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  • A Better Rule For Retirement Savings  [View article]
    I've been to lots of great places without spending a penny of my own money, like Afghanistan, Kuwait, Border Patrol one summer down by Mexico. All thanks to the US Military, so I'm not big on travel. I think one of the biggest fallacies in life that stresses people out so much as they get older is the idea that they need a million dollars to retire. 500k saved/invested for income, plus SS and whatever pension or other reitirement savings you have, and most average people on an average income, will have plenty and also have a good life. Btw, great article. I like articles that focus on the end game, not just whats going to happen tomorrow in the markets.
    Dec 31, 2011. 09:29 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 2012 Predictions For Income Investors  [View article]
    I like DUK, and all the other utilities stocks. If you think about it in terms of monopolies, every utility is basically a monopoly in its geographical area. Protected by the government and any competition is faced with huge start up costs. Plus they pay nice yields and generally their PPS rises slowly but steadily.
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  • Dividends: A Case of Behavioral Heuristics?  [View article]
    I realize, mostly from incidental reading on this site, that Buffet is more interested in increasing the book value of his company rather than stock price. If the book value goes up, so should the share price, right? But I find it odd that he receives millions in dividends that he uses to purchase other holding that also pay dividends, lol. All while refusing to pay a dividend himself:}. If a small time investor like me wanted to truly imitate Buffet, we would buy value based dividend stocks, and never touch Berkshire. In my opinion, alluding to Buffett only reinforces the notion that dividends are a great idea to invest in.
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  • 6 High Yield REITs: Which Is Best For 2012?  [View article]
    I am selling NLY after the new year. Dont hate the company or the management, but the sector is too iffy right now for my tastes. I have a bad feeling about 2012 and Mreits.
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  • Diversify Your Portfolio With Some Regal Dividends  [View article]
    I have O in my portfolio for all the reasons the author mentioned. It is held in an IRA with Sharebuilder, and dividends are reinvested automatically for free. I am not nearly as well versed in O knowledge as the author, but it is hard to argue with 495 straight dividends, and a bunch of consecutive increases. The only caveat to mention here, is it may be a bit overpriced to buy right now. A pull back would be nice, but then again, it may not be forthcoming soon. Its over 35 dollars a share right now. One other point, is if you reinvest dividends from a monthly stock, it pushes your yield up by 1% thanks to the faster compounding. So thats an added benefit.
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  • Are We Witnessing A Dividend Bubble?  [View article]
    Sorry, somehow I double posted:{
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  • Best Of The Best: Dividend Champions With Outstanding Records Of Consecutive Dividend Increases, Part VI  [View article]
    If you are right, then there should be oppurtunities to invest at good prices. I do have a long term window. I am 43, so I have 22 years. I hope lol. One thing that helps is when the market goes down, focus on the fact your income stream is increasing, and when it goes up, focus on the fact your portfolio value is increasing. That way, either way the market moves, you can say you are doing well:} I know that sounds like a psychological gimmick, but it helps me. If nothing else, that philosophy underscores the wisdom of dividend investing. You have two ways to win.
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  • The Dogs Of The Dow Crush It In 2011; The 2012 List  [View article]
    Well, to be fair, was there a strategy 2008 was kind to? Couldnt be many. Hard to ding Dogs of the Dow for that serious bear market.
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  • AT&T: The Long Case  [View article]
    I chose to invest in VZ over T last year for one reason. Both had great yields, but where I work, and really almost every where I go, I ask 'who's your service with'? and almost always get told Verizon. That may be a function of where I live...the South...but I think its something else.OTOH, I will probably buy some T this year, as I get funds, because the yield is great, and T is a monster of a company. I think it is undervalued. But right now, I think VZ is kicking its tail in the service and customer satisfaction department, but that is just my anecdotal take. Nothing at all concrete to back that up.
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  • Best Of The Best: Dividend Champions With Outstanding Records Of Consecutive Dividend Increases, Part VI  [View article]
    If there is a dip in dividend stocks, that would be a good buying oppurtunity IMO. If you are truly buying dividend for the long term, then you are also buying income. And when the PPS dips, your income, in the form of reinvested dividends, can purchase more shares. Not to mention if you had more cash sitting on the sidelines, that would be a good time to add to any positions that you think become oversold. If you are in the accumulation stage, then temporary dips are actually quite immaterial in the grand scheme of things.
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  • The Dogs Of The Dow Crush It In 2011; The 2012 List  [View article]
    Good article, but as a dividend investor, I would buy and hold most of these stocks, not sell after one year. I know the Dogs of the Dow is a tried and true strategy, but I'll have to pass:}
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  • Are We Witnessing A Dividend Bubble?  [View article]
    I dont think we are in a bubble. I think dividend stocks are receiving more attention than they used to. They are good investments. It used to be nearly all stocks paid a dividend. Now less than 3/4 do. So we have a long way to go before we are in a bubble.
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  • Dividend Stocks: 'You Are What Your Record Says You Are'  [View article]
    Great article, one of the best I have read on SA. I wish they were all so informative and transparent. You may not be a professional but if you hadnt spelled it out upfront I would have assumed you were, lol. Good stuff.
    Dec 27, 2011. 09:58 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Recent Performance Review Of 5 Large-Cap Cigarette Producers  [View article]
    I bought shares of MO last spring mostly for the yield, and figuring it would slowly appreciate over the next few years, but, I have been pleasantly suprised at its steady gains...I have kept buying as it has gone up...along with VZ and CNP its been one of my better buys this year...actually, its been the best
    Dec 27, 2011. 07:13 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 2012 Predictions Are Quite Easy For Dividend Investors  [View article]
    Good article, very informative...unfortun... lol, I dont own any of these stocks. But by the end of this year I will probably be into one or two of these.
    Dec 27, 2011. 07:07 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment