• Bob in IL
    $GA This stock will pay a 5% dividend of $.42. I FEEL this stock will break $8 by May 20th as investors come in for the dividend.Giving 10%!
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    • kanianj19: looks like the $8 break mite be sooner!...small long...gltu
    • Bob in IL: 10% for one month, can't argue with that! Kanianj19, thanks for the words of encouragement! I expect 50 cents more by May 20 and then div.
    • kanianj19: looks like the $8 break might come today!...earnings later...hoping for $.22 eps...gltu Bob...from Nick in WI
    • Bob in IL: Nick, there is your $8 break! Investors who bought yesterday at $7.25 would be up almost a $1 or 13% today. I expect $1 more, by May 16.
    • kanianj19: indeed, wild day yesterday following earnings...promising going forward as well towards your $1 goal...good luck from Wisco Bob
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