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  • Nearly $2 Billion In The Hole, Microsoft Continues To Dive Deeper Into Tablets [View article]

    you make it clear you have not even touched the device so how can you judge it???? Bulky????????? it's lighter and thinner then a MacBook Air, if you buy devices from a different maker you are not getting the quality and you have to carry around 2 "bulky" devices. The keyboard is actually really good (better the expected from the so called "reviewers"). NO mouse? EVERY Bluetooth or wired/wireless mouse is connectable and touch screen is probably never clean your keyboard right??

    David, the next time you come to BestBuy just play with it and don't judge the pro 3 if you can't.......
    Aug 8 04:14 PM | 14 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Microsoft And Intel Are Getting Desperate [View article]
    Actually Whidbey,

    You clearly don't know w8 and 8.1 is for SURE a better version of something pretty good,

    W8 is rocking and getting better and better.

    People warming up to it and start to understand it is a touch powered OS with w7 under the hood for our convenience to be able to learn and experience what w8 is all about

    I did bot read Kofi's article, I just enjoy reading the comments he gets and they are funny!!!!

    Kofi, just stop writing it seems nobody wants your BS

    Oct 18 06:50 PM | 14 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • BlackBerry rallies; AT&T offers support, company to focus on keyboard phones [View news story]
    Great to see Blackberry going up, real happy for you all of you
    Jan 7 03:10 PM | 13 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Will This Company Grab Nokia's Phone Business From Microsoft? [View article]

    I know we all want the best for Nokia and of course for us as investors. My initial reaction after the deal was announced was full of negatisme towards Microsoft because they sort of took away my hope of Nokia being the number one in the world again and because of that my shares would have a awesome value. I even go so far as saying that I was proud to be a NOK share holder because of their phone part of their business. I actually was angry at MS (a company I really like too btw).


    After the dust settled things started to be more clear (I believe even for you) and the way I see it now (not confirmed by anybody) is that NOK and MS have a clear plan. MS keeps NOK out of counter attacks for the next two years so they can actually reap profits from their patents, MS will support WP8 to its full strength and when all the patent related issues are in place (about two years) NOK can come back and produce even better WP8 devices and maybe even android (by NOK standards).

    I know for sure NOK and MS have very clever people working for them so this roadmap is created in the past 2 years. It will be full force beginning next year and BOTH of them will benefit GREATLY from this alliance in my view.

    NOK pushes the competition away with their patents and MS has less competiton because of that.

    I really hope NOKITA will not succeed in their "mission" to crApple this deal.

    I believe we all will be better of and that's why I keep acquiring more shares every month

    Nov 7 06:36 PM | 13 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Delusions Of Nokia's Valuation [View article]
    "At this point in time, Nokia needs a new and capable CEO and a strategy on how to proceed. The recent call was basically a replay of previous calls and has, for lack of a new CEO present, not provided clues on how Nokia's future progress is intended to be shaped."

    I think they should hire you. You always seem to know exactly what to do right?......
    Nov 3 08:50 AM | 13 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • How A Beer Game Explains Nokia's Supply Chain [View article]

    With respect to your opinion, I think you should read this comment that has been brought to the attention to all that where reading that same article as you did about this profit WARNING.

    Its brought to our attention by ewmspi and I thank him for opening eyes of the readers of that article... take the time to read it I would suggest:

    Let's put things into the proper perspective:

    I'll bring this up hear "again" because it is relevant, when large cap stocks find themselves still trading on a major exchange at under $5 it attracts a "crowd" that likes to trade the OTC but based on the low price per/share, they can now swing on the big-boards, the tactics you're seeing are classic OTC "spin".

    What about the reports that Samsung just stole "home court" from Nokia...

    "Samsung Outsells Nokia in Finland"

    ...well, this would be relevant if it were an outlier, but haven't we already seen this everywhere else? the U.S....

    New Smartphone Market Share Data Released for 2013 - Android is Up and iOS is Down

    ...and FREAKING CANDA...

    comScore: Android now has 40% smartphone market share in Canada (BBRY 20%)

    ...clearly this is a testament to the strength of Samsung (don't make this about Android, that's a mistake)...

    ...but before we completely trust Samsung dominance of Android's market share as a gauge of consumer love of Android, you may want to look at why Samsung is so dominant inside of the Android ecosystem in the first place...

    Samsung admits to posting fake user reviews on the web

    "PC Advisor points out that Samsung has not yet received anything from Taiwan’s FTC but admit that the “unfortunate incident” did happen. In a statement released on the matter, Samsung said they have ceased all marketing activities that involve the posting of anonymous comments. Furthermore, the company said they adhere to transparent and honest communications with consumers and will work to prevent it from happening again in the future.

    HTC said they wouldn’t rule out taking appropriate action to protect their consumers and the company but perhaps the bigger issue here is this: if Samsung has been using these tactics against HTC, are they also engaged in similar marketing techniques with other rivals?"

    ...This is what Nokia would face "in-house" with Android as their OS up against Samsung, MSFT can combat this, Nokia cannot afford to while trying to make devices, manage production and keep an eye on markets and customers (which is why HTC can't make a dent against Samsung)...

    Let’s be clear, Finland was one of the last places where Android had not taken over, Nokia held home turf longer than U.S. or Canada; to me that is a testament to the strength of Nokia not any weakness.

    ...Now let’s get to RBC (Royal "FREAKING" Bank of CANADA) who thinks that Nokia is going to come out with a "warning" before earnings season to bring in expectations due to competition and lagging feature phones. Really! Seriously!!! How about the fact that none of the charts data or indicators coming from anywhere have anything bullish to say about BBRY? Why not write about that?

    Look, this is OTC tactics 101, shorts want the price to come in so they can adjust their shorts ahead of earnings that's what's behind the negative spin on all the recent articles. As for RBC, they just need to make fees off of the volume moves "in-house" as clients sitting on cheap (shorts) will take advantage of an opportunity to buy back and cover some of the position and (longs) won't get to comfortable "holding" and will either "add" on the dip or be "shaken out" by the scare tactic.

    Don't listen to RBC do your own homework, buy, sell, hold or short, it's a market and shorts don't scare me that's what makes a market. RBC can’t scare me because I don't trust Analysts or Brokerages to pick my stocks or change my mind. I don't buy or sell based on headlines I use them to gauge sentiment for my contrarian trades, and what the headlines reveal is that being a contrarian on NOK still has merit because the negative bashers have not capitulated, yet!
    May 30 10:00 PM | 13 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Delusions Of Nokia's Valuation [View article]
    "Nokia has never been good at IP monetisation."

    Now they can be good at it......
    Nov 3 09:05 AM | 12 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • PC Makers And Microsoft: Conflict Surfaces [View article]

    Although I think it is really brave to write/publish an article (so I applaud you on that) you totally miss the boat on this first article and I totally disagree with you.

    First of all NOT all OEMs are angry at MS:
    (looks familiar)?

    And, as davidib (above) correctly mentions OEM"s had plenty of chances to produce something good enough for their clients/users but instead they took the cheap way and kept giving us just "good" enough for years (that's why I started to build my own pc's, cheaper and way better without any bloat ware).

    Let me put it in different perspective.
    Microsoft has a RIGHT to push their OEM's to produce better, it benefits us all so I do not understand people complaining about that, they dropped the ball with RT also by not supporting it the way they should have (read, producing awesome products like the RT from MS).

    They should be happy MS keeps the prices of their products (RT and PRO) high enough so the OEM's have a chance to give something just as good for lower prices, and finally some of them wake up, Dell is bringing an awesome (comparable to the pro) machine, Sony is bringing a Great machine (comparable to the PRO) so they are waking up FINALLY, MS needs their OEM's but they needed the push. The new surface 2 and the PRO are from a different league then there predecessors and I pre-ordered both because I have the experience from the RT and the PRO from the day they were released and I absolutely LOVE both devices, together with my LUMIA 925 I am in windows heaven and everything works seamlessly together.

    MS is on a winning streak, the users start to understand what the products are about (just read the many comments underneath every article produced the past few weeks) and their OEM's are waking up and start to pick up where they left.

    And about the NOKIA deal, everybody is happy and the LONG, LONG, LONG Nokia share holders will be rewarded now they are released of their D and S.

    MS will make their ecosystem a place to be with all devices doing the same things and the users will be the winners. WAY cheaper then everything APPLE, and way safer then everything android, for business users it will be business as usual but in a much better environment, the OEM's that will stay on the windows road will be protected from losing market share and stay profit making companies, maybe not in "desktop" mode but in MOBILE for sure

    This is the route apple went, android followed and MS FINALLY stepped into seriously.

    I for one am VERY happy with MS and I think we all should be

    Oct 11 06:29 PM | 12 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • One Small Step For BBM, One Giant Leap For BlackBerry [View article]
    As a former blackberry user I can confirm that BBM was a GREAT way of communicating and I would love to have it on my Nokia 925 and my surface pro

    Can't wait to be honest
    Nov 15 01:52 PM | 11 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Can Nokia Rally Past $8.20? [View article]

    Enjoyed the read and I agree with your views
    Jan 21 03:14 PM | 10 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Microsoft's Windows 8 Will Surprise Everyone [View article]

    Good article and I totally agree with you that the world will see a bounce back from w8.1 PC's. W8.1 is really very good and for the people that actually prefer w7, this is till under the hood. I would recommend a touch screen though.

    @sbkam, the ipad is not a PC and you better stay with apple devices w8 is to difficult for you ;-)

    Oct 18 04:34 PM | 10 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The New Nokia Has At Least A 20% Upside Potential [View article]

    Very good article again thank you for this easy read.

    I initially felt like MS acted criminal by the low offer for Nokia D&S but now the dust is settling things start to be clearer and I sort of feel a relief for NOK as a company which also shows in the stock price clearly.

    I changed my mind. This deal starts to look really good and I wonder if all the smart minds at both companies new this beforehand.

    Thank you for sharing

    Sep 12 10:57 AM | 10 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Microsoft Windows 8 Fail: Now What? [View article]
    Thank for putting him in his place wiesje. I have not even looked at the article, I went straight to the comments. This guy ONLY writes to piss people of and to get clicks, I have not see anything in his articles that interested me and I don't understand that SA let him write for them.

    Aug 11 10:19 AM | 10 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Nearly $2 Billion In The Hole, Microsoft Continues To Dive Deeper Into Tablets [View article]

    I have the i7 256 since last Friday and have been working on it NON STOP, although it has some kinks to be worked out (as many first round devices do and you know that if you buy them) but I have been MORE then satisfied with the quality of this build and how well it performs. The bigger screen definitely makes the pro line more desirable for people that want to replace there laptop or even desktop because it is truly a 3 in one device (laptop, tablet and if you use it with a docking station a very good desktop)

    I would say that Microsoft is on the right track and if they want to keep their strong market share in the business world a device like this is needed VERY much so even if they put more billons down to make it work their way it is worth it....

    Aug 8 03:32 PM | 9 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Nokia Has Strong Growth Prospects In The Next 6 Months [View article]

    first of all my compliments to your first article. very well done. Its very brave to put your neck out there with so many readers out there that do not "agree" with you so I applaud you for that.

    I think it was smart only to look at the wp8 part for your first article to feel the waters but as other people mentioned NOK is more then only wp8

    I do totally agree they are going the right direction and I am glad you pointed that out in this balanced article

    would like to read more from you
    Aug 29 07:42 PM | 9 Likes Like |Link to Comment