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  • Magnum Hunter files shelf offering for insider sales [View news story]
    I believe there is a plan despite the dismal trading. It actually disgusts me how horrid it's been. We're definitively undervalued yet the train still struggled to leave the station. Don't look at this short term. It would be foolish. We should have a few very strong weeks of trading into October. It's just been a bad summer between oil prices, the fed. , Russia and plain old jitters. None of which have any thing to do with the reality of its current trading price. If insiders sell its gonna be at 8.50 plus. Not at the current levels.
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  • Magnum Hunter: Bakken/Marcellus/Utica Junior Is Betting On Natural Gas And NGLs [View article]
    I believe you may be correct as far as a small pull back but I don't believe it will be long lived and I don't feel it will drop much more below the 8.50 level. As a long position I feel it is very strong into 2015. All estimates for earnings in my eyes are low balled and with everything being 50 days behind schedule into this year there should be a huge spike in production as these wells come on line. The delays were industry wide and the best I would recommend is establish a position over the next few months on the 20 to 30 cent pull backs. There is the very real possibility of a short squeeze as well. Don't get to caught up in daily charts and market gitters. It will be the end of making real money Easily I see an 11-13 pt being achieved. You must also realize that the warrants will be executed in the later part of this year raising additional capitol as well as they recently acquired a revolving credit to my knowledge. This combined with asset sales tells me that finances are no longer a worry. The past year was spent straightening that out and my personal feeling on this current sell off is that it is baseless nerves inmarkets. Numbers are fairly steady not surprising, the 3% growth trend market wide is realistic and this is not the stuff bubbles are made of. I believe it is the stuff that leads to them in two years. I'd be more weary of the taper in 2015. The last time government got involved like this we had a steady two year growth bull trend. It will dissipate but I don't see the trigger getting pulled in the near term. Also look into 2020. Buy a company for what it will do, not what its done. By 2020 the usa will be energy independent. We will become a world supplier for resources in the oil and gas industry. Export stations are being built and approved as we speak. The actual reality of this fact is far from worked into the valuation of companies such as mhr at this point. I believe it is a very safe investment and a strong buy at current levels. The ride up is never a straight line.
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  • Odd Trades And Cyber Scams And Falsh Boys [View instapost]
    No worries on the spell check, all good I'm a simpl guy. The day trading thing over all is really tough and not really a great thing. I like the idea of it but between fees n margin interest it's pretty much a wash. Long is best from low entry always. Awesome that you grabbed mhr so long ago!! I love to hear that stuff. Rare as penny plays to dollars are I love seeing some one pull it off!!
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  • Odd Trades And Cyber Scams And Falsh Boys [View instapost]
    MHR consistently pulls back to its 50 day moving average and it is entirely possibly to gain on the drops if you are quick to act. Nothing is ever guaranteed but during these strange rocky nothing days one can fairly easily make 10-20 cent consistent gains on 10000 share block trades with strict triggers and stop losses set. The name of the game is discipline here. One second makes all the difference and at home your already 5 seconds behind if not hours so it's much harder.
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  • Odd Trades And Cyber Scams And Falsh Boys [View instapost]
    I think 20 to 36 is a bold prediction. But by 2020 very Likely if they aren't bought out first. We're still in the early stages of this run and I believe we may have a Rocky few months ahead but severe upside towards the end if the year. August into next march. I think the random wild swings are due to exactly what I titled the article. Computer malfunctions or an attempt to manipulate things. The timing was technically perfect if your goal was to create a 50 cent drop.. Enter for a huge position knowing the conference was comming this week( which I found out about Monday I think) They knew last Friday. Then if u sell 80000 shares for a small profit triggering a large drop and purchase 160,000... Do the math.. Look where we are today. MHR I believe more so than a lot of other stocks is heavily loved by wealthy day traders. Those 160000 shares were sold possibly already. I feel that the real sale will be some time tomorrow within 20 cents of the close today at which point you will Likely see another small pull back. I've played a little myself following the candle sticks with margin above my long position and been able to make a few hundred. Experimentally of course. If I can do that with my mind.. Big money has a computer doing it as they drink a coffee and laugh all the way to the bank. More power to them. I only wish I started 2013 with 50000 instead of just 9 because I'd be a big player to now.. lol
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  • Mhr Earnings Beat.. But Did It? [View instapost]
    All to true too. I say it is definitively a strong hold. But the ride to the top is gonna be a roller coaster. People get to impatient. 60 days behind schedule is a lot and tough to make up so.. I expect we will trade accordingly and things will take a little longer than many had hoped.
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  • Magnum Hunter beats by $0.06 [View news story]
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  • MHR Sold Off BIG!!! [View instapost]
    Thanks :)
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  • A Possibly Rare Penny : New Standard Enrgy [View instapost]
    I'm with you on that. I was trying to get a confirmation from management on the deal and the ticker for New Standard Energy. Couldn't get through and they didn't call me back. I have to try again. Grey market stocks are all ways risky but I feel this play will be very clearly the early bird gets the worm.
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  • Bubble, Bubble, Toil And Trouble (For The Markets) [View article]
    Fair assessment. I just read an article on Historic Black friday Market trends. We may get a slight discount into another solid push into 2014. The slightly low returns issue you speak of.. Based on dividends? With all the buy backs and companies trending twoards dividends I think that returns will be at least average for most investors. I also believe over the last 10 months many investors have doubbled and even trippled returns. I'm personally looking forward to small investors building up the markets over the next year or two. I want to see little people talking about hoe they put all their money into this and that and.... Buy,,, buy ,,, buy,,, the over all theme. When that happens... Thats when I'll be ready to sell and say beyond a doubt get ready for below average returns and historic catastrophe. The funny thing is the doomsday preachers are trying to make their money by getting me and you to buy their ideas? wtf? Be careful... Smart investors make money on your fear. Try -n- stay cool for a bit. Our economy hasn't even come close to a full recovery. Europe is in dismay. A midst everything markets have performed well but bubble is a big stretch as far as I can see. Look at rig or amd.... Citi... Rig was $150 plus a share - AMD was I'd say off the top of my head well above $10 - Citi was pushing $300 a share with out the reverse split which put them at current levels in the $50's. With out the reverse split last year Citi would still be trading at roughly a $5 valuation. Do these numbers scream bubble. I may not be trained in valuations and numbers but the theme to me says were working hard to fix a mess. Job numbers though improving are relatively statgnant. Obama care is going to put people out of work. Unions will go on strike. You can't make people buy insurance. It's unconstitutional to say.. If you don't listen to us were going to fine you. It's cheaper for unions to pay the fines than it is for them to insure you. Jobless claims in my eyes are destined to get a nice bump up after the holidays. How many kids graduate every day looking for work and how many of you retire? Guess what.... You'll be laid off unable to find work being over qualified and some kid will do your job for 1/10th of what you made while the rest of his class struggle to find a job thats not retail or flipping burgers. Hot flash every one... We're in big troubble. But.. Bubble... No... If I'm saying this everyone knows it already and we need new suprises. In a year or two... May be a bubble.. May be a real depression.. China is in troubble cause there heading right where we are now.. Big buisness is gonna pull out as they complete industrialization to cheaper countries and they will struggle to breathe. There aren't enough good paying jobs out there for the number on citizens of the world to survive the way prices keep going up. I heard that switzerland tried to make a law that big ceos salaries had to be capped at no more than 10 times the lowest paid employee. It was rejected by a vote. So.. your telling me that a ceo can't survive off 10 times what I make? Can't live an extravagant life? The fact that 5% of the population holds 90% of the wealth.. Thats the bubble that will never pop. Good by middle class and hello world wide struggle and poverty. An education used to mean some thing but... How many college degrees wind up working under a high school drop out that is there manager because the started working when you went to school? and how many hours are bled out of them and you for almost no money? This world we live in is over all a big mess... Ride these markets and make what you can even though the government will deem themselves worthy of 30 to 50% of your profits when you sell.. Take all the risk and pay them for watching you. Be wrong and your lucky to get a food stamp. Your more likely to have to pay them for somthing else like ... A camera light or a parking ticket or.... Obama care which is destined for failure. As soon as hes out of office its in the garbage guaranteed. Half the world has functional socialized medicine.. We know it works. Don't reinvent the wheel so health care lobbyists are happy and pay for your campaign. Do it right or leave it the way it was. This is an epic failure obama. It's dead in the water and you know it. How can u fine people for something they can't afford? How can you tell them whats affordable? Do you live check to check? Do you know what it's like? Does your house have 3-5 families living in it in order to pay the bills and keep a roof over your head? Can we say... Lets take a few hundred of our money and pay for health insurance instead of paying for heat or food? Your out of your mind obama!!!! Back to markets.. I went off track..... Were good guys. This story still has legs.
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  • An Open Letter To Gary Evans, CEO Of Magnum Hunter Resources [View article]
    As much as your letter is full of praise and useful Ideas I think you miss the point. The point is that this letter is unnecessary all though I believe Mr. Evans will be more than happy to discuss every thing. I believe that your letter is premature and that everything will be discussed in due time when it is relevant. Any thing you have mentioned here was probably talked about and discussed months ago and well thought out. At this point you just need to be a little more patient and continue to trust his decision making. I believe the stock is undervalued and the huge swings are due to day traders, profit hawks and panic sells from people that think they can make a quick 5-10 % and run if the stock drops 7 cents or are too easily influenced by whispers of a taper or oil price drops and national oil reserve numbers. The list of reasons for the current share price and fluctuation by no means are justified in my eyes. At first I felt bad for every one that keeps selling the stock in the $6 range. We had a $2 drop in less than a month with little to no explanation or reason behind it other than madness and trade gitters and itch trigger fingers. I'd just keep cool and not worry so much about a quick return. Your already up 50-100% if you truly believed in Mr. Evans because you ate the stock up under $4 and if you were smart gulped it up under $3. So give them time and all your questions will be answered. My sympathies to the sellers are no more and have become joyous opportunities to add to my position. I can't wait to see what MHR does. I've followed every call and read through everything I can find. I'd love to be at the meetings and am excited for the future. If I was to take a guess based on a statement that was made in the last call your questions have already been answered. The value of the pipe line although big now... Will be bigger due to all around growth in the area. The sales you speak of... Will be larger when the time comes. Mr. Evans made a comment about being some what of a one trick pony.. I said to my self.. HUH..? All the eggs in one basket isn't necessarily all ways good. He followed it with.. Were working to fix that... So... There it is.. The way I see it is this will all be worked out over the next few quarters possibly into 2015. It's hard to see that far ahead and no one wants to wait but.. Patience is your best friend :)
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  • Transocean: Long-Term Appeal Remains [View article]
    When I read the gs analyst downgrade I said.."so, here comes another joker trying to beat down a good stock for a lower entry point. " I was following the candlesticks and the 10-20 year charts.. Were trading at extremely low value near what I deem to be at most a few dollars off possible year lows. The upside from here is def. greater than the down as far as I'm concerned. The long story is gonna be a great one. Oil is all ways big but.. It's getting bigger... The dividend combined with the current prices, chart comparisons and the fact that I believe management has something big up their sleeve to complement the recent rejoining of the s-n-p makes this a strong hold and a recommended buy on this dip. If it falls to the 30-40 zone I'd load up but that I believe would be a real stretch. I figure 45ish/46 is gonna be the lowest this will trade. Can't wait for 2014 and the call next week. These markets still have some legs!!!
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  • MHR Sold Off BIG!!! [View instapost]
    I just got a flyer on namg... Pennies scare the hell out of me. I don't touch em' anymore.. lol... But I like what ur sayin'. The 10 day chart on mhr is cent swings like mad. Day traders galore.. Big losers with no vision. It hurts to know every dollar made means some one lost it too. MHRs def. got some legs!!! There is huge value here and I can't wait for the conference call. The way markets are moving and my knowledge of the company I believe were gonna look back on this stagnation in a few months when we convert the warrants and laugh our way straight to the bank. 8-13 is an easy fair value for us and citi's upgrade is fair in the near term. The right news could pop this thing threw the roof. I wouldn't chase it but you could easily ride these 50 cent swings for some big money. I may sell at the 8.50-9.50 mark and start day trading it. I think there will be a lot of 8-10% swings over the next few months into april.
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  • Magnum Hunter's Hidden Billion Dollar Assets [View article]
    Bro.... The fateful mistake... When you buy low.. Pick exit points and don't chase. Playing games makes winners and losers. Discipline will be rewarding. It's all a learning process and we've all done it. On the upside.... Your fine and show us another great truth... Time... The true definition of a long position. Well done. On one of the most recent calls I believe that an $8-13 pt was placed as fair value. With Citis' current upgrade I believe it's one of many to come. The company is well positioned for growth going forward and has a great deal of asset sales to come. The debt has and will continue to be paid down and mostly all of there properties are located in proven areas that stand to change the face of the market. I believe big companies like exon and bp have all turned there heads this way making MHR a great take over opportunity. If it's taken over or not the company is ready to rock. Future earnings are not overly optimistic and it won't take much to crush them. The ride has just started. I read an article yesterday that talked about how a shale play can take years to develop and each play is unique and customized according to the formation. It can take 1,000's of failed wells and it's a constant learning experience.. Well... MHR started back when you first picked it up in mid 2000's and now we've had the years and the experience so the play is ready to blossom, big corporations have began buying in and shorts are covering as we speak. Hold on and I'd say a $10-13 pt is not unreasonable. With the right news it could even pop that cherry. I'd recommend taking profits in the 8.50 - 9.50 range and letting free money ride plus... You have the warrants and adding to your position next year will be a blessing if it rocks out the way I think it will. So hats off to you for sticking it out.
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  • Magnum Hunter's Hidden Billion Dollar Assets [View article]
    I tried to do a write up similar to this article about 2 weeks ago but lack the experience and finesse of this author. The facts are well stated and I've seen management continually beat my expectations over the past few months. I believe it is very clear that they have been working very hard over the past year to create a stable base for investment and that this platform has now been completed and reinforced. I look forward to a strong run into 2014 and much more value over the years to come.
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