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  • Unplanned Early Retirement, Part 1 - Strategy, Stability, And Moving Forward [View article]

    I believe there is no minimum amount for converting IRA holdings to Roths. But, if one is in the Minimum Required Distribution (MRD) phase like I am (age 71), one has to do the MRD each year first, then you can convert as much or as little IRA holdings to Roths as you want each year--just pay the regular income tax come tax time. I assume you're much younger.

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  • Unplanned Early Retirement, Part 1 - Strategy, Stability, And Moving Forward [View article]

    <<"my goal is to provide income, protect capital, and minimize expenses.">>

    I like this goal statement. In fact, I added the last two (protect capital and minimize expenses) to my own goals, since I had assumed them, but not stated them explicitly.

    I would, however, expand on the "Provide Income" part by stating "by how much per year." My statement was 2 GOALS: (1) Increase Distribution Income Every Year by 6-10% & (2) Yield On Cost >= 10.0% in 10 Years. I have added your last two, so now it reads:

    4 GOALS: (1) Increase Distribution Income Every Year by 6-10% & (2) Yield On Cost >= 10.0% in 10 Years, (3) Protect Capital with high quality companies & buying at or below fair value, (4) Minimize Expenses.

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  • Dividend Champions Ranking: Part 1, The Heavyweights [View article]
    Stan, In my opinion, the methodology needs adjustment in the points assigned and in some of the metrics not chosen.

    Current yield ought to start with < 2% = 0 points.

    Dividend growth is way undervalued by making it the additive part over a number of years. Do the Most Recent Increase, 1 yr., 3 yr, 5yr, 10 yr, and give it more points, or do what you are doing but give the lower growth rates much less value.

    I would rate the beta giving high points to betas under 1%, and few points to those between 1.0 and 1.5, and no points above that.

    I would also rate debt to equity. David Fish gives several choices for debt to equity measures. Low D/E deserves a high rate.

    Just my opinion on tweaking the measures.

    I like the approach a lot, however, I would not invest in any of the companies your system rated high for a variety of reasons.

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  • The Most Important Article I Could Ever Write On Dividend Growth [View article]

    I'd rather, and did, pick 50 or so of the best dividend growth stocks, and keep the fund fees for myself. There were the initial commissions, but fortunately, we inherited the nucleus so did not have to buy all that much. My brokerage is not likely to earn much more from me in the way of commissions or fees, but don't bring their attention to that, or they might invent some new holding fees.

    Of course, I have some satellite holdings which tend to have higher yields, and I take those distributions and add to my dividend growth holdings.

    Our portfolio yield is currently 3.92% as of the April 11 market close and my yield on cost is 4.82% on its way to 10% or better in 8 more years.

    My focus is almost entirely on increasing the distribution income by 6% to 10% per year and to increase the yield on cost to 10% over a total of 10 years. This strategy keeps me from worrying at all about the market fluctuations. I do review quarterly and make adjustments if a stock has ballooned or is ready to tank.

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  • Prospect Capital: A 12.30% Yield With 15% Upside Potential [View article]

    Once the BDC Index issue actually takes place in June, will this issue stop affecting the downward price pressure on PSEC and other BDCs, or will it continue as long as BDCs are not listed in stock indices? Sorry if my thinking here is not clear.

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  • Google: Early Thoughts On The Split [View article]

    For those of us who do not trade options or sell short, what else do you have to offer here?

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  • What Can Dividend Investors Expect From Emerson Electric Going Forward? [View article]
    David, It appears that Emerson has set its dividend policy to be limited to 40% of its free cash flow, which limits its dividend yield between 2% and 3%. For most dividend growth investors, this is too low.

    What do you see in the future for the likelihood of Emerson increasing its dividend to between a 3% and 4% level? If there is little likelihood of that happening, I will likely sell this company and reinvest in one that pays its stock holders a more reasonable return.

    Thanks for the nice article.

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  • Dividend Growth Investing: Is Total Return A Useful Metric? [View article]

    I have created my own stock index that says my distribution income from stocks increases 6-10% per years. But this year it is projected at 13.3% increase over 2013. So my index/goal must be in need of revision at the high end.

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  • Dividend Growth Investing: Is Total Return A Useful Metric? [View article]

    I thought your retirement deadline had already come. You must be having too much fun working that day job and montoring your portfolios.

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  • Dividend Growth Investing: Is Total Return A Useful Metric? [View article]

    I see I am late again to this party, judging from all the comments.

    Question: Was this article intended to be Part III of your dividend growth investing series? I'm guessing, 'not really'. I ask this because I shared the first two with my son whom I am training to take over my accounts when I am no longer able. This article doesn't seem to fit into the mold of something I want to share with him at this stage, because he is not an investor, and the nuances here would probably go over his head.

    Can you help me out here?

    Thanks for the article. I understand it for me, and appreciate it.

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  • Elite 8 MoPay Dividend Dogs Vie For 18% To 36% Upsides [View article]
    When one is my age (71), one is wise to stay away from the options market. Too easy to screw up. My Dad was a good, i.e., bad, example of that. He lost a bundle in the options market in his later years. George
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  • Kinder Morgan: A Merger Is Very Much A Possibility [View article]

    I own KMI in my IRA and KMR in my taxable account. If KMI merged with KMP, would I be getting K-1s rather that 1099s from the resulting entity?

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  • ARCenters - You Have To Think Anyway, So Why Not Think Big [View article]

    Would you please define your term of art "Power Center" that you have started to use. I'm sure you have defined it before, but I must have missed it. I have a sense about it, but don't like to guess.

    Anyone else who cares to help me here while I'm waiting for Brad's response is certainly welcome.

    Thanks again for the fine articles.

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  • After The Recent Stock Market Advances, Are Growth Stocks A Viable Option For Retirement Portfolios? Part 2 [View article]
    Thanks, Chuck. Great article. I need some growth stocks for my grandkids' college UTMA funds since dividend growth stocks won't get them what they need fast enough; they each have a time certain need for cash. And I don't want to invest in Investors Business Daily, which I was advised to do.

    All the best as usual,
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  • Kinder Morgan Management: A Cheaper Way To Own Kinder Morgan Partners [View article]

    So when is the market going to value KMR at a realistic intrinsic value; it's been way too low for a long time now. All that cannot be because of Hedgeye, can it?

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