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  • Mr. Knowitall
    $BBRY, The new medical device is just another phone that will be made available to all.
    Wed, 2:37 PM
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    • seekingthetrooth: ...real money is in such service verticals. Its high operating margin running 20%+ that can boost PPS.
      1 day ago
    • Mr. Knowitall: seeking, Jim Mackey made a point of saying it was "a regular phone" and would play games & movies and be sold to everyone.
      18 hours ago
      • Mr. Knowitall
        $BBRY, Mr. Knowitall's idea to monetize BBM
        Tue, 11:10 AM
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        • Mr. Knowitall: I'm amazed that anyone thinks John Chen is doing an amazing job.
          Tue, 5:39 PM
        • seekingthetrooth: Actually Chen is doing the job that Thorsten started. Lets see how Chen ends it.
          Tue, 11:24 PM
          • Mr. Knowitall
            $BBRY, BlackBerry buys minority stake in health care IT firm
            Tue, 10:29 AM
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            • seekingthetrooth: The Internet of Things really started with BB back in the days. Then others caught up. Now BB is venturing to the next phase of IoT.
              Tue, 11:23 PM
            • Mr. Knowitall: Seeking, In what way did BB start the Internet of things?? PS. They were a non-player
              Wed, 12:28 PM
              • Mr. Knowitall
                $BBRY, Heartbleed compromised security on BBM for iOS and Android, Secure Work Space for iOS and Android, and more
                Sat, 12:29 PM
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                • Energysystems: How I take it is, it's like the Apple/PC virus few people use $BBRY, those that create those viruses don't bother ;)
                  Sat, 10:32 PM
                • seekingthetrooth: But the BlackBerry guy said risk is extremely low. It would take a highly complex set of attacks in a short time window to break through.
                  Mon, 5:55 AM
                  • Mr. Knowitall
                    $BBRY, Chen is a boob! Chen should only have announced this ONCE HE HAD A BUYER
                    Apr 10, 9:42 AM
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                    • TrollStomper: Oops wrong again KIA. Do you ever get sick of being wrong about BBRY?
                      Apr 10, 3:12 PM
                    • Mr. Knowitall: Oh, I know he's flip-flopping like a trout out of water.
                      Apr 10, 3:18 PM
                      • Mr. Knowitall
                        $BBRY, VxWorks RTOS > QNX RTOS QNX is NOT the only RTOS in wide use running Mission critical systems.
                        Apr 6, 2:45 PM
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                        • seekingthetrooth: I can imagine an M2M world but for that to happen BES has to go cloud & connected to LTE enabled devices beyond smartphones & tablets.
                          Tue, 3:29 AM
                        • Mr. Knowitall: I doubt any car manufacturer is going to turn over management of critical software to a 3rd party.
                          Tue, 9:37 AM
                          • Mr. Knowitall
                            $BBRY: finally, BlackBerry does something right
                            Apr 3, 6:40 PM
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                            • Splenosis: This is only the beginning.. BBM is going to be HUGE!
                              Apr 3, 9:55 PM
                            • Robert Cowell: BBRY is very undervalued. BBM alone is worth the current market cap
                              Apr 4, 12:09 AM
                              • Mr. Knowitall
                                $BBRY, QNX Critical Security Vulnerability of the day
                                Mar 31, 5:37 PM
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                                • Mr. Knowitall: How considerate. Thank you!
                                  Mar 31, 6:41 PM
                                • Mr. Knowitall: How considerate. Thank you!
                                  Mar 31, 6:41 PM
                                  • Mr. Knowitall
                                    $BBRY, QNX: a nightmare of Critical Security Vulnerabilities
                                    Mar 31, 5:32 PM
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                                    • jmathai2011: Really surprising how low people can stoop to make money. You have to pull up this stale data to make money on your investment?
                                      Apr 1, 11:18 PM
                                    • Mr. Knowitall: According to the BlackBerry fanboys, QNX is god's gift to mobile security. As you can see that's simply not the case. It's just another RTOS
                                      Apr 2, 1:40 PM
                                      • Mr. Knowitall
                                        $BBRY, BlackBerry's only hope is to start running either Windows Phone, or Intel's new Hardened Android.
                                        Mar 28, 7:14 PM
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                                        • NBohrQM: Just plain silly.
                                          Mar 28, 11:19 PM
                                        • Sguy565: I agree with yogi, wait it out and also get marketing out to the general public who still think bbry is a dinosaur.
                                          Mar 30, 9:04 PM
                                          • Mr. Knowitall
                                            $BBRY, just sold my April 19 $10 strike puts for a cool 35% profit. :: It was dicey there for a while, but right won the day.
                                            Mar 28, 2:32 PM
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                                            • Mr. Knowitall: @fpeters, I've been burned before trying to milk the returns, especially with $BBRY. This was purely an earnings play.
                                              Mar 28, 6:59 PM
                                            • jamesingram32: well done mate. I think the bbry play is getting less emotional now, which is good. we're all here to make money
                                              Mar 29, 5:26 AM
                                              • Mr. Knowitall
                                                $BBRY, BlackBerry sued software chief to stop him leaving for Apple
                                                Mar 26, 8:04 PM
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                                                • Randal James: You're long and at least temporarily removed your head (from sand) to type? At least we have fun being un-long! You must be D. Looded.
                                                  Mar 28, 8:23 PM
                                                • NBohrQM: Yes, you're Larry (Grumpy). As I thought, KIA is Moe!
                                                  Mar 28, 10:14 PM
                                                  • Mr. Knowitall
                                                    $BBRY, Boeing's self-destructing mobile phone about to eat BlackBerry's lunch
                                                    Mar 21, 4:51 PM
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                                                    • Mr. Knowitall: hey Bohr, I also have April 19 $10 strike puts - since you're keeping track.
                                                      Mar 22, 2:12 PM
                                                    • NBohrQM: Thanks. I'll let you know how you do.
                                                      Mar 22, 2:37 PM
                                                      • Mr. Knowitall
                                                        $BBRY, Sorry BlackBerry, the White House is Flirting With Other Smartphones
                                                        Mar 21, 4:41 PM
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                                                        • NBohrQM: BlackBerry: White House Isn't Testing LG And Samsung Smartphones
                                                          Mar 24, 12:09 PM
                                                        • NBohrQM: Rumors About the White House Giving BlackBerry The Boot For Android Are Rubbish
                                                          Mar 24, 5:59 PM
                                                          • Mr. Knowitall
                                                            Congratulations Seeking Alpha on the Wall Street Journal write up!! I'm proud to be part of this community.
                                                            Mar 20, 2:35 PM
                                                              • Mr. Knowitall
                                                                $BBRY, Information disclosure vulnerability affects BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10
                                                                Mar 12, 6:04 PM
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                                                                • LTI0723: Any chance you could just answer the question instead of dancing around?
                                                                  Mar 14, 9:44 AM
                                                                • Randal James: BB turnaround is high-risk and Chen is being paid accordingly. If it is career ending at least he gets a very soft landing. Unlike longs.
                                                                  Mar 14, 10:05 AM
                                                                  • Mr. Knowitall
                                                                    $BBRY, BlackBerry's on the brink of losing it's security edge.
                                                                    Mar 9, 1:01 AM
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                                                                    • Randal James: to digitally copy. You could leave it in The Kennedy Center during awards night and it wouldn't budge.
                                                                      Mar 9, 4:09 AM
                                                                    • Randal James: Pentagon officials are not on board. "The army has always had problems with the clap." said a Pentagon spokesperson, itchily.
                                                                      Mar 9, 4:12 AM
                                                                      • Mr. Knowitall
                                                                        $BBRY, T-Mobile customers dumping Blackberry devices in trade-in program
                                                                        Mar 6, 7:29 PM
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                                                                        • Randal James: ...before that decision. The NOK 521 was selling several per day. We get that BB fans love the Z30 - the overall public, not so much.
                                                                          Mar 7, 12:29 PM
                                                                        • Mr. Knowitall: GroundUp, what does not stocking BB phones have to do with anything? Do you think those people trading in their phones wanted BlackBerrys?
                                                                          Mar 7, 1:42 PM
                                                                          • Mr. Knowitall
                                                                            $BBRY, $MSFT, Microsoft Still In The Race To Be Part Of Ford's Next-gen Sync System
                                                                            Feb 28, 1:40 PM
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                                                                            • TrollStomper: Of course MS would say that ;)
                                                                              Feb 28, 3:49 PM
                                                                              • Mr. Knowitall
                                                                                $BBRY, Boeing's new high Security Android powered phone; Encrypted Calls, Biometrics, Satellite, Tamper Proof
                                                                                Feb 28, 12:22 PM
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                                                                                • Tikay: This product is wet behind the ears; a Blackberry wannabee. Blackberry is tried and true, the gold standard of mobile security.
                                                                                  Feb 28, 4:31 PM
                                                                                • Tikay: Using Android software is like putting the fox in the chickenhouse and hoping it won't eat the chickens.
                                                                                  Feb 28, 4:33 PM