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  • "The issue isn't if the Fed exits, it's a question of whether they exit way earlier than expected," American Capital (AGNC) CIO Gary Kain tells Bloomberg, feeling his portfolio is better positioned now than in Q1, when higher rates took a chunk out of book value. The Fed will be "extremely slow" in its withdrawal, says KBW's Mike Widner. "That spells an environment that actually gets better for the mREITs (MORT, REM) before it gets worse."  [View news story]
    Talking to Bloomberg about Fed exiting may not provide extra confidence to the market neither the oldest trick in the book buying your own stock or in associated agencies.
    May 17, 2013. 09:33 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • mREITs During Q1: More Bad News, But A Few Winners Emerge  [View article]
    What has really caused a "sell off " of MREITS, was a realization by fund managers that a Half a Billion loss by AGNC is a clear sign of a serious trouble in MREIT sector, no matter what explanations were given by its CEO. In coming week or two , we are just about to see some sort of spreading of the "domino effect" correction , involving even better performing MREITS ,possibly below 10-20% of their book value.That is where i totally agree with the comments by UnRandom.
    May 14, 2013. 07:48 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
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