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Jon Houk CFP

Jon Houk CFP
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Jon Houk is the founder and president of JPH Advisory Group, Inc., a registered investment advisory firm in Atlanta.

Jon entered the financial services industry back in 1985, and he’s advised clients for more than 25 years, in bull and bear markets, doing work he’s passionate about. In fact, his personal mission statement is “to do all things with integrity and passion, all the while staying connected and committed to my God and my family.”

As a minister’s son, Jon grew up with a fundamental sense of right and wrong, and a strong respect for ethics and relationships. Pairing his talent, insight and knowledge with a warm, candid personality, he has become a trusted professional for many Atlanta ...More
  • Description: Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). Trading frequency: Infrequent
  • Interests: Mutual funds, REITs, Retirement savings
JPH Advisory Group, Inc. Jon Houk, CFP, founded JPH Advisory Group in 1992 with one goal in mind: to create a place where he could work in the best interests of his clients. He realized early on that the only way to do this effectively was as an independent advisor. Along the way, Jon has built JPH into a team of like-minded ...More
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