• skywola
    I think that CUR will be at $5 a share before long . . . Stem cells stocks will be the Apples and Microsofts of the future.
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    • Ocean Man: Seemed really stupid that they set that secondary at $1.00. I think they could've sold it at $1.20 easy.
    • skywola: You could be right, but I am sure they did not want to end up like Farcebook, set the price far to high and watch the price plummet.
    • Droney: Do we have an exact date for the release of trial results? Trying to see if I will have time to play this one.
    • skywola: I have not seen any info like that, but I have not dug very deep either, so it could be out there.
    • jb1201: It will be released on Monday October 8th around 5:30.