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  • det9
    $DTO long way to go towards 40... Long..
    Mar 5, 2:05 PM
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    • markrpat: maybe I'll try a smaller position this time....following.
      Mar 5, 2:18 PM
    • ChrisGriffith: Good day today. Russia v Ukraine was a great entry point
      Mar 5, 2:24 PM
    • det9: I have a big position and plan to hold till oil falls to 90-93
      Mar 5, 2:37 PM
    • lt1948: Geopolitical trade, theoretically you could play it both ways? Interesting trade
      Mar 5, 3:13 PM
    • markrpat: a mix IMHO..geopolitical, WTI seasonal falloff in demand as refiners changeover, and USD.
      Mar 5, 3:24 PM
    • lt1948: and a seasonal summer spike to follow?
      Mar 5, 3:52 PM
    • det9: Summer spike is almost Guaranteed unless we have total market meltdown..
      Mar 5, 3:55 PM
    • lt1948: is there a play on high pump prices, we're still in the dead of winter and at 3.59
      Mar 5, 3:59 PM
    • det9: Below 3 and above 4 would be nice play.. Right now I am not sure.. DTO is also hedge to my oil longs too..
      Mar 5, 4:11 PM