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  • Reviewing CVR Partners LP: What Caused The 25% Price Decline?  [View article]
    Just hang onto UAN if you are a dividend type investor. I used to own a farm supply/fertilizer company about 90 miles from UAN's fertilizer factory at Coffeyville, Kansas. UAN (and RLN) are both located in the heart of ag country which uses huge amounts of nitrogen fertilizer each year. A good steady business. The only years that fertilizer sales are down (sales figures might be down, but margins are held very steady) is when there has been a severe drought the previous year as wheat and corn will not use as much nitrogen in the soil so therefore the farmers will apply about a 30% to 50% less fertilizer the next growing season just because the plants the previous year did not use it all. (Farmers will reduce usage in the wheat country even if have a good year should fertilizer prices become very high like they were when NH3 was $600 per ton ) Therefore, the fertilizer business is really a good steady business. I know as I used to sell approximately 5000 tons per year of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer each year. Hang onto your shares as times will turn around and with the good management of UAN and the oncoming stream from RLN (which I think this deal will be completed) this is a good MLP stock and company to own....and has good distributions.
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  • Oil spikes on report of OPEC agreement  [View news story]
    I know this is hard to believe...but in a recent article in the WSJ it was divulged that the American petroleum industry hedges a great deal their production..that is the reason that the American petroleum industry has been able to keep pumping and compressing natural gas into the system.....and it specifically noted that the middle east producers do not hedge their production and never has...I am only quoting the article...not my knowledge.
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  • Something Is Wrong With The U.S. Stock Market  [View article]
    The S&P 500 at 1928 right up against the 600 day exp moving average right today going up due to the 'negative rate' announcement out of Japan and short covering crude rally. S&P must get thru and hold the 1928 go higher. 50 day exp moving average is at if s&p 500 can hold above the 600 day exp moving will drive upwards to 'try' to reach the 1977 level......and the market will then run out of gas.........and down it will go towards the 1928 level to see if it can hold there.....probably the s&p 500 will be range bound for the rest of the year between 1928 and 1977.....until the elections are over...or it is pretty well established that 'who' is going to win...then all bets are off..........all together....EPS are going down ....probably eventually looking at the 1450 area on S&P ............end of story......the whole world is too much 'loaded' with money and no where to go with it 'until' basically China and Europe straighten out their mess....and how long will that take????
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  • Half Of U.S. Income Is Over $125,000 Per Year  [View article]
    Excellent article. Seen similar figures before. When you state that most Americans (about 33%)are in the $100,000 range...makes perfect sense because both husband and wife are working to come to that figure. Also it is worthy to note that figures also based on 2013 by a gov't published report listing by AGI..shows that by increasing the income tax % on income for those making $200,000 per year to essentially 100% Federal Income would produce Federal Income tax revenue by only about $ 100 BILLION....and Ol'e Bernie is promoting 'free college, free health care, etc....for a yearly Federal deficit increase of approximately
    $ 1 TRILLION PER good article!
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  • Asia could blindside the world in 2016 - Barron's  [View news story]
    I agree with you on HFT. I, a small trader, have about stopped trading individual stocks. Everyday..the markets open up severe down or severe up.....Yes, the HFT does (maybe) add liquidity...but at what is the price. I would like to see the SEC stop this HFT.....but I doubt if the SEC wants to tackle that.......but,,,us,, small traders are actually pulling out of the market for individual stocks.
    Jan 10, 2016. 12:19 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • SF Fed's Williams expects 3-5 rate hikes this year  [View news story]
    Where do these 'guys' come from??? Mars??
    Jan 4, 2016. 02:18 PM | 13 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • A Sudden Deterioration Throughout Our Economy Points To A Recession  [View article]
    As normal, we all analyze but is a guess...but the 'best' answer is that the FED is 'out of bullets' to fight most anything except 'inflation'....but I think the FED's move was only for them to have .25% interest rate to drop when a recession comes along....they are scared...and have very little 'tools' to use in case of a downturn.....Think they did it for the above reason plus to 'save face' for all their talk of raising interest rates...nothing more..nothing less........
    Dec 22, 2015. 01:00 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Federal Reserve Now Needs To Move On Into The Future  [View article]
    Good article! I pretty much agree with you. Since the late 1980's as small business and large business manufacturing (which provided good paying jobs, value added products) was being moved to China, India,,etc...the USA jobs moved from 25% manufacturing to about 10% or so today......and American workers had to become to speak...floor sweepers, etc....and just exchanging dollars for work of services......there goes the good paying jobs, stagnant wages, and no value added products to enhance the wealth of the with all the 'extra' dollars being put in the system by inflation since the 1980's....that money has gone into financial transactions that again doesn't really do much to increase value added products for the USA to sell and to create good paying jobs. Just look at the number of Banks that have increased in numbers ..with more money in circulation....(from man made inflation,,primarily by the FED..and gov't) home town used to have 2 banks and now has 5 banks....(all the money out there has allowed more banks to handle the cash)....most will disagree with me because we hear all the time that there are less and less banks.....well that is true....because other banks are 'now' buying out those others as low interest rates have driven them to consolidate or be bought out by larger banks. So..actually the FED does not really have any controls over job creation to any great extent. But,,America seems to solve any and all problems by 'throwing money at it' that is 'easier' than actually going out and physically working a problem!
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  • API: Unexpected weekly climb in crude inventories  [View news story]
    What these oil companies didn't expect was that OPEC would essentially break up..and everyone is for themselves. This hasn't really happened since the beginning of OPEC Saudi Arabia who really rules the roost in OPEC has decided they need to 1) product 10 - 11 million bbls per day to keep prices low enough to strangle Iran (a major enemy) and 2) to try to kill the fracking oil production in the USA.......if Saudi Arabia can stand the monetary lost revenue 'heat' from 'low' oil prices.....they will probably succeed by knocking fracking production down and future production for 5 - 10 years......but will never hold it down...really stupid from Saudi's standpoint...and about Iran...they will just keep increasing production..because regardless of what the price...they need the revenue to run the gov't! There you for oil prices around the world to stay around the $45 / bbl area!
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  • WTI-Brent crude price spread vanishing for the first time during shale boom  [View news story]
    It is my understanding that the domestic refiners pretty much price the cost of their crude in Brent terms even though the WTI has been running less to much less. It just allowed the domestic refiners to make a bigger margin to cover costs, etc......reason why the USA Congressional Democrats are pushing for the new possible 'export USA oil' bill to put in a $ 3.00 per barrel subsidy.
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  • Gundlach: Fed about to make a mistake  [View news story]
    I, too, think that the Fed is more concerned about 'being out of ammunition..would say bullets..." but not politically correct anymore......The FED doesn't want to go to 'negative interest rates'....but I truly believe that is where it is headed. All the rest of the world economies have sunk..and are sinking. So...why is the FED wanting to raise the FED rate....only reason is because they can come back and cut them. This scenario is very much like 1937..and I agree....the USA is and has been in a depression...and the USA and the rest of the world...has years to create a 'new normal'........The FED needs to just leave rates where they hopefully and eventually build an 'inflation fire upwards to the 3% range' before moving.....when trying to start a doesn't stop until there is heat coming off of it....and the USA economy is a very long way from that!!! But for our academic, ''back'" data based FED governors....they can not see the '''real world''' out here in the hinterlands. I agree with Gundlach! And the FED doesn't think us investors, etc out here without much training like they have knows much of anything when it comes to economics!!
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  • Why The Fed Has To Raise Rates  [View article]
    With China's Yuan being added to the SDR (Special Drawing Rights) basket of currencies (US $, Yen, Brit Pound, Euro) in October, 2016....gradually the US $ will gradually weaken because of the US National Debt and the upcoming monetary and military power of is the beginning of the transition that occurred following WW 2 when the world switched to the US Dollar as the Reserve Currency from the British Sterling. No matter what the FED does or doesn't do.
    Dec 5, 2015. 12:04 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • How Bad Is It For Natural Gas?  [View article]
    As usual...the shorts in the natural gas futures market have no reason yet at this pont to stop shorting natural gas. At some point these 'shorts' will get the heck scared out of them...and 'buy' back those 'short positions'. It is completely being overdone. Besides...natural gas drawdowns about every year don't begin until latter December or early January and continue to drawdown with prices rising up until mid March or first of April. No use to panic....futures markets go up/down all the time and have usual trends each year. So..stand by...don't panic....if you own UGAZ, UNG......just ride it out.......everyone likes to talk about this storage..and yes it is a tremendous factor......Scientists still don't understand the full effects of "El Nino"....just like the 'global warmest' have finally giving up......and to make it more palatable to the 'common man''' has changed the name to ""Global Change""".....well,,,d... makes more Global Change going to be '''warmer''', ''colder''', ''wetter''', '''dryer''' the politicians something to talk about and meet goes the world.
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  • Reviewing CVR Partners LP: What Caused The 25% Price Decline?  [View article]
    Read it in the WSJ but don't remember what day. Sorry...
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  • Wall Street Breakfast: World Shares Look For Clarity  [View article]
    That is the full truth. My wife's policy went up from $ 426 per month to $603 per month with the deductible going from $ 5000 to $ 6750. The premium increase equals about $ 177 per month.....this extra expense will knock a whole in spendable income. Since ObamaCare came in...her premium has gone up from $ 350 per month with a $ 2500 deductible. Great program...not!
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