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  • Apple's iPhone 6 First Weekend Sales Record: What It Means For Investors [View article]
    I'm certainly happy to see Apple gain market share from Samsung and I think they will [with iPhone 6] but realistically there are significant numbers that are entrenched in Android and will be an uphill battle to draw them to IOS. So while I agree Samsung has lost a unique selling point...they haven't lost the Android selling point. I can give you 10 reasons why IOS/Apple is better than Android/Samsung but I'm sure you could find Android users that would give 10 reasons the other way. I'm not agreeing with them but I have to admit they exist (poor souls, lol).
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  • Apple's iPhone 6 First Weekend Sales Record: What It Means For Investors [View article]
    I don't recall anyone saying or expecting that "Before the launch numbers, we were told how the iPhone 6 was going to take all of Androids high end users". That claim is rubbish (both the claim itself and the fact that anyone of substance made it). Yes, there have been credible claims of an increase in premium-phone market share by Apple (myself included)...but that is a huge difference from "taking all of Androids high end users".
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  • Apple's iPhone 6 First Weekend Sales Record: What It Means For Investors [View article]
    I went and looked at the Car Phone Warehouse website in the UK. They offer next day delivery as a delivery option but many [lame] websites post their general delivery options independent of their inventory on hand. I went partly through the online order process for a silver 16GB iPhone 6 and it says "pre-order" although also implies next day delivery. This has the look of a website that doesn't accurately post available inventory and just wants to get orders. I could be wrong in this specific case but I'm confident that in general the iPhone demand is outstripping supply in most countries where it's being offered.

    We don't need to argue too much about it as estimates will start trickling in as to iPhone market share and we will get Apple results/forecast in October.
    Sep 22 12:17 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple: Had Enough Reasoning / Guessing Why The Stock Must Go Up - Or Down? [View article]
    Peter, can you elaborate on "The way they do it is by hedging those firm capital (at-risk) positions by offsetting positions in derivative securities traded in different markets"? You seem to be saying [in your answer to tstab] it's not done analyzing call/puts. Is this something you consider proprietary? If not, I am confused by why you don't identify what derivatives you are analyzing (without getting into analysis details). This is just a friendly question, not a rebuke.
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  • Investors Can't Believe The Apple Hype [View article]
    I do have some concerns that the iPhone 6 super cycle will be so strong that it will setup as a hard act to follow. Rocco makes valid points. In early 2015 I anticipate some tailwind from a China iPhone ramp plus the watch but will this be enough to offset exaggerated or irrational expectations as Rocco mentions? For the long term investor prepared to ignore or ride out volatility maybe this point is moot but in spite of my general Apple bullishness I prefer to ride the big waves and then paddle out and wait for the next set. We've seen this play out before.
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  • Apple And Conspicuous Consumption: So What? [View article]
    If some people really are carrying iPhones around to send a message [as a primary reason, however shallow] then it should also follow that a lot of people have first anointed the device worthy of such flattery. You don't see people carrying around ham sandwiches to project a message.
    Sep 17 09:11 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple Shares Are Ripe For A Pullback - Time To Take Profits [View article]
    Why do you show market share without also showing profit share? Are earnings inconsequential to your analysis?

    iPhone 6 will absolutely increase market share but more importantly it will do it with a high ASP (increasing profit). Most of the world thinks the new iPhones are impressive with improved resolution/color and larger screens, NFC supporting Apple Pay, better camera, more processing power, 802.11ac and thinner with more battery power. All cellphones are now challenged as far as providing new "blow your mind" features given the number of prior release iterations...but "disappointing" is not a word that comes to mind for iPhone 6 by the logical minded.
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  • Apple Demand Explained By Thorstein Veblen [View article]
    Many Apple bears like MB suggest Apple skates by as an aspirational brand not backed up by much substance. This ignores a few minor factors [facetiously] such as optimal hardware/software integration, absence of bloatware, lack of personal data mining for advertising, pervasive & timely distribution of software updates, seamless interoperation across multiple products, attractive designs with top-of-the-line fit-and-finish and attention to detail, superior ease of use, superior customer support, hassle-free warranty support, confidence in ecosystem/product progression and superior resale value. Just to name a few things.

    It doesn't mean competitive products don't score well in some of these areas or that everyone should prefer Apple... but it's really not hard to understand the overall attraction of Apple products on a substantive basis. Of course if one has a severe emotional problem with Apple then none of this will matter [but then should their opinions?].
    Sep 15 09:27 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple Pay an "iPod moment" [View news story]
    Maybe. But a huge Apple breach would seem to require massive hacking into the Secure Element of individual iPhones....this is different than an attack on a central database such as was done on Target. The system is designed by the credit card networks and they typically bear the brunt of any fraud. Apple Pay should have the same [or slightly better] security than the soon-to-be-pervasive chip-and-pin cards (which is a big step up from the current chipless credit cards).
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  • Apple Pay an "iPod moment" [View news story]
    It looks like there will be a battle between these systems and it's hard to predict how it will shake out. Perhaps both systems will do well. Apple is somewhat of a passive participant in that it's not their major mission to make the credit card companies chip-and-pin a dominant player. Yes, they have invested some effort in software and added NFC support but they are primarily trying to improve the customer experience. Some people claim Apple Pay will not move the needle in earnings...if true, then it won't harm the needle either if it doesn't catch on.

    My guess is that Apple Pay will be popular and get a lot of use in 2015...even in the face of competing system(s).
    Sep 15 12:02 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple Pay an "iPod moment" [View news story]
    Hardog, it's my understanding that there will be a fairly wide rollout of terminals in 2015 [in the US] that support chip-and-Pin. I presume this is largely motivated to reduce fraud; projected savings may partially bankroll the terminals (speculation). Apple wisely [or by luck] is well positioned to benefit. Plastic cards will likely be around for quite some time but some iPhone owners may be able to enjoy leaving theirs at home and/or enjoy a slightly more efficient process at many establishments (finger ID tap rather than entering a pin or signing a signature).
    Sep 15 10:57 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple Pay an "iPod moment" [View news story]
    Pimust, the chip-and-PIN system will be widely deployed in the US in 2015; meanwhile you are entitled to be smug that Europe is ahead. Apple Pay leverages this same technology and arguably adds some additional features: 1) Provides chip-and-PIN security now for locations that don't yet have the credit card version widely deployed (e.g. the US) 2) Added layer of security via finger print ID without adding hassle to the transaction 3) No [or less] need to carry around credit cards 3) The equivalent of a lost wallet can more readily be neutralized by disabling the phone remotely 4) Online transactions can probably be done more securely.

    Obviously these benefits apply to someone already carrying around an iPhone for voice and general smartphone features. This is an extra one is suggesting you should buy an iPhone solely for this feature.
    Sep 15 10:19 AM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple Pay an "iPod moment" [View news story]
    One key differentiator of Apple Pay versus Google Wallet is that Apple doesn't store the transaction or mine it for advertising or other purposes. I believe this makes Apple Pay more attractive to merchants and credit card networks since there is less of a potential conflict of interest and better security. They weren't willing to pay Google much to mine the customer information but they are willing to pay Apple [more] to facilitate a transaction with no ulterior motive or involvement (other than to improve the customer experience and sell more Apple devices).
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  • Apple Watch: 3 Things You May Want To Know [View article]
    The Apple Watch, according to the announcements, is compatible with the iPhone 5, 5C & 5s besides the new phones. Their new software is pretty good at supporting older hardware (except when it relies on a new hardware feature obviously) -- far better than Android.
    Sep 14 11:06 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • iPhone 6 Plus pre-orders sold out, smaller iPhone 6 still shipping on schedule [View news story]
    Are they likely saving inventory for launch day at the Apple stores? I assume so. That would imply that any pre-order sellout doesn't fully reflect the true inventory situation (but could indicate a trend). This could turn out to be just a "Plus" situation but we'll have to see how the 4.7 pre-orders play out next week before the launch.
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