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  • More than 350 coal-fired generators, or ~6% of U.S. power generating capacity, are too old and dirty and should be retired in favor of cleaner alternatives, according to a report from the Union of Concerned Citizens. Southern Co. (SO) has the highest number of "ripe for retirement" plants at 48, followed by the Tennessee Valley Authority's 28, and Duke Energy (DUK) with 17. [View news story]
    Nat Gas prices is making them obsolete without regs, SO has always gotten away with being ulta conservative but I'm not sure they are in a good position on this one.
    Nov 13, 2012. 02:54 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The USDA is expected to report tomorrow expected corn stockpiles at summer's end will be 37% below last year, and possibly the lowest level ever relative to usage. "There will be no relief for consumers until later this year," says an ag economist, and that's only if high prices (and good weather) lead to a bumper crop. MOS -7% in the past month? What gives?  [View news story]
    For the record Al Gore was not in favor of ethanol. I heard there are huge stock stores of fertilizer around the world. The reason for low prices for POT and MOS. Not sure if its true.
    Apr 9, 2012. 05:36 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Rising Dividends: My Dividend Growth Portfolio 2011-2012 Report [View article]
    I asked Siri if she is the reason for Apple's huge success last quarter. She wouldn't comment but She has created and entire new level of social phenomenon, she might just be a fad or competitors might create a better conversational voice system but right now she is the difference and everyone I know has got to have her on their iphone.
    Analyst dismissed the 4S, but sometimes they just can't see the forest for the trees. It might be too late to chase Apple but with Siri constantly improving I'm not so sure.
    Jan 25, 2012. 05:24 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Role Of Tight Money In The Housing Bubble [View article]
    I like Bernanke he has been a positive force through very tough times.
    Let us not forget that the worst depression this country ever had was after President Andrew Jackson dissolved the Central Bank. Ron Paul's needs to read more history and less economics.
    Jan 23, 2012. 09:42 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Role Of Tight Money In The Housing Bubble [View article]
    This sort of problem rarely has one cause. We had activist pushing the Washington’s left to let every American own a Home. At the same time Home builders were lobbying Washington’s right for easy credit so they could sell more houses. Economist like Greenspan thought the market would self correct (what a joke). So we had all the elements of a perfect storm and of course Freddy and Fanny were more than willing to cooperate. Then Wall Street figured out how to create bonds that spread the risk so thin that no one could see it. This enabled them to get subprime debit labeled AAA. (someone should have gone to jail for that one)
    Loan originators could enter into a feeding frenzy looking for victims (I mean home buyers.) Refinancing became so easy that people started using their homes like an ATM machine. All this new found wealth made the economy look better than it was, hiding the fact that many middle class jobs were being eliminated or going overseas. So Building houses which can’t easily be exported was seen as a positive solution to our economic ills. (Of course we were importing lots of cheap illegal labor to keep cost low but that’s another story) So the crash brought down many elements of our economy at one time while exposing the shrinking middle class. How do we get out of this mess? I haven’t a clue.
    Jan 16, 2012. 10:10 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • The Role Of Tight Money In The Housing Bubble [View article]
    e complicated instruments that were created to sell housing debit all around the world removed responsibility from the lender.
    In 2006 a Builder in Atlanta told me. "I don't build anything for less than a million dollars any more, better profits in larger homes, and besides anyone can get a load for one of them these days."
    When 25 year olds, making 50K, buy an $800,000 to $1,000,000 dollar home to flip, knowing he can't pay the mortgage in a down turn, the lender and the underwriter have failed to do their job. The fact that rates went up was just the match that lit the dynamite.
    Jan 13, 2012. 01:41 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Transcripts from Fed meetings in 2006, released yesterday, show how its top policy makers mostly failed to anticipate the mortgage-bond crisis, with Ben Bernanke and others expecting a "healthy" cooling of the housing sector that would have little impact on the financial system and the broader economy.  [View news story]
    This proves regulators can't let themselves fall victim to the herd mentality that infects every boardroom in America and across the globe. But it’s hard to do, they get pushed along with everyone else until the bubble pops, then the herd starts pointing fingers at anyone but me.
    Jan 13, 2012. 01:18 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment