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Learning the art of trading, hungry and staying up all night to study the markets. Lover of food, coffee and thankfully fitness. Hoops and action sports junkie.
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  • G+ The Greatest Marketing Tool Ever. $GOOG

    For those that haven't seen the Google Glass video go on the following link to view it. Incredible looking tech.

    Google glasses could potentially be the iPhone, or iPad creation for themselves. It could have the ability to completely change the face of technology but also wipe the smirk off Apples face.
    I say this because it basically puts everything into one, into your mind and eyes the world is accessible, and with augmented reality it really becomes limitless to what you can see. Now
    with the recent integration of the Google system i.e. search, g-mail, Google+ etc I began to think of the bigger picture beyond the 'is Google taping into my accounts'.

    Google+ is basically a market research tool for the company, by combining all of their systems and functions it allows for Google to monitor literally anything and everything to do with individuals.
    All of this could be a lead up to the glasses release, allowing for a smooth transaction with all details available without having to fiddle with anything. I signed up to Google+ the other day, it's not bad considering its pretty late to the social media party. I just found it to be a bit of everything, bit of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and all the others which basically makes it a product for Google to show they are involved with everything still and that their technology isn't behind others. It made me think that surely the powerhouse Google won't just settle for this pretty average service, they must have something bigger in the works especially with all these rumors regarding Google branded products. I'm convinced that Google will use the integrated services together to construct a new architecture for an algo that will make the Glasses project something truly incredible.

    Another situation that triggered these thoughts was the advert on television for Google+, now it could be an ignorant mindset that social media shouldn't even consider marketing, the power of trend is undeniable, so it really should hope that the masses will arrive sooner or later. It really shocked me seeing the advert as I began to think they are seriously struggling or trying to be super aggressive, either way Google+ won't become "indie" or a fashion statement for some time. It just got that bit to mainstream for the cool cats out there. Think of Twitter and Facebook these two websites don't have to pay for advertising people willingly advertise for them through various media it could be music videos or adverts Facebook and Twitter have a pretty easy path of marketing for themselves. So why on Earth would Google advertise?

    Not sure about anyone else but Facebook is getting boring and slow, Twitter has now made it incredibly hard for me to not get carried away and bombard my friends with various updates. Google+ is pretty confusing right now, lots of different options to choose and just a lot of buttons to press, which really makes it that slight bit too much effort. But these little button presses and extra details make it seem like it's there as a type of questionnaire or a general way to gather information. I found without any knowledge what so ever that my Android Instagram photos were automatically being uploaded to my Google+ account, literally every single picture luckily nothing embarrassing was taken but none the less it's as if Google is attempting to build a mirror image of your life into a virtual world, for possibly augmented reality?

    I probably do sound like a person with too many cats and someone who has been abducted by aliens but the way Google is marketing G+ and the fact they ARE marketing it makes me wonder that there is more than just social media services that will be available soon. The way the G+ service works and the whole integrated service works makes me think about what Google is actually doing. Apple releases products by being super secretive and causing a real commotion in the tech world, I think Google is definitely due for a product of that same nature. Google Glass could be it.

    Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.

    Tags: GOOG, FB
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  • I'm Guessing Kate Upton Isn't Cheap. Skullcandy The Long Term Potential.

    Yet Skullcandy have got the lady onboard with a multi-year contract. So my guess is that Skullcandy is doing everything they can to promote the name more than ever. Recently there has been some ideas on how they will fail simply because of the CFO leaving and product strength not being considered strong enough to tackle a very large market.I'm going to disagree and say that its going to be a long position.

    Growth & Competition
    2006 net sales were $9.1m, 2011 net sales were $232.5m, that's a 91% annual growth rate right there. So even through the economic crisis, the worst part of it, they still manage to gain more and more traction in the market place. Its simple, you may not be able to afford the latest mp3 player but you can sure enough buy a set of earphones/headphones that look like a piece of modern "chic" art. I love the headphones personally, but I wouldn't get attached to the brand name due to the obvious trading reasons. They started the main trend of bright colourful and artistic headphones and have held a strong market share. The new dominance of Dre Beats headphones can't be denied as being a threat, along with the SMSby50cent headphones which will no doubt put a dent in the market for the time being. The difference is the 2 headphone makers are 'right' now, they are a fashion symbol, the people that Skullcandy advertise to and aim at are mostly extreme sports lovers and participators. I did motocross for a couple of years, along with bmx, downhill and anything in general that gave me an adrenaline buzz, one thing I know for sure is that this market place dislikes the mass market, the fashion set by divas and pop stars. So the current trend doesn't really matter as this audience pay little attention to it. If the product is advertised in say a motocross or surfing magazine it is then certified to be a respectable item to purchase and own within your prefered sport.

    Mass Sponsorship
    This brings me to the sponsorship program they have at Skullcandy, I mean they are approaching the same level as Redbull for extreme sports sponsors. Skullcandy now sponsor many shows such as the Maloof money cup, they sponser motocross teams, bmx riders and skateboarders, heaps more! The new face of the model crew at Skullcandy being Kate Upton just further backs up the idea behind trying to branch out and get a bigger audience. This is all for the US as well, Europe still needs to be tackled fully, which is in the works now going by their 10-K Form. So alongside mass sponsorship and news of 10 new premium headphones being in the pipeline (25 models in total currently), patents galore for their popular models and the ownership of 2XL and Astro gaming headphones means that they are taking the headphone/earphone market by storm, not setting a season of trends or fashion. They are considering ways to grow with the products they offer but also incorporate themselves into different areas such as having apps for iOS (800,000 downloads) and Android (70,000 downloads).

    Now the expansion into the Global market will obviously put a dent into a quarter earnings but the fact is the growth is possible and the net sales will increase. Their presence online, in print and media means they aren't coasting and relying on their sponsored DJs, Athletes and models to sell the product, they are still going to work in the exec meetings. The cost of contracts, production and expansion will take a toll on the company but the risk of growth being hurt due to unforseen circumstances is minimal. It's hard to get bad press on headphones, besides with the current market they are aiming at they wouldn't care anyway.

    Now Skullcandy has a good selling strategy, it's order how many you need with no contracts. With 10% of sales coming from Best Buy and Target on a no contract basis it limits the problems of shops shutting down or losing customers and the many other problems that are fast arising with the box shop strategies. With the news on Best Buy shutting stores and going more mobile last week its clear that the idea is a brilliant move. Get contracts for the names to represent the company and just allow orders to be on a requirement basis, granted the security of the contracts will be missing but it will also then allow to offer exclusivity to other various companies instead of focusing on one which may or may not have poor overall quarters. Granted the CFO resigned and as of tomorrow will no longer be there, but the bigger picture is that he didn't leave on bad terms or that something was not right, he left to pursue other opportunities, yet still remain with the company until April 1st (today) and retain his 10,000 shares in Skullcandy now to me that's a sign of positivity and the 7% drop on the CFO resignation news was over the top. As of Friday close Skullcandy was sitting at a pretty strong resistance of $16.00 the volume was average but the RSI and MACD were bullish. It will be interesting to see tomorrow if any effects will take place on the price as Mitch Edwards will officially be no longer part of the Skullcandy team. It's a long way to go before it hits the IPO price of $20 but I have no doubt it will reach that price again. Theres too much growth potential left and also a lot of work still taking place within the company to consider it deadmeat.

    Overall I think the company is doing a lot for the long run, they don't consider themselves as a trend of fashion setter but a fully fledged company who are trying to branch out into different areas and markets, also looking into aggressive expansion into the Global market. They acknowledge the factors that will be associated with all of the above but continually go about it the right way. Sure Kate Upton is nice on the eyes and we probably wouldn't even notice the headphones she has but it's the out of the box mentality they have had from day one that makes me bullish for the long-term about this company.

    I currently do not have a position in $SKUL Skullcandy but will be monitoring for the best opportunity to place a position.

    Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, but may initiate a long position in SKUL over the next 72 hours.

    Tags: SKUL, Bullish, Long, Growth
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  • IPOs & Start Ups - The New Economy $BNNY $MM $PRSS $FB $ZNGA $GRPN

    We can't hide from it or escape it, we live in an economy that is pretty terrible. I won't get into the whole rant about government tactics etc because to me the argument is a waste of time. Regardless one thing remain's, and that's the lack of jobs or job prospects. Now if you look hard enough you can find the right job, the emphasis on experience is beginning to get smaller than it used to be and now its a case of mostly helping the graduates. There's no problem with any of this other than it never helps the majority, the system somehow changes to help a small number of a group of people to be able to have that job. So there's a new style of self employment around, start up's. Those words always pop one thing into your head Facebook and Twitter, the two companies that are Goliath's and really made the words "start" & "up" what they are today. We live in a world where benefits offered are no longer enough to help with anything for a living so the people that are motivated by the prospects of a better life, set out to start a new business.

    Tech, food, books, anything, can be a start up and will be one, we are all brainwashed by the Facebook IPO that is coming up in May. Now that 2nd market trading has been stopped for a second running that means its nearly upon us. The life changing start up that is estimated at $100bn is mind blowing. But we are all thinking about that valuation when we set out to start a new business. I personally set out all guns blazing with a friend to start work on a new tech start up, its such a huge project that we have had to put it on hold until further notice. That's the problem though we are evolving in the way we find employment, and I personally believe that it will stay this way for a long time, we are thinking of smart ways to produce a personal wealth and change the world and our goals in life and beginning to become much larger than any 9 to 5 can offer. It's an incredible thing we will see, but we have to bare in mind the number of start ups and business's that begin. We will in the future reach a level of business's that all work together and end up having no customers, markets will be saturated with products and the whole recession loop will start over.

    This brings me to the recent IPOs that have appeared. For anyone to say that IPOs are dead and no longer considered a worthwhile consideration are oh so very wrong. ($BNNY) Annie's traded at an incredible 80% on its first day, ($MM) Millennial Media Inc reached 100% today on first day of trading, ($PRSS) CafePress Inc up a mere 14%. We also had ($ZNGA) Zynga at the end of 2011 and ($GRPN) Groupon too, the anticipated IPO of ($FB) Facebook in May will be the cream of the crop. Numbers like these show that start ups right now are the companies to be getting involved with. I even read an article that said how many graduates are no longer chasing the Wall St dream but in-fact going to start ups, with the relaxed mentality and ability to be at the helm of a new game changing company who wouldn't. But it show's that anyone can achieve these goals and companies, it takes the ideas that you have and using the motivation of finding yourself employment or getting a better opportunity and finally working on them.

    Tech start ups are still very popular but they are now falling into the background, they are no longer the thing to be or have but in-fact its Healthy foods and snacks, they are fast becoming the new start up to somehow get involved in. With governments putting extra money into battling obesity and bio-techs looking into finding cure's for this "pandemic" it will be the new company to own. Annie's is a prime example of the demand for it, when I saw the ticker flying to the moon today I thought of one thing only, ($WFM) Whole Food Market is going to feel this, with a downgrade today it backed up my thoughts. Healthy foods and snacks now even offer the chance to go crazy with art and design, funky marketing and new ways of being "indie" about the products. Even new job titles have been made from the likes of Facebook and Google such as Marketing Ninja, again it shows how the employment mentality and world is fast changing.

    I have a huge love for infographics, so here's one to suit the start up theme.

    Also the link to the original website for the infographic


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    Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.

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