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  • More from Research In Motion's (RIMM) FQ2 call: Thorsten Heins claims mid-tier BlackBerry 10 devices will arrive by next fall, and low-end "concept designs" could appear at some point next year. That could be too late, given Android's low-end march. BlackBerry 7 will be supported "for quite some time," particularly on the low-end. Heins adds RIM has met with CEOs from several companies about partnerships and BB10 licensing, but provides few details. (more) (live blog[View news story]
    The shorts better start running. With institutional ownership at 83% and 16% shorted, every outstanding share needs to be purchased to cover. However, I as an individual investor am not represented in that 83%, so it is potentially much higher. Which begs the question, how many shares are held by individuals. Either way, when the squeeze comes, it is going to skyrocket as available for sale securities are well below the actual shares that will be required to cover. Quarterly earnings proved RIMM is not going anywhere. Cash flow was positive and their cash position improved. As always, analysts told you to buy when it was at $70 all the way up to $140, to hold as it crashed down to $10, then sell once it breached $10. A better strategy would be to do the very opposite, one which I have been utilizing and has been working out well. Bank of America is another great example. As it went down below $7, analysts continually reduced estimates and lowered ratings. They said to buy when it was at $14, hold as it breached $10 and then to sell when it hit $7. And now that it is back to $9, Cramer says to BUY! That advice would of been much better when it was at $5!
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  • Nokia (NOK +0.2%) will post a €0.25/share loss next year after losing €0.34/share this year, predicts BMO's Tim Long, who's downgrading shares to Underperform and valuing the company at just $2/share (purely on account of its cash and patents). Long predicts Nokia's Lumia phone sales will come in at a disappointing 20M in 2013, a figure that will fail to offset an expected 15% drop in industry feature phone sales. (prior downgrades[View news story]
    Please tell me why someone on an analog or 2G network would pay $550 for a smart phone?
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  • RIM (RIMM +1.7%) is due to release its FQ2 earnings later, with analysts expecting that the beleaguered smartphone maker swung to a loss per share of $0.47 from a profit of $0.80 a year ago as revenue cratered 40% to $2.49B. Shares have risen over the past couple of days, boosted by CEO Thorsten Heins saying that RIM's subscriber base has grown by 2M in recent months to 80M vs. forecasts for a decline.  [View news story]
    The new blackberry phone is light years ahead of the Iphone. It has the ability to support multi-tasking, aka running a number of applications simutaneously, sleak design and seemless flow between applications. Something the Iphone cannot do! I have been using the Playbook, which for those who know is basically the operating system for the new Blackberry phones and it is very user friendly. My 5 year old daughter has access to both my playbook and my wifes Ipad. She always requests the playbook first. For the simple reason that web-sites are fully-intereactive. There really is no need for so many APP's. If I want to access Bank of America, I click on the logo in my favorites! No app requried! I have a number of web-sites bookmarked such as PBSkids and within these sites are thousands of games, videos and activities. One nice thing about BB10 is its ability to separate personal and business data. Giving the security concerns of the 21st century, this is a issue. Giving that most of RIMM's subsriber base will buy the new device, their gonna sell quite a few new smartphones. Just imagine when any government, military or defense contractor allows their employees to upgrade, RIMM will be selling thousands of phones to each individual customer. Compare this to Apple selling thousands of phones to thousands of people.

    80% of RIMM's outstanding shares are held by large institutions. When you add individual investors, it is that much higher. So has is it possible for 10% of the outstanding shares to be traded in one day, when their really is only 10% available for purchase? The average daily volume equates 5% shares outstanding. So over the course of 20 days, all shares have exchanged hands. yet, 80% are held by large institutions, of which none have reported any large sales. Since 16% of the shares are already shorted, how the hell does 5% of outstanding shares trade daily, with spikes up to 10% on days like yesterday? Again, these % do NOT include the average retail investor who may hold shares of which includes me. A short squeeze is coming. RIMM cannot go bankrupt as they have no creditors! So for all who spread fictitious rumors about their demise and propagating lies and deceit, the time is coming for them to be burned. Has anyone ever heard of a company deciding to go bankrupt voluntarily? Were just gonna quit and close down the shop because the market says so.

    Ridiculous! Apple will fall from its glory while RIMM and Nokia continue to chugg along and eat away at IOS and Android!
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  • Nokia (NOK) and AT&T (T) plan to begin selling the just-announced Lumia 920 and 820 on Nov. 2, sources tell TechRadar and The Verge. That's a few days after Microsoft's official launch date for Windows Phone 8. Yesterday, Verizon Wireless confirmed to the WSJ it will sell Nokia WP8 devices, but declined to provide specifics. Nokia, which sold off sharply following its phone announcements, hasn't provided any details about pricing or launch partners.  [View news story]
    They're called software applications. Windows has millions of software integrations. Thin client applications were a requirement for mobile devices becsuse of the lack of processing power of a phone compared to a computer. With new phones and smaller chips with more quads, thin client, or full client really won't matter. I'd rather use the CNBC website anyway over an app. The full version of office provides greater functionality then any online word or excel programs.

    So Microsoft has millions of applications. Just search computer games on Amazon and 230,199 games are available. So Microsoft ecosystem dwarfs Apple. That is just games available, their are millions of companies providing services for business, hospitals, governments, and consumers running on Windows.
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  • Nokia (NOK) lops 15% off the price of its midrange Lumia 800 Windows phones and makes smaller cuts to other models that run the OS. It's not a total surprise given that Nokia introduced two devices yesterday that run on Windows 8, including the "budget-friendly" Lumia 820 - the successor to the 800.  [View news story]
    I was impressed and can't wait to buy. My only disappointed is I still do not know when it will be available via Verizon. If Verizon doesn't offer soon enough I'll be switching to ATT. Verizon new plan is priced out of the ball park, but I'll wait a little longer and see what they will offer with a two year contract as mine is up!
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  • Skyrocketing domestic consumption - helped along by subsidies masking the true cost - is key to Saudi Arabia maybe becoming a net importer of oil by 2030, far sooner than previously thought. The country already consumes the entirety of its gas production and is likely to imminently need new sources for that. Might this concentrate the Saudi mind on nuclear and solar energy? (previous[View news story]
    Oil has doubled under Barack Obama and incomes are down 5%. Most middle class Americans spent a good portion of their income on transportation of which will of course continue to rise. MBTA here in Boston is broke and everyone is fighting fair hikes. Hyper inflation like last seen in Argentina if staring us in the face and we are like a deer in head lights frozen. 16$ trillion, 104% debt to GDP and increasing quickly. A budget deficit the size of medicare/medicaid, interest payments on the debt and government pensions, 3 of the 6 largest budget items. Military is now clearly well behind medicare and Social. Security. I'm running if Obama is re-elected, at least with Mitt theirs a chance. Peak Oil with US deficits reaching record levels, droughts, food shortages. No wonder why the department of homeland security bought 750 million hollow point bullets and another 750million other stronger calibers. They're expecting the same!
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  • Nokia (NOK -8.1%) dives as it unveils the Lumia 920 at an NYC event. As expected, the Windows Phone 8-based 920 has a 4.5" display, supports wireless charging, and (perhaps critically) contains a PureView camera less impressive than the one in the Symbian-based 808. Also included is an augmented reality app called City Lens. Will this be enough for Nokia to gain significant ground against the iPhone 5 and Samsung's high-end lineup? (live blog[View news story]
    I'm buying one as soon as it's available. While it's not the complete pureview package, it's still well ahead of the competition. They will have all the app's, as applicable growth is exponential and growing faster then Apple ever did. Let's see, Just about every company, government, university is a client of Microsoft. That's a lot of devices in itself. Security breaches occurring today are bringing the Byod trend to its knees and will lead to a lot of larger deals then selling individual phones for Msft and Nokia
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  • Citigroup, Other Banks Too Cheap To Ignore  [View article]
    Do you have access to information that we don't have? Paulson and friends latest disclosures were for Q2. Paulson is a major investor in Bofa as well. He has his own issues, but I wouldn't be surprised go see them buying when Q3 holdings are released.
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  • An international research team that includes Nokia (NOK), Toshiba and university scientists are set to introduce a breakthrough quantum chip at the British Science Festival, which starts tomorrow. The chip will facilitate mobile phones that are far more secure and ultra-fast computers. The component is made from silicon and works on light: in theory, 100 photons could solve trillions of equations simultaneously.  [View news story]
    I agree. I'm waiting for Verizon to offer W8 and will be buying what I hope is a new Lumia phone with the pureview technology. Apple's margins are going to get squeezed and once the pressure builds, we will start to see analysts reduce forward estimates. When this happens, the once almighty Apple will begin to fall. Giving Apple is now worth 623Billion, it could drive the index's down even while the many companies, specifically cyclicals begin to rise! Over the past year, Apple's gain's in terms of market cap has been the primary reason for gains within the S&P 500 and Nasdaq. BAC, CITI and Morgan Stanley could of vanished from existence, yet the S&P would of still shown a gain!
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  • Fitch revises its outlook on Johnson Controls (JCI +0.5%) to Negative from Stable with the firm's negative cash flow a particular focus. The ratings agency warns increasing pricing pressure from customers in the automotive experience business could set off a further downgrade.  [View news story]
    How is $765 Million in Net Cash flow from Operations for Q2 considered negative? Please almighty Fitch, explain yourself as to where you get your #'s!
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  • Why Investors Should Exercise Caution On Vale  [View article]
    Maybe your not short Vale, but I'd bet your short Brazil. Short interest on the Index is now at 21.15%, it was at 27% just last month. Short interest on the index (EWZ) reached peaked of around 23% in late 2008/early 2009. We broke that level in June! Short interest began declining in March 09 and eventually bottomed out at 7%. During which the index doubled with Vale going up 150% during the same period. Vale has a 10% or so weighting in this and most Brazilian index funds, along with Petrobas. So its very easy to be short with directly shorting the stock. When this began to occur, China, the US and World was still in a Depression. It occurred prior to the rebound in economic activity. So you can wait till that rebound occurs, or buy now as 1 and of 4 shares of EWZ is shorted, and when they cover it will bring up Vale and Petrobas.

    The Worlds population is growing exponentially and with that so has the demand for Natural Resources. If it is not China, then we can look to Frontier markets such as Africa. Though India and China are no where near being completely modernized and they will still require another decade to bring their entire countries into the modern world.
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  • Iron Ore And Vale - Looking For A Potential Turning Point  [View article]
    Let it stay below $100, then all of Vales competitors who produce lower quality grades at higher costs will go out of business. The industry will see consolidation as all and the giants will become that much bigger when prices rebound. Lets see, if Iron Ore goes back to $180, Vale will be earning close to $30 Billion a year and will be sporting a P/E around 2.5. So the stock could easily quadruple (P/E of 10) in the next few years with any rebound in Iron Ore prices.
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  • Why Investors Should Exercise Caution On Vale  [View article]
    "When calculating these valuations, I have only taken into account a limited range of assumptions regarding Vale's operating environment."
    You sure did. You left out their hefty cash position. The fact that Natural resources are cyclical and we are at/close to the bottom as the market has been held up strickly by non-cyclicals, just about every cyclical stock is at or breaking multi-year lows (Alcoa, US Steel etc etc etc). Pick any material stock and they are trading at multi-year lows, below book values (Vale is at book and are still wildly profitable even with the pessimistic estimate). You forgot to mention the last time Iron Ore prices were this low, they rallied along with Vale. Vale went from $15 (October/November 2008) to to over $35. The fact that Vale and Brazil is trading at a significant discount to its peer's, while being operational more efficient.

    While we do not know the future, analyst estimates are still well above $3 for the next few years. These estimates already have been reduced significantly (over 25%) as they were over $4 a share 6-months ago. At this rate, Vale will still earn $15 Billion a year. Vale dividend yield will remain in tact as the pay-out ratio is $1.05 or about 33% and as you mentioned, they are required to pay out at least 25%. As with the refiners (closed refineries), supply will come off the market and Iron ore prices will stabilize. We are already hearing about China ceasing production, BHP delaying projects and we'll continue to hear this. We will probably see this sooner then later as Vale and Iron Ore prices have dropped 25% in a few weeks.

    So you can sell now and that would be like selling in December of 2008 prior to Vales doubling in value. Or you can buy when others are most fearful! Iron Ore prices and Sovereign debt yields have both reached such extremes. Seriously, negative yields in Austria, zero yields in Germany and negative inflation adjusted here in the US. Do you think this will continue?

    It's funny how you can write an article casting doubt on a company when it has breached it's multi-year low. What is your bias?

    China is still growing 7.5%. Since inflation is of no issue, if it were Iron Ore and Vale would be much higher, we can expect to see further stimulus which of course as any educated person would know, the more $ you print the greater the risk of inflation. When inflation starts to creep its ugly head, there is no better stock to be in! If you doubt inflation won't be an issue again, then you are a fool!@
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  • Samsung (SSNLF.PK) doesn't let its IFA 2012 product launch (previous) end without announcing the ATIV S, its first Windows Phone 8 device. The ATIV S sports a 4.8" AMOLED display and is just 8.7mm thick. The announcement comes ahead of a Sep. 5 Nokia (NOK) event, during which the company is expected to announce two WP8 models. In light of Samsung's move, it definitely wouldn't hurt if one of the Nokia devices featured a PureView camera. (live blog) (earlier: I, II[View news story]
    What about Sony? If I were Japanese, I'd probably buy that new Sony phone over the Iphone. Some people do have Nationalistic feelings and want to see local companies succeed. Samsung has defeated Japan in the consumer electronics space, but as we all well know, it is very hard to maintain being #1!
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  • Samsung (SSNLF.PK) doesn't let its IFA 2012 product launch (previous) end without announcing the ATIV S, its first Windows Phone 8 device. The ATIV S sports a 4.8" AMOLED display and is just 8.7mm thick. The announcement comes ahead of a Sep. 5 Nokia (NOK) event, during which the company is expected to announce two WP8 models. In light of Samsung's move, it definitely wouldn't hurt if one of the Nokia devices featured a PureView camera. (live blog) (earlier: I, II[View news story]
    Let's talk about the real company that has copied everything, and that is Apple. Apple did not invent a thing, all they did was design a solution based upon other's research and technology.
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