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  • On-Track Innovations Soars As Apple Trade, But There's More To Company Than iPhones [View article]
    I bought in the 2's and before the Apple announcement. With the recent developments regarding NFC and mobile payments this stock has multi-bagger potential on it. Holding long n strong.
    Sep 11 08:45 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Emerson Radio's Dividend Is A Huge Win For Investors [View article]
    Bought some MSN today. I think the move up will continue since the ex div date is not for 3 wks. Stock will run up into that date. Special div is very large for a co this size.
    Aug 25 07:13 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Capstone: Low Risk, High Reward [View article]
    I like the risk/reward to go long here. I made a lot of money on CPST in the spring but rebought at 2.27 and rode the stock all the way back down, losing a lot of $ in the process.

    CPST Mgt has been a joke. They cant seem to get the company going in the right direction and its been like that way for years. Today CPST released a PR stating it sold a boatload of turbines for oil and gas operations and it closed flat, after going up over 3 % at one point. Pretty frustrating. I added some shares at 1.25 but am keeping a tight stop. I think it has a chance to rebound since the orders keep coming but somehow co mgt can't seem to get the co profitable. Seems oversold here but Ive been saying that for months. Holding long and cautiously optimistic.
    Aug 21 05:37 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Vringo Rated As Rotten: The Company Shows Why You Don't Speculate On "Patent Trolls" [View article]
    Mr. Collins,
    I held VRNG for a long time but too many red flags popped up for me to hold it any longer. I agree with u that the BOD salaries were way too high & this was basically a form of a pump & dump. This whole VRNG hype story got started by James Altucher, who wrote a pump piece on Seeking Alpha in April of 2012. Who is Altucher friends with? Well of course Ken Lang, the man at the centerpiece of this patent they sued GOOG over. Hmmmm.

    So glad and grateful I sold when it was about 300% higher than it is now. I didn't trust VRNG mgt at all. The huge salaries each had as well as generous stock options were absurd for a company that has no product & has accomplished nothing. I feel bad for those that lost a lot of money on this stock. I lost a lot but it could've been worse. Learn a investment/trading lesson from it and move on. Good luck to everyone and have a good one.
    Aug 17 07:21 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Update: NQ Mobile's Audit In Major Jeopardy [View article]
    NQ Mobile is finished folks. JMO. I sure hope people aren't doubling, tripling, or quadrupling down. This company stinks like rotten cabbage. Hope everyone has a good and safe 4th.
    Jul 3 10:27 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Capstone Turbine Earnings Reaction [View article]
    CPST is pretty flat here. Stuck in a tight range. Need a PR regarding a new order to get the momentum going. That's what got it started back a few months ago. Down some money here as I have a 2.17 CB but I am not worried here. Im just not happy but think it will trend up before too long.
    Jun 27 11:24 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • This Portfolio Has 50% Upside And Will Outperform The Markets Again In 2014-2015 [View article]
    I was up about 3000% last yr using authors logic. I thought about buying PLUG, EMES, and HCLP, etc even though they weren't part of my portfolio and of course I would've bought them at the very bottom.

    I sure hope some new investor doesn't read this article and see "I was up 128% and my performance is quite impressive in the market last year" & follow these picks blindly. Ive never seen a SA author talk like this.

    Imagine if you walked into an Edward Jones office or some other financial services co & the broker/advisor talked like this. I would turn around and exit the door before I blinked but some people, especially older people, believe everything they hear or read. Some people will read this article & since author has a platform, blindly believe him, follow his advice, & easily lose a lot of money. Why don't you put a graph about all the other stocks you picked that have tanked? I think we know why.

    Also, I need to get you a dictionary so you can look up "diversification" as well. This is anything but diversified. Come on man. Have some integrity here. I dont mean to be rude but someone has to call this out before people lose money.This is peoples money. This isn't monopoly money.

    You seem like a nice guy but you shouldn't publish articles like this. Later man.
    Jun 27 11:22 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • This Portfolio Has 50% Upside And Will Outperform The Markets Again In 2014-2015 [View article]
    Wow, this is the most self serving, ridiculous article Ive ever read on SA. Ive seen Justin's comments on Stocktwits & SA. He only talks about the stocks that have done well. He conveniently forgets about the stocks he told people to buy that have been garbage like VRNG, DSS, PRKR, and lets not forget NQ. You told people to buy NQ at 22 and to "Start Your Engines". That stock is down about 4000% since then. A lot of people have lost a lot of money on that. And to answer someones question from above, he did NOT buy these stocks listed in the article. He said he just recommended them. I remember him saying that awhile back.

    He touted DSS, PRKR, VRNG & lets not forget NQ. I noticed he has been quiet on that stock. The reason I'm callin this out is I don't want the Average Joe to see an author who claims he is so great, following every stock pick he touts and to lose a bunch of money. Im not trying to be rude here, Im just trying to prevent a newbie investor who gets on Seeking Alpha for the first time & blindly follows the author cuz he claims he is so great at stock picking. This is peoples hard earned money we are talking about.

    I assume since you are so good you are a millionaire and do this for a living, right? You don't have another job, correct? Come on man, this is peoples hard earned money we are talking about. Its up to everyone to do some due diligence but you claim some responsibility here.

    And this portfolio you recommend is so undiversified and risky that even the most novice investor knows you wouldn't hold a portfolio of stocks like this.

    Come on Justin, you are better than this. You seem like a nice guy in your comments. All investors make mistakes. Own up to them, learn a lesson, & move on. Have a good day.
    Jun 27 10:13 AM | 28 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • ParkerVision Still Tremendously Overvalued [View article]
    DSS, VRNG, and PRKR are all garbage companies and stocks. All they do is go around and sue people. These co's are made up of a bunch of fat cat lawyers wearing expensive suits. The market has figured these companies out and so has the average investor. No one is interested in these co's anymore. Just look at their lackluster stock prices. Too many good co's out there with actual products and services to invest in, than to invest in co's like these three. Have a good day everyone.
    Jun 25 10:45 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Capstone: Contrarian Investment Opportunity In This Microturbine Manufacturer [View article]
    I was up big at start of the year on CPST investment, took profits & bought back on the dip. Unfortunately it kept sliding after I bought again so I am currently in the red for the year. However, I believe I will make my money back & then some on this investment. Its a long term hold for me & I am not worried about current share price, just a little disappointed. Could easily retrace back to two bucks in due time. Its a speculative stock but IMO worth putting a few dollars in. Have a good day everyone.
    May 28 10:09 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • NQ Mobile's NQ Live Interface Is Actually An Attractive, Next-Generation Sprint Experience: Here's Why [View article]
    Sam/Selling Panic,
    I don't know a lot about NQ but from what I have gathered, something is starting to smell fishy. Seems like someone is trying to keep buying time. 9 times out of 10 they are tryin to hide something. I could be wrong, who knows. I'm neither long nor short NQ as a stock like this is too unpredictable & I stay away from all stocks that have accounting issues swirling around it.

    I find it very irresponsible that author would write an article coaxing people to buy this stock w/ all that is going on. People could lose even more money. I could be entirely wrong about NQ & they are legit but as each day passes, its looking more & more like this company is headed to zero.

    For those that lost money on NQ, learn something from it and move on. We all have our bad investments. I could write a novel on mine. Anyway, have a good evening.
    May 15 04:14 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • NQ Mobile's NQ Live Interface Is Actually An Attractive, Next-Generation Sprint Experience: Here's Why [View article]
    Author says, "Fast forward a couple of months, and the audit talk has completely disappeared". Really? Disappeared? NQ is down 25% just today as I write this because the audit hasn't been released.

    Cant believe people would buy this stock with accounting issues swirling everywhere around this company. Audit talk hasn't "completely disappeared". Audit, or lack thereof, is all over this stock, hardly, completely disappeared. Feel bad for longs who invested in this. I have no position, short or long, its just that I find it an interesting story to follow. Greed everywhere with this story. Too many other stocks to invest in to invest in a stock with this much baggage . Sorry, its now down 27% today.

    Anyway, hope everyone has a good evening.
    May 15 03:56 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Capstone Part 3: Still Triple Value Bound [View article]
    This article delves into the company a little bit further. Gepvert's article was written to manipulate and cause panic. He even admits in his article he is trying to move the stock. And if that is someone's goal, how do you think they will tailor their writing? To support their side of view and to be bias, of course.

    I am not happy about the recent 30% selloff but I am holding long here. I think patient investors will be rewarded. Co is growing w/ new orders coming. Its a spec stock so don't put too much into it. Good luck longs and have a good day.
    May 7 09:45 AM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Capstone Turbine Shareholders Have More Pain Ahead [View article]
    Already made money on CPST earlier this year but am currently down with my latest buy but I am not worried, just not real happy. Panic sellers rarely make money in the market so that is why I didn't sell. Short term there will be pain cuz of the offering but long term I think things will be okay. Just announced two new orders yesterday. Company is growing. I am focused on the future, not the past. It is definitely a speculative stock so people should only invest a small percentage of their available investing cash to it. Have a good day everyone.
    May 6 09:24 AM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Capstone Turbine's Stock Is More Bloated Than Plug Power's Ever Was [View article]
    A lot of negativity surrounding the CPST offering. Im not happy about the recent dip but will hold. Company is getting new orders. Offerings are not always bad. Its not like the recent dip was from negative ER or news. Keep in mind PLUG had a dip after its offering in January and after all the selling subsided, it rocketed higher. Now that will not happen here as PLUGs 300% gain was an anomaly but I could see it heading slowly back to 2 and who knows from there. This is a speculative stock so be careful.I am holding my position long and look forward to the next PR from the company. Have a good weekend everyone.
    May 2 09:51 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment