• Robbster
    Starting DD on $SCTPF. Interesting Canadian Stem Cell/Cancer microcap with lots of recent investment, low cash burn, unique method of action
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    • Croupier77777: They work on CD47/SIRPa just like Stanford high profile research. Look up Stanford Report, Jan 6 - 14. = Dr J. Dick is $SPTCF
    • Robbster: Thanks, Croupier, will look up the Stanford report. Was aware of the connection but have no data yet. What is your opinion of the stock?
    • Croupier77777: Science and HRs are Top +Trillium merger unlocked its potential. Recent exposure to USA triggers MC revaluation. Onco-Immuno-Stemcell play:)
    • Croupier77777: Take a look at IPHY (Innate) who is one of the handful in the CD47 space to have a idea of the run SCTPF is gearing up for.