• Robbster
    My picks for my persona "Breakthrough Biotech Fund": PSTI, IMUC, (incumbents) GALE, NLNK, MBOT (new additions). Up big on incumbents...
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    • willg101: Why do you think the offer of common stock tanked the price of PSTI
    • Robbster: Simply that you could buy the new offering at less than the price of the stock on the exchange, hence, the exchange price had to decrease.
    • Robbster: Any offering of additional shares will affect exchange price. Depends on if the offering dilutes share value or not + investor expectations
    • Robbster: PSTI has high expectations of revenue growth due to breakthrough disease treatments so incremental offering only suppressed price short term
    • Robbster: So, even though each PSTI share now represents a lower percentage of the company, folks believe proceeds will be used to grow company faster