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  • Words Of Gold From Warren Buffett [View article]
    Don if I had the investment scale of Berkshire, I too would be happy opening ost of Burlington northern even as sticks falls in price. And this doesn't take. Into account. These private deals ant avaialble to you and I. Recntly analysis indicates that if you look only at the retail stock trades warrena nd his partner have made, their performance is nothing special. Berkshire is essentially a private equity deal, and yes I f I had access to that deal flow I could outcompete most any stockbroker,picker dealing with the manipulated and rigged stcok exchanges.
    Comparing a private equity investor with retail sheeple is really rather fatuous.
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  • Gold: The Declines Won't Stop Here [View article]
    Richard surely you hold some PMs and commodities in your portfolio? And if one subscribes to your plausible scenario that gold is right now over valued, doesn't that also imply that silver is undervalued right now as well ? Stocks and gold are certainly not undervalued right now, and if one has say 5-10% in gold! this is not the best time time to load up....but investors on both sides of the fence should be looking at silver instead of hopelessly inflated stock prices right now....stocks are, I would submit! priced to perfection by any rationale basis, at best.
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  • Gold: The Declines Won't Stop Here [View article]
    Krugman, u overlook an alternative explanation (s) for the ration imbalance currently. Could silver not be extremely undervalued , or arguably even more likely, silver quite undervalued and gold quite overvalued , say gold should be in 700-1000 range, and silver in the 70-100 range.
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  • Gold: The Declines Won't Stop Here [View article]
    Tru dat
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  • Gold: The Declines Won't Stop Here [View article]
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  • Precious metals slump as stocks rally and QE nears end [View news story]
    this is a very important-point- several recent studies show just how hard it will be to abandon the USD as world reserve currency- the game is rigged so to speak -in times of crisis world assets flee to the US , and when the world is flush we are the largest logical absorber of these funds; add in the huge amount of dollars sloshing around in the world ranging from central bank reserves to drug dealers in cash, and there is a lot of stickiness to this system even vouchsafing dearborns comments. That said, this cant go on FOREVER, and while US will always remain an important currency for exchange/reserve for our lifetimes at least, its importance WILL be diminished progressievly-this is already happening with yuan, but chinas gdp will eclipse that of the US long before RMB replaces USD as leading world reserve currency- there is no way this black swan event happens before 2030 and it will be a glide path not a sudden rustrush o the exits- chinese are already tapering treasury purchases, but even iff they made the decision to exit completely there is no way they could unload total portfolio for teh more likley 20 years...and don't forget the japanese they hold huge amounts of US treasuries -they are unlikley to unload as long as they depend upon US for security vs resurgent China
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  • How The Experts Were Wrong: Gold Failed To Hold $1,400 And The Taylor Rule [View article]
    again i think posters are talking a bit at cross purposes- we can concede fed will, however reluctantly and belatedly step in after much damage is done and prevent hyperinflation- but a mere 2 % rise in interest rates will bankrupt Japan, throw markets into chaos, hii volatilitty a nd uncertainty if not the markets and struggling economy , let alone hugely complicate US debt problem and cause Chinato reconsider US treasury holdings. But Mr Wagnerblithely concedes-andimplicitly embrace infllation/rates goign up well into mid and hi single digits- if he is comfortabel with that I assume he has few savings and holds large eductaionall debts personally.
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  • How The Experts Were Wrong: Gold Failed To Hold $1,400 And The Taylor Rule [View article]
    not gainsaying, and while I agree Fed would eventually step in to effectively pprevent hyperinflation, they probabbly are going t o be quite o with single digit inflation for some time because of evolving politics of the Fed/White House/Congress. This of course willl require a long time for gold to substaantiially appreciate but it inexxhorrably will unless you bellieve 1)Pres Obama will select someone like Paul Volcker as next fed chair (dream on) 2) Congrresss will bend the debt acccumulationn curve appreciably
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