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  • Without Steve Jobs, Apple Is Without A Map [View article]
    Whoa people got defensive real quick :)
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  • Without Steve Jobs, Apple Is Without A Map [View article]
    I am willing to buy 2014 $600 puts @ $50 if I see concrete signs of sales declining, which I think will come to fruition because:
    1. increased competition (as evidenced by Apple choosing to sue to keep competitors off the market, and let's face it, simplistic design principles are not something you should be able to patent).
    2. decreased WOW factor (due to lack of differentiating features, aka its just another smart phone that has the exact same features as other smart phones).
    3. blunders like the iOS Maps (which is horrible for Apple because again my point of if everything is the same, brand loyalty is what matters, but brand loyalty shifts very quickly when one product has a clear edge over another).

    I am confident that a decline in sales of the new iPhone will push the stock lower than $550 (my break even point) because iPhone is the largest profit driver (~40%), and market over-reaction (think RIM).
    I am not as confident in the decline in sales of the new iPhone, however I have stated my case above, it makes perfect logical sense to me, but I cannot predict how the entire US population will react to it.

    In other notes, I believe that the "sold-out" iPhone launch is merely because people haven't realized how bad iOS map really is and how inconvenient it is (trust me an OS integrated map app is much better than something you download off the app store). But my belief is worth pennies and I bow down to your expertise and financial prowess.
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  • Without Steve Jobs, Apple Is Without A Map [View article]
    No I have not used the new Apple map, so you caught me there. But I did see a live demo from my friend's shiny new iPhone. Well let's just say the map details in NA and Canada is nowhere close to the details of Google, most business's tag their business locations on google maps, not the shiny new iOS maps.
    Again, you can use Mapquest, and I tried Mapquest before, but google maps is just many times superior.
    In terms of investment, I wouldn't put money where my mouth is right now. But when I do see a slow down in sales in the upcoming quarters that confirms Apple losing its "status symbol must have" status, I will for sure buy some long dated puts.
    There, APPL longs don't flame me any further.
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  • Without Steve Jobs, Apple Is Without A Map [View article]
    <sarcasm detected>
    I will be laughing so hard if that actually happened :)
    Again, I want to stick to my point that if android = iOS in terms of functionality, iOS>android simply due to consumer preference and media hype.
    However, if Android > iOS in terms functionality, consumer preference and media hype can quickly change.
    Antenna gate was overblown and is not a real issue, map and driving direction is.
    With your blackberry playbook that didn't come with native e-mail, of course you can go to the store and purchase a map app. Oh wait, you didn't buy the playbook because it didn't come with native e-mail did it?
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  • Without Steve Jobs, Apple Is Without A Map [View article]
    But you see, Antennagate is not a real problem, 1.7% return rate, Nearly identical call drops to 3GS, its just a problem blown up by the media. Is the iOS maps a real problem or not, that's the real question, and from what I have seen, why would I buy an iPhone with crappy maps if I can buy a Samsung knock off, that has nearly identical features, but way better maps?
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  • Everybody Loves Apple [View article]
    China is also a big country with many consumers that doesn't blow away all their disposable income on iwhatever, as well as engineers that can replicate iwhatever without worrying about legal punishments
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