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  • Why Even Kids Buy Silver Dollars

    One investor tells a personal story about his love of how silver dollars began. He relates a joyous tale from his boyhood when every Halloween, the children in his neighborhood look forward to knocking on the door of the silver dollar house. Yes, there was a house in a small town, where the owner decided to give up silver dollars instead of candy to the witches, hobos, and superheroes that showed up at his door every year on October 31.

    One investor tells a personal story about his love of how silver dollars began. He relates a joyous tale from his boyhood when every Halloween, the children in his neighborhood look forward to knocking on the door of the silver dollar house. Yes, there was a house in a small town, where the owner decided to give up silver dollars instead of candy to the witches, hobos, and superheroes that showed up at his door every year on October 31. This tradition made the man legendary and transformed one little boy who never spent any of his special silver dollars into a lifelong collector and fan of silver coins. As an adult, he finds himself regularly in the market to buy silver dollars. He has made his collection of silver dollars a good part of his diversified portfolio.

    Like gold, savoring silver is certainly nothing new. It's used to make fine jewelry, all kinds of decorative objects and for personal adornment. For centuries, silver has been treasured and sometimes even traded. No one knows why it is so appealing. Maybe it is because it's tangible and can be held in the hand. Perhaps, it's the way the light hits it so it shines. Like gold, it sometimes plays a leading role in legends, myths and stories. Indeed, it's appeal is filled with emotion, even for those who didn't receive it from a mysterious man every Halloween.

    When one wants to buy silver dollars, there are few central things to consider - the most important of which is where in fact, it should be purchased. Many stores and precious metals dealers traffic in silver and gold, but they are not always reputable. Sadly, the same timeless benefits silver presents to the investors, it also seems to employ to entice unsavory businessmen and merchants. No one wants to be deceived, particularly where large sums of money are at stake. So it is most important for even a novice to do his or her due diligence and thoroughly check out the reputation of the company under consideration. Often investors look online at mint news blog and coin news.

    Unlike the investors who stashed his coveted silver dollars in a dresser drawer, it's critical to find suitable storage for silver bars or silver dollars. One might wonder what in fact constitutes suitable storage. The short answer is that the storage company be both safe and secure. Careful shipping and transport is also important to consider. Many companies, like Merit Gold, employ people who are experienced in the safe handling of silver and other precious metals.

    If the investor who wishes to buy silver dollars, proceeds with caution and thoroughly checks out both the source and storage facility, he or she will discover the joys of collecting a long-term investment that promises to increase in value and ultimately outshines many other investment alternatives.

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  • Consider Buying Silver, Today

    Today's world is facing a time of uncertainty and unrest. Locally, nationally, and across the globe we are in a time of financial crisis and political change. The U.S. dollar is weakening on the international level. Inflation is being talked about, as is recession. In times like these, investing in precious metals, especially buying silver, makes sense.

    Why Buy Silver

    Why consider buying silver? Silver holds its value as other assets lose theirs. Not susceptible to projected earnings or other reports like stocks, silver is tangible and its value endures during rough market times. Likewise, silver is a perfect precious metal to include in a diversified portfolio, a silver Individual Retirement Account (IRA), or for the small-time investor, because of its affordable pricing and ready availability as silver bullion bars and silver bullion coins.

    The Scarcity of Silver and Growing Demand

    Most of the silver available in the ground has already been extracted. This means that silver is a scarce commodity. At the same time, the demand for silver is growing, from the technology, water purification, aerospace, and other manufacturing fields. Silver is used in medical applications, for water purification, solar energy projects, and electronics. Currently about 95% of the demand for silver comes from industries; that demand is projected to increase. Additionally, the vast majority of this silver is non-recoverable once it has been used.

    For the investor who has bought silver, especially silver bullion, their investment stands to gain a great deal of value as the price of silver increases in response to growing demand and as the availability of silver shrinks.

    Buy Silver, Now

    Right now, silver is not only affordable, but many experts believe that it is seriously undervalued. Now is the right time for the first time investor and the experienced investor to buy silver, especially silver bullion. Unlike gold, which tends to be too pricy for the smaller investor, silver is affordable for almost anyone wishing to invest in this precious metal.

    Silver bullion, that is, silver that is 99.9% pure, is available in silver bars as well as silver coins, allowing the investor to choose between the two options or a combination of both. Most investors choose to purchase both forms of silver bullion, but initial investors usually begin with silver coins and then move into the silver bars.

    Between the scarcity of silver, the growing demand for silver bullion, and the undervalued price for this precious metal, buying silver, today, is a logical investment. Silver prices can only continue to rise, with demand, and with decreasing availability. Therefore, now is the right time to add silver bullion to your investment portfolio.

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  • From Silver Bullion To Nest Egg

    There are plenty of tricks for building a nest egg and stocking up on silver bullion is only one of them. Even when the Dow crashes and burns, precious metals have always proved to be a smart investment. Silver and gold have demonstrated that not only do they retain value, but also the precious metals can become more valuable over time! So in addition to implementing savings tricks like stuffing $5 bills in a jar and putting a credit card on ice, diversifying an investment portfolio to include silver bullion can be part of an overall savings strategy.

    What is Silver Bullion

    Before any dazzling piece of jewelry is crafted or any coin is minted, the precious metal used is delivered in bulk form and when it comes to precious metal such as silver, bullion is the preferred cast. By choosing to purchase silver bullion for investment purposes, consumers have the ability to buy silver in its' least expense form. The fact is ornamentation and detail add additional cost to any silver coin or jewelry item.

    Unlike the various wares comprised of silver, silver bullion must legally contain .999 fine silver and be properly stamped with a hallmark indicating both weight and purity. The ingots are available directly to consumers in quantities ranging between one and 1,000 ounces. Despite the large variety of options, the majority of silver bullion sold is 10-ounce and 100-ounce bars.

    What Makes Silver Valuable

    Before committing to a silver bullion investment, individuals should know what makes silver a valuable asset. Aside from being a precious metal with a limited supply (courtesy of Mother Earth and the silver extraction processes) silver is a chemical element essential to manufacturing, controlled chemical reactions and countless consumer product industries; wind instrument, electrical conductor, mirror and silver-coated glass manufactures always have a need for the precious metal. The natural limitation of the chemical and the basic chain of supply and demand is what establishes silver bullion as a hot commodity.

    Silver Bullion Pricing History

    Over multiple decades the silver price has fluctuated from as low as five dollars per ounce, to nearly $50 per ounce. Thanks to economic standards and the natural rate of inflation, individuals who decide to build a nest egg should include a couple of silver bullion bars into the mix. Aside from having value, it will be a forced savings alternative; once cash is invested in silver bullion, individuals will find it less tempting to take it out.

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