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  • Encana misses by $0.10 [View news story]
    The $.48 Q3 earnings estimate is a bs, designed to make a negative headline for a good earnings like your are doing here.

    The consensus estimate has a range from $.32 to $1.17. What is that analyst smoking to get a $1.17 earnings estimate? Encana didn't make that much in the last extreme cold winter ($.7/share). It goes to show you the outlier is designed to make a good earnings look bad. You're either part of the manipulation or just got played.

    A quick sanity check is to calculate a quick PE ratio based on the annualized earnings estimate. Annualized PE = $18/(4*$.48) = 9.4x. Grossly undervalued.

    Why would analysts have a high earnings expectation and yet no buy recommendation? Very disappointed with this market.
    Nov 12, 2014. 08:10 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • BlackBerry director: company can survive as "niche" player [View news story]
    Norberg, in a way, spoke about the direction the strategic committee is thinking today.

    There is a big gap between the current market price and what the company is worth. They are trying to bring out the hidden values.
    The direction is to,
    1) keep a niche mobile hardware business (he qualified, it is a survivable business),
    2) spin off other parts (unspecified).

    To me,
    the niche is "Security". Security network, BES and BB10 platform.
    The other parts are BBM and QNX.

    First part, to accomplish that, BlackBerry must transform into a niche player with the right overhead. So look for more trimming and/or moving employees to the BBM Inc and QNX Inc.

    The other parts, before IPO, BBM Inc and QNX Inc can issue private shares - 10% employees option and 90% to BlackBerry shareholders.
    BBM and QNX employees will be super motivated as they are driving their own destiny. If cross platform BBM release tomorrow or next week. It will be the proof.
    In a year's time, these two companies can go public to raise cash for expansion.

    These three entities, if there are interested parties with the right price BlackBerry will consider.
    This is totally different from how the media spin it!

    BlackBerry is a going concern. No worries there.
    Aug 30, 2013. 05:15 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Morgan Stanley delays upgrade to BB10 [View news story]
    No, the media put (spinning) up the for sale sign for BlackBerry. BlackBerry put up strategic review.
    Its result is spinning off BBM. Possibly partners and may be a sell. Media painted sell off is the only option, nothing but wanting to destroy a worthy competitor.
    Aug 30, 2013. 09:30 AM | 6 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • BlackBerry could find willing P-E buyers in Canada [View news story]
    Unfortunately, leverage buyout means the buyers will be taking all the upside from the long suffering and loyal shareholders.

    We have seen signs of a turn around in recent weeks.

    1) DOD ATO has arrived after its typical long evaluation phase. It shows BES10 is the only viable MDM. There is no Samsung MDM. There is no Apple MDM. The rest are patch work solution. No serious security conscious government or business would consider that a patch work MDM solution is safe. This point has been sorely missed by the uneducated public and media, as they only want to talk about the 40,000 BB10 phones ONLY in the initial DOD implementation phase. Why so low key on the real meat - BES10?

    2) Samsung support for the cross platform BBM, BEFORE cross platform BBM is even launched! Crossed platform BBM will transform BlackBerry into a serious encompassing social media company. Of course, now the big money all want a piece of this huge potential.

    3) Canadian Diabetic Society has concluded going all in with BlackBerry and abandoning BYOD Is the best option. The BYOD myth has been broken. A media created myth.

    4) BB10 software is now solid on 10.1. 10.2 leaked version is even better. Future Z30 will be launching with a solid 10.2 OS with lots of great features such as Miracast, new Jelly Bean Android runtine etc.

    5) last but not least. BlackHat expert is predicting the demise of RSA encryption. Elliptical Curve ECC will be the ONLY future RSA encryption replacement. ECC patent is owned by Certicom. Certicom is owned by BlackBerry. Think all bankings, governments and businesses all using ECC in the future.

    Along with the $3B cash, of course there will be big buyers. It's a real shame that Heins is not given just two more quarter's of time to finish his phase 2 transformation of the company, to show the market what he can do for the company. Now, as soon as there are enough turn around ingredients, it will be taken away from the long suffering shareholders who been hurt so much and loyal to this company.
    Aug 11, 2013. 06:11 AM | 14 Likes Like |Link to Comment