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  • Mr. Knowitall
    $BBRY, will Foxconn build the Passport? Mr. Knowitall says no
    Tue, 2:58 AM
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    • Randal James: I heard it was the Ohio Art Company, maker of Etch-a-Sketch upon which the Passport was modeled. :)
      Thu, 1:43 AM
    • Mr. Knowitall: Man, I remember staying home from school sick and trying to black-out the whole screen. I did it!! you can see the mechanical arms :)
      Thu, 2:10 AM
      • Mr. Knowitall
        $BBRY, BlackBerry Patches Authentication Bypass, Information Disclosure Vulnerabilities
        Sun, 8:10 PM
          • Mr. Knowitall
            $BBRY, Vulnerability deals with an information disclosure vulnerability affecting BES 10
            Sun, 8:08 PM
              • Mr. Knowitall
                $BBRY, Multiple Blackberry products Wi-Fi file security bypass
                Sun, 6:54 PM
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                • Gonzalo Carrasco: If this "niche brands" manage the DoD's mobile communications I imagine it could be of some interest to hackers
                  Mon, 10:05 AM
                • anonymous1234212: @Energysystems Exactly! I mean, who cares about hacking the majority of the G20 governments, right? Wait a minute...
                  Mon, 4:38 PM
                  • Mr. Knowitall
                    $BBRY, BlackBerry got squashed in the second quarter, with unit shipments down 78% to 1.5 million.
                    Aug 14, 8:20 PM
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                    • mapodga: what is here? "Long" KIA is making panic against BBRY with data manipulation. As we all see selling of phones grow from 1Q to 2Q.
                      Sun, 5:28 PM
                    • mapodga: Davidoff, Every selling has its own calculations. If CEO said that 10M is enough, then we will believe him and nobody else. For now.
                      Sun, 5:32 PM
                      • Mr. Knowitall
                        $BBRY, first it was Apple/IBM, now it's Google/HP. Will the pain ever stop?
                        Aug 13, 7:17 PM
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                        • benevilbatman: That's pretty sick homie
                          Aug 14, 6:37 AM
                        • Randal James: Looks like his attorney is going to use the 'crazy eyes' defense.
                          Aug 15, 10:16 AM
                          • Mr. Knowitall
                            $BBRY, $AAPL, Apple's iOS blocks gov't spying efforts, Gamma's FinSpy useless against iPhone
                            Aug 12, 6:35 PM
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                            • stjart: one can conclude, from worst to best, Android, jail broken iOS, followed BBOS 5 through 7 [though] with many limitations.
                              Aug 13, 1:25 PM
                            • stjart: The FinFisher software does not work at all for iOS, WF7/8, or BB10.
                              Aug 13, 1:26 PM
                              • Mr. Knowitall
                                $BBRY, more than 50,000 BlackBerry phone owners to "upgrade" to a Samsung phone.
                                Aug 8, 6:09 PM
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                                • Randal James: Should have been clearer but had 8 spaces left. Yes, the disappointed fells was holding his iBeenwaitingsolong.
                                  Aug 9, 9:36 AM
                                • Thepianist: Chump change
                                  Aug 9, 4:20 PM
                                  • Mr. Knowitall
                                    $BBRY, long $BBRY today at $9.25. I'm still a huge bear on the stock, but I'm not above a nice little swing trade.
                                    Aug 7, 5:50 PM
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                                    • Corey Sommers: Why make 10% when you can make 250+% on some cheap calls?
                                      Aug 8, 6:05 PM
                                    • seekingthetrooth: lack of commitment Corey. KIA plaguing SA for short-term gains ;)
                                      Aug 13, 6:24 AM
                                      • Mr. Knowitall
                                        $BBRY, $AAPL, $IBM, Music Mastermind is turning phones into music studios with IBM Cloud
                                        Aug 7, 5:35 PM
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                                        • Mr. Knowitall: The pianist, I like you more now just because of your new avatar. Who is that? ^.^
                                          Aug 7, 11:12 PM
                                        • stjart: Alas..!!
                                          Aug 8, 7:28 AM
                                          • Mr. Knowitall
                                            and this is the best part: $BBRY, BlackBerry's Prem Watsa was behind the installment of Chen as CEO
                                            Aug 1, 10:31 PM
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                                            • anonymous1234212: Agreed NBohr, but don't waste your time on KIA's posts. Not worth it...
                                              Aug 3, 4:49 PM
                                            • stjart: Yes Mr_K has the knack for disruption and argument. [derogatory comment deleted] anon1234212 is right, we shouldn't waste our time.
                                              Aug 4, 12:13 AM
                                              • Mr. Knowitall
                                                $BBRY, Prem Watsa faces insider trading probe
                                                Aug 1, 10:12 PM
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                                                • mapodga: Chriss They are short seller. And they are under water. So what else to do, then to hang day and night and bashing some fake news about BBRY
                                                  Aug 4, 4:19 AM
                                                • Mr. Knowitall: check my profile mapodga, I'm far from underwater.
                                                  Aug 4, 12:31 PM
                                                  • Mr. Knowitall
                                                    $BBRY, Apple/IBM prepare to put an arrow through the head of BlackBerry's Health Care initiative
                                                    Jul 31, 2:33 PM
                                                      • Mr. Knowitall
                                                        $BBRY, Credit Suisse Still Sour on BlackBerry, Sees 40% Downside
                                                        Jul 30, 11:17 PM
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                                                        • Tikay: Wow, they're going to have some pretty ugly egg on their face if it goes the other way.
                                                          Jul 30, 11:34 PM
                                                          • Mr. Knowitall
                                                            $BBRY, Are BlackBerry security features still an enterprise differentiator?
                                                            Jul 30, 1:53 PM
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                                                            • LTI0723: I think they realized that when they started supporting ios and android in bes10
                                                              Jul 31, 12:00 AM
                                                            • LTI0723: And msft in bes12. When I read that I had to double check the date of the article. Seemed like it was written last year.
                                                              Jul 31, 12:04 AM
                                                              • Mr. Knowitall
                                                                $BBRY, Ford ditches BlackBerry for Apple, will deploy 9,300 iPhones among employees
                                                                Jul 29, 7:29 PM
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                                                                • NBohrQM: The Bose technology is so can hear the Chinese hacking your phone. :)
                                                                  Jul 29, 9:54 PM
                                                                • Tikay: LOL NBohr.
                                                                  Jul 30, 9:16 AM
                                                                  • Mr. Knowitall
                                                                    $BBRY, BlackBerry acquires anti-eavesdropping firm SecuSmart
                                                                    Jul 29, 10:17 AM
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                                                                    • Davidoff: Hilarious and sad. In 90ies/early '00, there was a rumour that CIA targeted terrorist through porn sites. Today Big Brother is everywhere.
                                                                      Jul 30, 8:38 AM
                                                                    • Mr. Knowitall: Well, I think that's the point.. Big Brother doesn't need to be everywhere, he just needs to subscribe to your FB stream!
                                                                      Jul 30, 4:57 PM
                                                                      • Mr. Knowitall
                                                                        $BBRY, hey you guys seeing all these ads for IBM MaaS360 (IBM's MDM) popping up all over Seeking Alpha. Haha, and so it begins!
                                                                        Jul 23, 7:41 PM
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                                                                        • NBohrQM: "Sniff, Sniff" Smell that?
                                                                          Jul 24, 3:03 PM
                                                                        • anonymous1234212: KIA, your "noise" comment - was that referring to your own posts or Apple/IBM? I'm assuming all of the above.
                                                                          Jul 24, 6:09 PM
                                                                          • Mr. Knowitall
                                                                            $BBRY, IBM's MaaS360 MDM First to Receive Federal Government Authority to Operate Mobile Device Management
                                                                            Jul 22, 4:25 PM
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                                                                            • Mr. Knowitall: Tikay, I don't think that applies to enterprises.
                                                                              Jul 23, 10:15 AM
                                                                            • Tikay: Biggest is not always best for enterprise service and oftentimes is less flexible and customer oriented.
                                                                              Jul 23, 10:22 AM
                                                                              • Mr. Knowitall
                                                                                $BBRY, IBM SmartCloud has been granted Provisional Authorization to Operate (P-ATO)
                                                                                Jul 21, 2:41 PM
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                                                                                • Davidoff: Pianist, I think you don't take into account the black swan. Everyone talks about the bubble these days. If market slumps BBRY will go too.
                                                                                  Jul 22, 6:58 AM
                                                                                • Thepianist: MK Apples Back door for you to read
                                                                                  Jul 22, 7:18 AM