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  • jvix
    At what point would you add to positions in $EEQ and $LNCO? I hold both, plus a full position in $KMR, and am looking for ideas.
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    • Hillbilly Stock Star: Personally $LNCO fan, divys average into PRWCX, Good Luck!
    • Energysystems: DRIP'ing $LNCO. Have $EEP for distributions(will add if it goes under 27). I'm also DRIP'ing $KMI.
    • Energysystems: Check out $ACMP. I've been long it since the low 20s, I believe it'll hit 40 in 2013. Also like $WMB and would like to get in it around 31
    • jvix: Good, thanks! Now have a 35 buy order for $LNCO and 27.50 for $EEQ. Watching $KMI
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