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  • Obagi Medical Products Shareholders Vote Down Management's Poison Pill [View article]
    Hi Scott, I'd like your opinion on when the best time is, to sell a company's shares, when there's a buyout offer that's been accepted. I asked my broker about this, and they said there are 3 possible scenarios if I keep the shares through the process. 1. I would receive a cash lump sum for the value of the shares. 2. I would receive shares of the new company equal to the value of the shares I previously owned. 3. I could get nothing. It seems to me , even if there is a small chance of getting nothing, who would take that chance ? I'm guessing the best thing to do is ride out the buyout process , let the share price rise,and sell before the actual deal closes. Is this correct thinking ?
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  • 4 Biopharma Swing Trades For The Mid Term - 3 Week Report Card [View article]
    Hi Scott , thank you for all the articles you write. Next week I'm planning on buying a small position in either SPPI , or IMUC. I don't remember if you ever wrote about IMUC. I'm curious as to your opinion on this small bio-tech company. It's been making a nice run lately.
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  • ImmunoCellular Therapeutics' Patent Acquisition Paradigm Shift [View article]
    Hi Brian, thanks for another well thought out and informative article. Next week I'm thinking of buying a small position in either IMUC. or SPPI. While IMUC is much cheaper per share, it's also made quite a run recently. SPPI has dropped a little recently and seems like now might be a good entry point. If you didn't yet own either stock and could only afford to buy one , which would you preferr ?
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  • Illogical Biotech Valuations Create Value And Value Traps [View article]
    Hi Brian, nice article as usual. Well thought out and easy to understand. Here are 2 other companies you might be interested in. Immunomedics - IMMU, and Antares Pharma - AIS. They seem to present good value with products already approved, and being sold, generating revenue,licensing agreements with other companies, and other products in trials etc.
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  • Trading OTC And Penny Stocks [View article]
    Hi Brian, I have a small position in Abot Mining co. and since I bought the stock ( on Dec. 23rd. ),at .06 cents, it's been trading lower,around .025 to.03. So I decided to go to yahoo finance and see what I could find out about this company. No financials, no website, no analysis info. The message boards have nothing good to say about this Co. So as someone who is new to investing I'm a little confused. Is this normal for this particular sector ? NSRS the same story. One big advertising campaign,but no management, website, general info. etc.How much of the bad press do I take with a grain of salt ? Can you tell me of any small mining companies who are 3 years old or less, who have posted good gains in the short term, ( 3 - 12 months ), and who also have 1. A website, 2. financial statements, 3. Info. on their management ? Maybe it's the nature of the sector. Anyway I didn't buy the stock to hold it for 30 years. I'm hoping to make money on the stock in 3 to 12 months...Bud
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  • Trading OTC And Penny Stocks [View article]
    Hi Brian, thanks for responding to me . I'm hearing rumors that facebook is planning an IPO sometime this year. If that's true do you think it's a good idea to buy some shares of this company ?
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  • Trading OTC And Penny Stocks [View article]
    Hello everyone, my name is Oliver Hess, ( my friends call me Bud ). I'm 57 years old, I live in Greece with my Greek wife, and I am unemployed after working here for 10 years as a sheetmetal worker. If you've read about the problems we're having here, I can tell you my prospects for finding another job are truly nonexistent. So I decided to learn as much as I can about online trading. I opened an account with choicetrade, and funded it with a very small amount of money, ( 400 dollars ), and I made my 1st mistake with my 1st trade. I put all the money into 1 stock only to watch it lose value for 2 days. I decided to sell it at a 20% loss rather than wait for the stock to disappear down the drain and lose 90% of my money. I'm glad I did because now 2 weeks later, it's trading about 70% less than what I paid for it. Lesson well learned. So I decided to buy 2 other stocks but this time small investments. 90 dollars in ABOT, aka. Abot Mining co., and 90 dollars in JUHL, aka. Juhl wind. I'm leaving the other 100 + Dollars in my account to be used to buy another stock ( perhaps TSTF ), only after I sell one of the 2 stocks so I don't have to wait the 3 business days it takes for the funds to clear. Anyway that's my brief story. Thank you Brian for the nice article on penny stocks. It seemed to me very honest and straight. I'm not in a hurry to get rich, I just want to take this small amount of money and grow it to provide me with an income in the future. If you can give me your opinion on Juhl wind I would appreciate it. Thanks a lot ....Bud
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