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  • OfficeMax And Office Depot : 4 Reasons Why 2 Wrongs Make A Right [View article]
    Yes, you are correct, all look same. Staples, ODP, OMX, same. It is a matter of price and convenience. I have no love nor hate for any of them. I just bought another HP printer, saw it in ODP at prices about 25% more than online, bought online from HP directly on last Friday, even cheaper than Amazon, received it on Monday. I don't always hunt for the last penny, but there was no difference where I buy a printer from, ODP store was not in anyway shape or form pleasant, better or worse. I think merger will be OKed, because they are irrelevant.

    There will always be more than one in the office product field, I don't worry about ODP/OMX going away, but in general, I agree 2 losers make one big loser in the long run, but even being a loser is still a huge company.

    Sept 2012, I read in paper ODP was $1.80, so cheap, so I bought 2,000 shares, make $6,371. Had OMX before until Mexican guy Slim bougth OMX and took it private.

    Question is, DO I SELL NOW? or do I keep? High was $6, close is $5. will it touch $6 again?
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  • Robert Shiller: Don't Invest In Housing [View article]
    A luke warm home real estate market is the best, just slowly but surely going up, feels like it is not going anywhere or going down, but in decade(s), it will be the smartest investment. That 1%, 2%, 3% compounded appreciation is powerful.

    Another benefit is a slow market chases away speculators, bottom feeders want fast flippings, they all talk big but have limited fund, house rich cash poor, they cannot afford to sit on houses for too long.

    All real estate is local. You may think most young Americans are in trouble, I think reverse is true. We are not the only smart buyers who waited, most people did exactly what we did. They have cash ready and extremely anxious to buy a home, 1/3 of all California real estate transactions are 100% CASH, and most are not foreclosed homes nor speculators. There is no shortage of young workers from hitech to blue collar able and ready to buy homes.

    There is one issue about real estate speculators, they are generally viewed in negative term, the realitiy shows more or less confirmed that image. Not a respectable trade to be in.
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  • Monthly Pay Dividend Dogs: February Stocks Vs. Funds And Trusts [View article]
    There must be investment genius who can win them all, everyone else who claim such are arrogant idiots, fools, liars, fraud, young or all of the above. Such genius is busy with his private island, jet, boat and super models, he does not waste time on SA forum.

    We all have spectacular winners, but losers will cancel out a big chunk of the gain. After 25 years of investing, I have not been able to eliminate losers, nor can the professionals win them all.

    80-20 rule, regardless and despite of of how much I read and studies each security, 20% of what I buy will lose money, 20% will make money, rest will stay even. I accepted the fact that they cannot be avoided, I invest based on the assumption that I will have 20% losers.

    I build a wall, I play defense. That wall is dividend.

    The bricks I use to build that wall is many hi-yield ETFs (since 2003), including some Arnold listed and more. It is a race against time, build up the dividends in that security before it drops (regardless of why), in most of the losers, dividends received will cover the share price lost.

    The average drop for my hi-yield ETFs during great recession was 26%, far better than -50%+ in stocks, some stocks never come back, but all ETFs came back up. Defense, I know the market will drop again and again at some points, hi-yield ETFs is my defense to minimize loss and for best recovery chance.

    Hi-yield Dividend is an addiction and safe harbor for millions, those millions will push most prices back up.
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  • Robert Shiller: Don't Invest In Housing [View article]
    At certain point, the ultimate definition for "Success" depends on if you own your home, it is in our DNA. At some point, the question from your mother, friends and families and even within yourself, "If he is so rich, how come he does not own his home?" The talk of "He does not even own his home, he is a renter" shatters any claim of success. Inevitable and unescapable. One can explain, analyze and debate all he wants, but that ultimate definition of success lingers.

    In the last 10 years, market condition was wrong, but we reached a point when that is no longer convincing to everyone and self. You saved your bullets for the right moment, you don't want to be standing there on the platform after the train left the station, you need to make a judgement if that moment is here or not.
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  • A Housing Recovery Investment, And A 15% Dividend Yield Opportunity [View article]
    I read elsewhere Silver Bay buys foreclosed properties, but I see no mentioning of this anywhere in the article or comments, except in one post, none in all other TWO articles. Assuming the info is correct, regardless of the merits of such business, it is significant and should be pointed out and discussed.

    Buying, renovate and rent out foreclosed homes is not a nagative to me, I am interested and want a piece of that action, but don't want to get my hands dirty, so I bought TWO today.

    I understand the risks, I was in a private partnership in late '70s which owned and rented 50 foreclosed houses in Phoenix, it died of a slow death, entire investment gone in many years, only benefit was the tax writeoff. It reminded me this is just another cycle, it happened before and will happen again.
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  • BlackBerry 10: Too Little, Too Late To Save Investors [View article]
    All 89 posts by Stevey Boy are on BBRY, same guy(s) under different names, he is paid by the quantity of posts by BBRY, thus all posts are short. This is a common PR tactic. Shows you how much confidence BBRY has in itself and its new products.

    Now he/they are exposed here, the smart thing to do is to adandon this article and post in other BBRY articles, because the more he posts here, more people will read and find out all these posts are paid for by BBRY. Time to move on, there are greener grass everywhere but here.
    Feb 15 11:35 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Is Two Harbors The Right Stock For Your Portfolio? [View article]
    Silver Bay buys foreclosed homes, renovate and rent out. I like to get in on that, so I bought TWO. Better than try to do that myself and get my hands dirty.
    Feb 15 06:01 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • BlackBerry 10: Too Little, Too Late To Save Investors [View article]
    All your 60 posts are about BBRY, you are hired to post for BBRY, you get pennies per post, quantity regardless of substance, all meaningless.
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  • 13.71% Dividend Payer Armour Residential REIT's Charter Change Should Help It Succeed [View article]
    I know nothing, just when I think I got it right, something will happen to wipe me out. I need things I can buy and forget, so I can work, not speculate in the market.

    My Mission statement is simple: Don't lose money.

    I started investing in Hi-yield CEFs in 2003, switched to almost all high-yield junk CEFs by 2006, so 10 years is pretty long experience, rode through great reccessions, money in and out for other investments or real estate. When I started, I thought there must be something wrong or fraud with these CEFs, how can it be so good with 5%-8% dividends, the only way to find out is to throw money into them. and they just kept on paying and paying and paying, many Pimco funds, MFS funds, etc.. Very stable in limited price range.

    I sat through hundreds of meetings with investment advisors as I sit on some boards and on corp investment committees, when market is good, they are all smart, when market is bad, everything dropped. So my monkey is just as good and free.

    Nobody win them all, not even the professionals.
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  • BlackBerry 10: Too Little, Too Late To Save Investors [View article]
    If you click on those BBRY supporters' names, you see one common character, all comments are about BBRY, and short history. This leads me to suspect these are hired guns, one or few individuals working under varies names.

    I read China has many of these shops for these services, they get a few pennies for each comment supporting their clients, they search out all online subjects about their clients, and post as many and as often as possible, something like 5 cents a comment. Our company was offered such services by PR firms, we declined because we thought it is not honest.
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  • The One Thing You Must Remember Before You Buy Another Stock [View article]
    We all have our own logic at the time of buying a stock, I rather not revisit the history on them, but they serve as reminders to me in my portfolio, which used to be all solid blue chip stocks to stay forever. We all have our winners and losers, to me, it is more important to remember the losers than winners.

    My first stock was Pan AM, 2nd was Apple, both in '80s. Pan Am was the safe one to last forever, Apple was the crazy one to lose. Guess what happened?

    I am not a gambler with zero interest in gambling, but I am forced to gamble in this Wall Street casino, because we all have money we need to put in places. I have 2 sons in early 20s, kids talk big and think they are so smart, so I gave each of them $100K and show me what you can do, do whatever you want to do, buy toys or show me $10K profit. 1st good news, not a penny is spent on toys. 2nd good news, they found out stock market is a casino, not so easy to make money, the only sure winners are the dividends they received. Conclusion, their father is not as stupid as he looks and they are not as smart as they thought they were.
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  • Robert Shiller: Don't Invest In Housing [View article]
    I think the common commission is about 4% these days, 2% each side, whatever companies take, and in some cases, cash refund to buyers, in our case, it was $5,000 from the buying agent; she did not do much, we called her when we were ready to buy that specific house we found at asking price.

    I don't know how other houses are sold, but among our recent experiences, there is generally a 4 to 8 pages color brochure letter size catalog, web site, virtual tour, half or full page color ad in real estate magazines, some sort of cheese wine receptions. I've seen some flyover aerial view. As seller, I recalled agents promised us some or all of the above will be used. Agents' expenses can build up fast with no guarantee it will sell, pressure from sellers and lose the contract once expired.

    I am not an agent and I keep a safe distance from real estate agents, but they have their marketing cost, the more expensive it is the more need to be done.
    Feb 15 03:26 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • BlackBerry 10: Too Little, Too Late To Save Investors [View article]
    It is actually quite sad and puzzling to read all these emotional comments, either they lost money on the stock or speculators trying to move market, almost all one sided, same on every article about BBRY; that is not logical, whatever is said here or anywhere will not change BBRY's price or destiny, whatever that maybe.

    What I noticed that is very unusual is the emotion involved, which is difficult for me to understand. I never love any stock, I don't love my phone, I don't love apple or google or any company, I never fall in love with the merchandise, it is always logic and numbers, whenever emotion is involved, the deal always goes bad; whenever a competitor gets emotional, you won. Nobody gets so emotional with an investment.

    Puzzling behavior. Why? do these people really love a phone that much? adults don't do that. For money? try to move the stock up? desire to make money makes more sense to me, but how can that be done with irrelevant comments here? seems futile.
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  • The One Thing You Must Remember Before You Buy Another Stock [View article]
    Mmm, buy and hold, what a great idea. I have 2 old year 2000 purchases I intentionally keep in my portfolio as reminder to myself not to make the same mistakes again.

    GE ($50 vs $23 today) and MSFT ($43 vs $28 today). Blue chip, solid finances, biggest of the giants, things I use daily, you simply cannot go wrong. 13 years gone by, I shall continue to hold these 2 suckers and ride them waves.
    Feb 14 10:04 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Teekay Tankers Ltd. - An Alternative Analysis [View article]

    I was so impressed with the exchanges I bought 1,000 shares today at market, I don't trade, will hold, watch or add.

    Thank you for the article and to all for the exchanges. A thinly traded stock in a sub-category of a forgotten and beaten industry with very few articles and interest; yet when the moon and stars are aligned in the right positions, a fountain of knowledge and talent emerged, then quickly faded away. I read and sat here said to myself, "What just happened?"
    Feb 14 09:00 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment