• Day Trader001
    Nice come back today GMCR !
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    • Ocean Man: Up half a percent on a 2% up day? That's a sorry comeback on something that's dropped 75%.
    • Day Trader001: I'm refering to the dip from the SBUX earnings report. It was a nice one.
    • Ocean Man: True, impressive to see it green on that SBUX drop.
    • Day Trader001: OM, I really like this company "Omitting" their accounting issues and short beating. I think there is still a lot of life in them.....
    • Day Trader001: Especially with the proper take over, however I felt that way once about JVA and look where they are! "Have a great weekend"
    • Ocean Man: GMCR DMND HLF all in the same boat, accounting issues that could be overblown, but also dangerous waters. Tough calls.
    • bullchin: They are probably going to back track previous accounting taking stock down some more. Unlikely to be a takeover with much legal issue