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  • Why Senesco Could Go From $2.50 To Over $10  [View instapost]
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about senesco, I have been a shareholder since2009 and I strongly believe that it is lack of communication, execution and managements poor foresight which led to the dismal stock performance.
    Who would in their right frame of mind invest in a company which issues shares at abbysimmal value, doling out shares at massive discounted prices and also issue warrants
    I strongly believe in the technology and have been invested that idiocracy of the management would be truncated by successful results
    May 30, 2014. 01:20 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Senesco: Near-Term Catalyst Could Double Shareprice [View article]
    I am a shareholder of Senesco since 2011. I purchased SNTI with absolute confidence that the Board of directors and Management which is composed of Who’s who of the American corporate world and the science which has the potential of curing Cancer was being ignored by the market to their own detriment.

    My investment in SNTI has been an expensive learning curve in that I have come to acknowledge that no matter how great the technology or the people backing a company may be, unless it is publicized to the widest range of people including the institutional investors, the company will be ignored and cast off into a void which in my opinion has been the deficiency with Senesco.

    Individual Investors and institutional investors ignore the science because no one understands it; In the 2012 AGM Dr.Waksal mentioned that the technology is considered by oncologists and investors as “Star wars”-it absolutely is and will continue to be in the eyes of the investment community if we do not take it upon ourselves to communicate, Please do not get me wrong but I think that the Board of directors and Management has done a great job of keeping the “Star wars technology” a secret.

    The irony of the situation is that many investors both small and big have and will continue to squander their hard earned money at different experimental drugs that have long term side effects to people but bypass Senesco that so far has shown no side effects as demonstrated in Cohort 1,2&3 and without new investors there will be no demand and the consequential collapse of the stock price which feel absolutely hopeless.

    The above is augmented by the actions of the Board in that they literally dole out freebies to new investors to the detriment of existing shareholders . I am overly confident in the science probably to a downfall and will average down until I run out of money, however the management inaction for the last 2 years whereby they previously adopted a no promotional rule has not been helpful at all.

    Couple the above with such slow enrollments and we basically have no news, On top of that new investors may be watching in dismay that millions of more shares are printed and that there is more supply than demand resulting in knocking the price down

    What really concerns me is no matter how great we shareholders think the science is, the market is strangely attributing a dismal $20M valuation. Either people just do not believe, or Senesco is really bad at convincing people and I for one am inclined to choose the latter. The author does not consider what would happen if the results of cohort 4 are outstanding and yet falls on deaf ears because no one still knows about Senesco or its board composition and no major buying (i.e. institutions) can buy it because of trading on OTC?

    Somehow the BOD which comprises the top honchos of the corporate America failed to sell the prospects and limit the massive dilution. Literally 1.2billion shares have been issued if I take into account the pre-reverse split, despite this both Joel and Dr.Browne still have their jobs

    Why aren't the Insiders (Board of directors or management)buying if the near term valuation could jump to a billion dollars i.e;why is the BOD and the management giving it away now when the science is coming to fruition.The only insider purchase listed has been Les Browne buying 800 shares on the Dec 20-2013.

    Barry Honig is a corporate raider, He participated in the financing
    round of October 2013, held 9.9% and flipped the stock when it
    doubled.He again participated in December 2013 round buying
    and is already sitting on a 100% profit on his investments.

    The science is indeed star wars technology: truly the board of Directors are behaving like Captain Spark
    Dec 29, 2013. 06:05 AM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Senesco Heading In The Right Direction With A Unique Cancer Therapy Technology [View article]
    Below is the link to the ad featuring Dr.Philip Frost appearing on Redchip promotion of Senesco.

    A pertinent question to ask is " Why did Dr.Frost choose to invest, if it was for earning money flipping stocks, then I am sure he had other opportunities elsewhere" IMHO he would not have invested unless he saw humongous opportunity and promise in the Technology and the platform.

    Put it this way, quickly looking at Chris Forbes purchases in SNTI, he likely needs several hundreds of dollars (or a market cap of a billion or so) to break even (this doesn't account for his options) and he is still optimistic and dedicated to the company, Why is that: These are all smart people who know when to bail out if it does not work out in their favour.
    Dec 27, 2013. 07:17 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Senesco Heading In The Right Direction With A Unique Cancer Therapy Technology [View article]
    Interestingly yesterday Philip Frost of Teva Pharma and Frost Gamma investments filed form 13/g indicating that he has taken 9.9% stake in Senesco

    Will this bring in more interest????

    I am+++++
    Dec 20, 2013. 06:33 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Why Positive Results For Cohort 3 Had Counterintuitive Effect On Senesco [View article]
    I have been an ardent supporter of Senesco because I believed and continue to believe in the science, while the science could potentially have a cure for Cancer- there is no potent antidote for the discounts management of this company doles out to secure new funding. the question then is if the science is as good why are they not able to sell the future to potential investors.

    Just a thought.
    The recent financing selectively causes APOPTOSIS of existing shareholders only and introduces new shareholders by giving them discounts.
    Dec 13, 2013. 05:03 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • New Millennium Iron: A Stock That's Hard To Ignore [View article]
    James, thanks for the great article. What price do u think NML is likely to be next 4 years, I have been a shareholder of Tata steel for a good 6 yeras and they have never disappointed.With the global economy not looking good and demanding for metals contracting for the foreseable future how do u see NML performing in the tapering market like the current one particularly that Tata recently closed a mill in wales de to no demand for thier products
    Dec 4, 2011. 10:40 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment