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  • highonweedcash
    What, $CYNAF is up??? is it late April fool? Any news?
    Apr 8, 3:51 PM
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    • ls78: None that I saw and it basically dropped 14 percent back again...Sucks.
      Apr 8, 5:01 PM
    • highonweedcash: I like CYNAF & ELTP and holding both but the whole bio sector is suffering so it can't be helped. Good companies.
      Apr 8, 5:15 PM
    • jsadler: "The first closing of the Offering is expected to close on or about April 18, 2014" Does this mean we need to buy before april 18 ? or after
      Apr 9, 6:13 AM
    • Splenosis: Also wondering the same
      Apr 9, 10:31 AM