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  • Nokia Still To Outperform Apple [View article]
    Plus NOK probably has a lower death rate from workers who get hurt or killed trying to be dehumanized which pushes up there suicide rate. Nobody should want to use a phone forced to build where employee standards push them to death. Apple putting nets around there housing for workers making 278.00$ a month on 12 hour shifts is not a reason for Americans to support this business. Let Apple come to the USA where they make there money and work with humans that need jobs but our Govt. would not let them hold there workers hostage, such as 6 to a sleeping room,sure we have people living on the streets and Apple is a big reason . Nok will have a lot more upside in many more ways for the human factor alone.
    Oct 7, 2012. 03:33 PM | 14 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Bakken Update: What To Buy In 2012 [View article]
    MIKE great work I am very careful about my little investments because I was disabled with a broken neck from an accident no fault of mine some kids mistakes hurt me but I am not asking myself why me,just trying to move on and take the little money I have and want to do well because I can no longer work but still have to be positive for my wife and two daughters,reading your material has been a blessing one of which I really enjoy and have prospered from,I am curious are you hands on and do you use other comp,s such as drilling info and others like them for your due diligence,also I have invested in PBKEF,FCGYF,andGSFVF,w... like your opinion on them and if they will benefit from Bakken area like the others I have learned from you.Also is there any other service companies on your mind and being up in north country do you here of any junior mining plays so I could not put all my eggs in one basket? I will continue to follow you and wish the best for your family and friends because thats what life is all about.GOD BLESS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR.sorry I was so long winded but I really miss not being out there like you and I kind of feel like I am taking advantage of you not being able to do myself what you help me with.Again GOD BLESS and THANK YOU!!!!
    Jan 2, 2012. 05:44 AM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Is It Time To Get On The Nokia Train? [View article]
    One would be foolish not to buy this lottery ticket if they play the lottery already, you know you are going to loose but you still buy the ticket and you know how much you lost on the purchase, I would buy the ticket but just not to many of them let your hair down even if you are bald you still wash it with soap I hope. Does MSFT have a soap?
    Nov 6, 2012. 05:17 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Bakken Update: What To Buy In 2012 [View article]
    Thanks for your response especially about the walleye non better when you catch and cook right away,I waited till today and pulled out of SSN at $2.29 and added 500 to my gcfvf which you brought up last time and put some more TPLM on my books thanks for the little jump I think we are on the same path,I kept my PBKEN and FCGYF because of the drips it is just a gamble but there 10yr. contracts are legit no matter which way the price per barrel goes they have a bottom written in and I verified that through SEDAR and there end play users, that they can go up alot or down alot but there end price still doesn't deviate to much unless the world falls apart,I do like what you said about GASFRAC and have pulled the OKLA trigger as TB Pickens says but I am a little unsure about the fraq company clean tech who I was told pbkef is using meaning I would like your advice or honest thoughts about GSFVF and have added to that play, but I was curious if you had any insight on pbkef fraq company or should I just stay with who you already picked, a winner and I believe that GSFVF is better than we both know because they can keep the tree huggers at bay with there patents but I would not mind having a backup frac because GSFVF has only so many hands and there will be some players that do not want to get in line even if it looks like they are the best,I know it is an off base question but thats where usually the best results come from and your results have $ all over them even with the little slide today the cream will always rise to the top.Just a thought and I know it's out there but somebody has to get it out of the ground and will need help to get it to market safely so it can be taxed just a little joke we are not talking about fraqing tobacco or coco they already have a premium tax on them and we all know that stock has been the biggest one to not kike with dividends since the Mayflower Days, sorry about the history.TAKE CARE and it's okay if you don't respond you are already way up on the honest list.
    Jan 5, 2012. 10:56 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Beware Of Research In Motion And Nokia Near Year-End [View article]
    Why would you play into Obama's hand it is nice to hide for a month and a day but that is what his budget to keep the rich and the working middle class at bay. Of coarse we would have more to give to his socialistic programs if the whole market would do that. He could watch more live drone movies from the White House on his new drones he just bought from China Aviation for 1 mil$ each, why would he who says buy American turn around and buy there drones, please make sense of that, I guess if you look at the big picture and want to help those that can work but won't because of the free money we pay for them is enough your tax play helps the individual a lot. China Drones being delivered to the port in CALIF., TX., AND NEW YORK. With those tax savings because they can build a drone better than how many American companies. Nok is worth it just for it's patent's alone why not buy a 920 NOK and just wait a month and 1 day to activate it so the drones can see. Paul you are money smart but Obama's budget which when he rights one will probably go back in time to turn more screws you know a prenup sorry I mean a pre date and then he will find a way to put a tax penalty on a new law that is his constitution. The people are only going to pay what they can pay but they can still want a Chinese Apple, and now China can watch with there drones we bought twice if you include the interest to the loan money we owe them.The tan man kicks the can again and accountants have a bigger book to read. You are a good reporter give the long term affect not the 1 month and 1 day affect check it out they are way ahead through it is only 350.00 a month. then give us your expert opinion I will be all ears instead of mouth because I know you can make long term sense of that info, again good reporting but give us long term opinions we will pay attention. That ex Govt computer will give you 90+ results on the short squeeze. That is what working people who invest need, it would be nice to not be mad and making a profit and pay a tax but his way will shoot us in the foot and everyone will be on part time which is already happening. Seeking Alpha does a good job but there will not be as many players if the can keeps getting kicked show us how to kick it back don't show us how to not make it not hurt so bad. Sorry if words where harsh your team has good intentions and leave it for us to decide and this is no political thing I just wish we would not have to worry about paying taxes and the loopholes and be happy to pay them because we made a profit. I have enough write off's and they are because my acct. says we have to get some losers so you can write them off, like Warren Buffet I would be embarrassed to say that he blames the Govt. because his employee his secretary she pays more taxes than him talk about Scrooge , but he gets sleep over at the White House, where are those chains when you need them Kenya believe he could not give her a little on the side and I mean cash because Obama has had side money his whole smoking life. For those who think the tan man is wrong that is what the President said he was in his speech in Burma ( I am a tan man and we used to not be able to vote from where I am from and now all the tan man vote for me) . But the networks edited that out and I only saw it because it was 3 AM on satellite and when the US got out of bed they did not show his true colors on the early show but the people in Burma know. Take it with a grain of salt I did but he said that on purpose from his heart there was no tele promter it was from his heart if that is what you call it but we all bleed red and that is what his budget sheet looks like now what about that tan.
    Nov 23, 2012. 05:59 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Don't Buy Sandstorm Gold - Yet [View article]
    You have thrown a rather interesting article which seems quite different than a normal analyst in playing the swing gate theory. Nicely done E W but so much needs to be desired on a much fairer basis, the after affect theory. Couple ways to look at it , the not knowing just going by the numbers on your screen and acting with the knowledge of the past and present which seems to be the crystal ball (Brigus Gold knowing what is going down, the US election what has went down, the price of Gold guess ?, Political environments I could go on forever). Will there be any more Brigous deals fall through the cracks that would support your wait and see attitude and I am not picking on you just facts that seem to easy to miss that would come into play, the politically safe country is not what most think it sits right between Canada and Mexico and a lot of the numbers graphed out the 2014 Obamascare health date which is already chewing up small companies views the matching 401 was already falling out on small businesses and not the Luna EXPRESS maybe we will use newer numbers, the Govt. connection there and before who did he work for and what boards did he sit on or maybe I am wrong about the past Mexico Ministry of Minerals and who knows how many chambers of commerce's golfing buddies, you have to pay to play in Mexico fact not fiction. What will Obama do with the interest rate that is easy what ever he wants to get others to rely on his giving with out work theory for votes, that was not meant as a political ploy just facts, when companies lay off workers only to hire them back as part time will have an effect on Gold and Silver and other Energy an Metals, he makes fun of coal so workers don't get dirty to get there check for Govt. food stamps. China has started to take stock in cab companies to just follow Nolan's team which is one of the best, with good ol American profits from borrowing Obama style so in essence we are buying Canada for them with our interest payments and they the CHINESE say they are not pushing there dollar or yang down, where do they buy there Gold from ,you have your Gold certificate for bars with your numbers stamped and order them to take in hand and get your Gold bars with different #'s stamped on them but do they really still weigh the same, numbers are just trivial or not. A good hedge is PGX look that up it is a buy as long as he keeps the interest rates down, stay in that 14 to 15$ IT IS A BUY! SO MANY FACTORS TO WAIT AND SEE ON SAND! I think that is a understatement for not doing more due diligence, and maybe Luna can update his accounting records but he will not catch Obama on the 1000 day+ with out a budget yet not even close to a plan. I would get Gold and Silver in hand it has to go up we haven't even touched all the uncertain aspects of the timing of the Nolan's team date but I would not wait to get on his team, Nolan is much brighter than Crammer's after thought's he is in it for the tv cash, if he was good he would do the time cap game,you know put your picks in a jar and get a certified company to hold them just for a year I would throw darts at NYSE and take that bet it is like he gets the Tuesday newspaper on Monday you can not go wrong and I like all his bells and whistles it is entertainment not stock picking the wheel of fortune would have competition. Some times the better late than never can really add up you might rethink your article or make a few adjustments and google Mr Luna some thing tells me you will find PPP in the LUNA LAB. I am not putting down your article it has opened my eyes a lot more and I got in both Sandstorm Gold and there Energy and Metals early and made out great took my profits and still hold them both on there house money and am going to pull the trigger on more especially if Obama does his Tax the divy game up to 35%. 2 Grand in March is quite possible for Gold but Silver and Mr. Sprott are usually right on, again good article it will make me open my eye's more , good ride right now on HFC if you like the black Gold and really all you out there pray for our troops and have a safe Turkey day and again good job E W!!!
    Nov 22, 2012. 09:07 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Time To Trade Apple For Nokia? [View article]
    Apple just lost another 368 mil$ for staling patents to little old VHC now APPLE says they will appeal but they are being told to pay up instead of the bad media. Apple is paying attorney's to loose now that is a good law firm defending Apple Iwould appeal to it will be interesting to see how dumb Apple is when MSFT already paid to keep it on the quiet side. Apple attorneys like the phone billing system how much was that call Adam and Eve track phones attorney's for hire, pay the man or feed the monkey a brand new ap.
    Nov 9, 2012. 04:28 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Nokia: Multiple Reasons To Buy This Stock Now [View article]
    Fools gold turns into people still digging for it .I kooks the same from the distance but is a lot lighter to carry. Now you have some real gold mixing with fools gold and the weight will be real maybe not 14 carrot but it will serve its purpose unless you are a geek that wants to have functions to look at but really do not need all the fruit bearing tree's, a lot more to gain than loose with a company for a partner that does not like to fall down, the fact that they have not gone away is good enough for a hello and somebody on the other end will still hear it ring , if Nok was going away they would be gone by now and the only way to go up for the price and functions are not a corvette but you will still get there and the directions will be right in front of you.
    Nov 7, 2012. 02:48 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Buy Enterprise Products Today For The 33rd Consecutive Dividend Increase [View article]
    Hi Todd glad you like chicken me to I just do not like Obama making the USA NAVY buy fuel made out of chicken grease through a company called DYNAMIC FUELS who is owned by TYSON FOODS SYNTROLEUM AND MANSFIED and charging the tax payer 6 times more for a gallon of fuel and hiding it through Dynamic Fuels who I just told you who owns them it makes the Solyndria rip off that he lied about after he gave them 500 million and they went bankrupt right after his last commercials in the last election. I am all for chicken but not a president who lies about the Keystone Pipeline blames it on the EPA and then makes the Navy buy this fuel for 6 times more a gallon. To make this easy for you if you are paying taxes you are already buying this fuel that the Navy is forced to buy, but easier than that would be the next time you go get gas and the price per gallon is 6 times more per gallon I do not think you would be so chicken happy, and then he hides it under this made up company and who do you think all those chicken butchers at the factory that speak such good English or you know the American language are going to vote for. Unless you are rich and the Govt. pays for your mother in law and all her security to have the whole third floor at the White House paid by tax payers is good than maybe you will see that China bought Canada's largest oil company with the 6 trillion dollar loan s interest we pay for, if that is cool for you than I guess you like chicken better than the people in the USA which Obama lets other countries burn our flag on tv while we still give them cash for burning flags, maybe you do not think ripping off American's and hiding it is okay but just google the Dynamic fuel Obama crime and go fill up at 6 times a gallon more, cut the troops pay and send them home jobless and we pay for the Navy 's fuel 6 times higher , I do not know you but if you think 24 dollars is okay for a gallon of fuel for the Navy who protect us you would not mind filling up your car for say 300 dollars and then go to the chicken drive through and get your bucket of chicken nuggets. Look it up it is called stupid if that is the math and the no vote on a budget by the Democratic Senate for over 1000 days now you might no why, most people can't afford 24 dollars a gallon but we are making the largest fuel user in the world do it the US NAVY WAS THAT HOW MUCH IT COST BIN LADEN TO GET BURIED AT SEA!
    Oct 12, 2012. 09:40 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Buy Enterprise Products Today For The 33rd Consecutive Dividend Increase [View article]
    Wait till the new President stops the US NAVY from Dynamic Fuels who are owned by TYSON FOODS SYNTROLEUM and MANSFIELD selling bio chicken fuel mandated by Obama at 6 times the price of a traditional fuel, we pay taxes so our Navy is made to buy this fuel the biggest user of fuel in the world the Navy should be getting fuel a whole lot cheaper from the Keystone that Obama says the Epa is the problem tell that to DYNAMIC FUELS and the big TYSON FOODS PLAYER and the President now you know why the White House eats so much chicken they are making us buy SYNTROLEUM BIO FUEL at very very high price who does all TYSON FOODS no English speaking voters that butcher chickens vote for. SYNM TICKER SYMBOL and Obama came to Oklahoma and never brought there name up.
    Oct 5, 2012. 02:35 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Sandstorm Rallying On Strong Volume [View article]
    I just can not believe that some people have a job of reporting old news , both the gold and the metals and energy are out on the radar now amazing! How could a young CEO/CFO leave a company and be forgoten of what they achieved and maybe they where going to go on vacation. They are way ahead of so many but they are young and some would say lucky. I would look at all the others that left Silver Wheaton , maybe they where friends and stayed in touch with there fellow workers. You know like a rock band that makes it big and then splits up usually ego's but still friends and maybe they will make a record together again, or maybe they lost all there contacts or figure they don't need to work any more. I would tend to say that some of there old buddies they used to drink beer together with while getting home at night still talk. Maybe GG is following some of the troops like (NYSE-PPP) just fell out of the sky how about the little Timmons project could that be an old friend or even Luna wonder how many company's he still sits in there board meeting ,usually have to be a member. Do not think that there is a rental car with some tourist from across the pond watching who they are talking to. That is the biggest sting knowing that if they just visit your site or take a jr miner to lunch that the rental car boys due a little due diligence and end up back dooring Sand even though THEY WHERE NEVER BUYER'S now the hook is set and the jr miner playing his cards throws an offer out there from a previous looker about Sand making an offer ,price just went up sting is on jr miner gets his cash and the mine never makes the charts. Buy the GOLD JR MINING ETF'S AND SELL IN ABOUT 6 MONTHS TO A YEAR WHEN THE ACROSS THE POND GUYS FIND OUT THEY SHOULD HAVE DONE MORE HOMEWORK because these small cap letters mean they paid to much it is called the short cut to greed. There will be a HO CHE MIN TRAIL ALL OVER canada and only maybe 1 or 2 % of mines they buy make a dime. But really that is no big loss because the Chinese bought the mines and property with interest free money that Obama had to pay , now they will build fishing resorts, so maybe SAND looks at a lot but only buy's deals that will produce mostly ahead of time and in politically safe pay off places. They will be giving out dividends in a year or 2 at the most those young men have a long way to grow and they will. You got to like the rental car guys making buys and calling home and say we got the deal before the sand man did and the good acting on the jr miners who never lifted a shovel. Good fishing stay with SAND but get back up on that Ca Exchange no one will want the American dollar they will be the new US currency coming called the yaun or close to that the picture of that little guy on that new US money is coming, get you stash up across the border and go see a movie with all the actors. HOLLYWOOD CANADA ONE IN EVERY PROVINCE care of Obama and Ben B printig money. Don't forget about oil deals going down, Nat Gas is gold in China ,they already got one big boy oil company, now the jr oil boys are acting to but the next hook is CVE a lot of lunch money and entertaining going on I expect that CVE will bring a good price really got to thank Obama blaming the EPA on the Keystone Pipeline to give those guys time to work the price out that is a keeper they are building super tankers for them right now China needs more than one supplier for energy and that talk is on the table, Romney if he wins will have a hard time stopping that favor Obama already gave to China, now all you reporters get back to work, I expect you will be opening offices in Hong Kong.
    Oct 4, 2012. 04:12 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Revisiting Gasfrac: 40% Revenue Growth, 75% Off All-Time High [View article]
    Frackman is quite full of humor especially with his three buddies that work for them did not say that there checks don't bounce, please keep spreading your positive negativity it helps the stock go down and that makes it better yet, and then a year from know you will know your work mans comp case will help you tie your shoes so you can blame it on the shoe maker, the two year gag order is going to be very profitable, that is why they are holding up there numbers, loose lips sink ships and there are not many ships in west Tx. I am waiting for your comment to here about your three friends working for a company that you say is not in good shape,if you work for the EPA or the Sierra club you should put some more bug spray on would not want you to get any bad infections from using your lips. I would not bring your friends names up and I would bet that they never hope you do that but you have already proven you are perfect so use your crystal ball and try not to fall.Hope that bottled water taste good! Plenty of plastic bottles in the landfill maybe your friends could see what makes plastic and how long it takes to breakdown into a by product for methane gas, it is way down the list, kind of like a tin can that is recycled 1 can can produce enough electricity to run your tv for 3 hours, how about your water bottle not a chance but you can complain sounds like you are full of optimism.
    Jul 12, 2012. 01:50 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Inflection Year For Nuclear Equities? [View article]
    The technology that gonnagetrich is amazing, similar to the stone age and not to learn from what has happened sounds more like a flash light with out batteries, I would bet he has no idea how many pipelines he crosses a day and if he would rather go back in time , surely he gets his info from a bottle with a note in it because if he thinks from his phone to computer to the hybrid tatoo he would not be using any of those devices with out liquid or dry gases and ore's and uranium and could go on and on ,probably like the generic t-shirt he wears ,so I would just ask how many children and adults have died from chemo that where not going to with out the technology, it is in the name gonnagetrich but take no blame , there is a place for that called hope and learn to make things better , but if you are gonna get rich buy a lead pencil and then sue just like the job security from the lead paint on the wall, it is wise to be cautious but not wise to complain uranium will be more useful for the rest of time so will it's biproducts which you have already used that is how thing get fixed you learn why they broke and make them better.
    May 14, 2012. 02:51 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Kodiak Primed For Explosive Growth In 2013 [View article]
    As much as the buy outs go the price will go up with the reversal of the pipeline coming out of Texas to Cushing OK in the end of May or JUNE that will tell a lot about the cards that higher price they will get for there product instead of being stuck with lowball refinery in Minn will make all those JV price go up so if the big boys are going to do a buy out the price will really go up after that that alliance pipeline to Chicago or the short term rail car tanker to Cushing before the other MLP'S get involved will be fun to watch because the big boys staying power with there deep pockets will not have the leverage they have now which is a good put play for the big boys the worst you can do is have to own the big boy stock but you have a lot to gain with the JV you will know as it gets closer to that pipe line reversal who has the Ace in there I think you will all be happy either way no thanks to Obama and his traveling tree huggers but he will take credit for it.
    Apr 28, 2012. 06:39 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • 3 Oil And Gas Stocks With Rocketing Production By 2013, 1 To Avoid [View article]
    SD and HK are significant because the TX pipe line to cushing gets reversed in the end of May or June which opens a new door for the Bakken JV'S.
    Apr 28, 2012. 04:59 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment