with 6 other companies we went public with the new owner and we had to stay on for 1 year to reap the best profit for our sale and help the new owner get the ball rolling, you know more companies meant more volume buying which would in turn bring cheaper margins with more profit ect.Well after about two months all us owners who sold watched as the knew owner cut corners for pricing starting by thinking he could have $10 an hour workers do just as good as $25 an hour worker which did nothing but loose key people with key relationships with key customers, I could not wait for my year to be up to get the remainder of my payout and walk but also had a 4year no compete,but I had enough cash regard less but I felt very bad for all my employee's who I always had that team or family attitude with. Well the year went by and only the employee's that where the ones who show up on time and leave work on time and the job was just a check,the new owners stock crashed but they are still ticking on the market but basically cut there own throat.In many similar ways except for the buy out it is just as what XRX is going through and takes a long time to turn the ship around especially one that size, but from what I have seen and found out the ship is turning it will just be a long turn, but the wait will eventually be worth it once they get the right as I say team or family members who don't look at the work time clock and they will still fall and go back and forth righting the ship and the new workers know how times have changed and also XRX checks won't bounce if they grow and learn by having the nerve to have a plan b when they try something new.Companies do not grow by staying in the box the grow by learning from how they react when the box keeps changing, and you have a leader of this country who for the best part can say what the future will be but he has no certain or direction with his lag time to reacting to the economy so XRX has to guess what that direction is and learn from that unspecific lag time and there are alot of other Co. in the same boat,but XRX will be a good play it will take longer just like the others on that boat but once there is some specific direction by this Govt.those that made the turn will surely go full speed ahead.Personally I have a block of there shares with a 6$ STOP and I still feel good about it,I have a lot more to gain so does this country and world than loose if it does not shine and still get a little Divy which is slowly hedging that play.Now I am going to go back and read your article whoever you are I will know soon,so look forward to meeting you if you know what I mean .GOOD LUCK!
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