• z28gator
    Anyone have a projected target for THLD?
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    • Sinjjn Smythe: Probably buyout at $15 if Phase III data is solid. If better than Phase II data Maybe $20 even $30. THLD drug is a game changer for cancer.
    • Sinjjn Smythe: With merck putting $525 Million on table for THLD to much on, plus their help in steering THLD through FDA in US and EU for Orphan drug stat
    • Sinjjn Smythe: Merck is pretty sure that THLD will deliver a solid new way to treat cancers of all kinds. Like one analyst said THLD should have waited
    • Sinjjn Smythe: till after Phase II and gotten a lot more. I think THLD played it safe and smart. After Phase III data they will get whatever they want!
    • alan.greenscam: yup... $100.00 bux, in time, you'll see.....