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  • The Debt Issue Is Rubbish  [View article]
    But what is our true ROI on the debt. Our we leveraging it well for the future. I am unsure that spending a bunch of money on bombs to blow up a foreign country and then spending a bunch of more money to rebuild that country so a different kind of fanatic that doesn't like us can take charge will get us a good ROI. Or is it wise to invest time and money into individuals and businesses understanding thousand page long laws and 10,000 pages of regulations for these new laws. Yes government can invest debt wisely and develop infrastructure, kick start the economy and more. But government can spend money in a way that is just simply wasteful and far worse it can spend it in a way that actually disrupts the economy. And how government picks winners of contract bids is horrendous, just look at how well the healthcare website is running. How can our country with so many great web developers and internet companies put out such a glaring failure with years of prep time and months of warnings?
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  • The Debt Issue Is Rubbish  [View article]
    Can anyone explain to me how we can just ignore all local, and state government debt in this argument? How can we take the country's entire economic strength (public and private) to counteract just the federal debt? What covers all the other debt? Shouldn't we be factoring in the whole country's debt including ALL the private and public debt (including local and state debt)?
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  • The Debt Issue Is Rubbish  [View article]
    Did you miss the comment quoting Senator Obama, he appeared to believe debt was an issue under a Republican President.
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  • Is The Debt Issue Phony?  [View article]
    Why does your assumptiom only take into effect federal debt, shouldn't we add in all government debt if we are going to use the assets of the whole country to cover this debt? If we are only covering federal debt with all these assets, what covers state and local debt. Shouldn't we need to add in all state and local debts with the federal to have a true value for what debt level the country is at?
    Oct 8, 2013. 11:03 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • An Alternative Reading Of FDA Briefing Materials On Titan's Probuphine  [View article]
    Great article. Thanks for drawing attention to a unreasonable sell off and great buying opportunity.
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  • Top Ten Update: What To Do Now?  [View article]
    What are your thoughts on CAT at this point? I know you initially preferred TEX and MTW, because CAT had already made a run. But since then CAT has been beat down pretty bad and is just now starting a rebound. Do you think it is at a good entry point now?
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  • Top Ten Update: What To Do Now?  [View article]
    Thanks for the update. I decided to sell USG after its big run up for a nice profit. I currently hold MIL and have enjoyed its jump. I see you still have it as a Buy but don't list that you hold it in your disclaimer. Is this correct? Any specific reason for selling it? Look forward to your 2013 list. Thanks again for your input.
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  • Will A Biopump Be The Treatment Of The Future For Hepatitis?  [View article]
    Great article Scott. Sounds like they have a good platform for a diversity of uses. I guess I will hold this for awhile and see how it develops
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  • The Bio Pharma Momentum Movers List For Thursday, June 21  [View article]
    Nice work Scott, I make sure to keep an extra portion of cash available to play your short calls. You always bring good research and thoughtful tips, thanks again.
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  • Assessing Adam Feuerstein's Views On Arena Pharmaceutical's Weight Loss Drug  [View article]
    Thanks for the insightful article. I completely lucked out and rode the spurt upwards for 80% profit and sold 1/2 my investment at the top. After your insight I think I will sell the rest and take the much smaller profit on the other half while it is still a profit.
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  • Determining The Best Economic Outcome From The Presidential Race  [View article]
    When Obama was elected he had a majority of Dems in the House and a supermajority in the Senate. So his own party was the ones fighting him for the first 18 months of his presidency.
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  • Determining The Best Economic Outcome From The Presidential Race  [View article]
    You do know that universities donate a ton of money to the candidates so this approach can be seen as the politician just backing his donors (universities). The university can jack up the tuition because the students don't care that their degree in BS of whatever will never get them a job. The university still gets paid back by the government (which equals my tax dollars) so they don't care. I don't want the government removing personal responsiblity in any form, even if there is still incentive "beyond a certain income." How about we have incentive all the time.
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  • Determining The Best Economic Outcome From The Presidential Race  [View article]
    There are plenty of problems to name with Bush. But it seems like Obama took Bush's problems and just doubled down on them. We are still fighting expensive wars on distant continents with questionable objectives. We aren't taking advantage of the many proven energy sources we have dosmetically but will throw money at any questionable renewable energy and watch it fail. We are still spending like crazy. If you gave me $5 trillion to spread around and let me print more money on top of that I am pretty sure I could improve the market and get people hired.
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  • Determining The Best Economic Outcome From The Presidential Race  [View article]
    Let's look at Obama's plan to eliminate the problem with student loan debt. His plan would be to not make students pay off debt unless they make a certain income and if they never make enough income after 20 years we just forgive the debt. I am unsure how that deals with the underlying problem of people paying too much money for a degree they cannot use to make money to pay off their debt. I do see how it makes students continue to get questionable degrees because now they don't even fear having to pay it off. I do see how it allows universities to increase tuition because more people will be enrolling because they aren't worried about the debt. And I see how the taxpayers will eventually have to bail out the system in 20 years when the debt is still there. That is called passing on the underlying problem while putting a bandaid on a symptom.
    Apr 5, 2012. 03:29 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Determining The Best Economic Outcome From The Presidential Race  [View article]
    I believe a huge part of the current problem is the unwillingness to view our problems with any longterm perspective. Most people want instant gratification without any work or without any care how that gratification effects the future. Should we really be giving home loans to people who cannot make a downpayment just because they want a house without saving money first and we feel better because more people have houses. CEOs and Politicians have no problem creating systems that will obviously destroy their companies and countries in the long run if they see the chance at a quick gain in votes or stock prices.
    Apr 5, 2012. 10:33 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment