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  • What's Wrong With Sirius XM?  [View article]
    He does play in the US but the Charter, TW situation seems to me to be a side show, and refocused attentions back to Europe and beyond. The largest deals are international.

    The fact is that there is more market upside and new subs to find outside the US. A bit of an aside: Hollywood and Music are our most important, influential and largest exported 'products'. Sports might be a 3rd most influential outside soccer/Football. Far larger deals in the works outside the US. SIRI is FCF for now; He needs to collect a pile of cash come just about 2017 to keep his businesses growing. If he wants to. That we cannot guess.
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  • Sirius XM Canada in early-stage deal talks  [View news story]
    Yet it's their top shareholders making the deal ... Side note this is a prime example why NetFlix going live in 130 countries is not as lucrative as many assume and could in fact turn around on them, fast.
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  • Mylan misses by $0.05, misses on revenue  [View news story]
    Peterkin10- pushing product says it all. Mylan could own the badlands of north philly with much of their goods. As the old CEO's father was quite influential for them during the disaster of the C2 pain and ADHD policy making. Certainly didn't help our current situation or 'epidemic' as we call it in political years. It's just math, really. We are older. More people do legitimately require these medications; then come 2009 - many years after Purdue - Here we are. But the patients now have no medicine; and the kids got hooked and are zonked out of life. It's a sad situation and Mylan is not innocent whatsoever. Neither are others, but the influence they held was rather profound. What a world. Sorry, it's the one 'political' issue that really bothers me with Pharma enough to type.

    For investing, At these low prices, what an opportunity ??
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  • Netflix And Its $1.2 Billion Spend On Original Content  [View article]
    That's why Nickelodeon can only afford to replay SpongeBob 24/7. Really looking forward to the Dino charge power ranger special at noon this sat! It's a play date. If anyone has actually watched a Power Ranger episode, it's so poorly filmed it can't cost more than the catering table - if they can afford that. No frills. But the kids, they just love it. And the toys do nothing but create a sound; 9.99-19.99 per 'charge'. Ads are only 'as seen on tv' products that all wind up in the house. These products sell well on mobile too. So the app is the money machine. Still prefer outside, sports or digging around streams; but with Sony launching a touch screen projector on about any surface, the outside now looks to become more digitized as well. Funny how the trends are now about keeping this tech away from kids. If one dares. It works ....
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  • Twitter Is Undervalued  [View article]
    I like it MSCEDAR. Instead of pulling the wagon of lost beef fat they tweeted about her ownership stake. A bit sore for me cause the prior week on a Friday, I was talking in person (oh my!) with a good friend about the Weight Watchers brand; then bam ! Neither one of us ended up buying despite a gut call we both felt. About a stock we never really cared for respectively. The Beauty of Investing, another one to ride, eventually. Still stings. 32 red !
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  • America Doesn't Run On Dunkin'  [View article]
    Thanks L/S. I heard management talk about expanding retail ice cream products; so good old 31 Flavours should obtain some freezer aisle space, in all 50 states would be smart, and under a few names, is my thought. They really took that brand and made it disappear in the NE, owners of the scoop shops all of a sudden were donut/ice cream hybrids; with 8 favors not 31. A model that Dunkin could have and should do far more with; as company stores. That's just my opinion. I also think they need to create a non franchise model in the ample open geographies and own the land, build up a folio of real estate. Like Hershey's does they should also start getting busy looking to sign up commercial outlets like movies and theme parks where they can. Very profitable business when done right.

    Q) Is your chart above the cost or profit per ounce of coffee S,M,L ?
    Traditional Drip at home ranges from 2-6 cents per 6 oz cup, retail to consumers last I looked. So .025c per ounce! I think this is why 3/4 of coffee is still home brewed. K Cups at 50 cents each retail can cost a house 100x per ounce plus cost of machine. Crazy. And something like 2/3-3/4 of all ground coffee comes from one large manufacturing plant if I'm not mistaken. I can buy 33 oz of ground UTZ on sale for 1.99 at Giant when on sale. It's exactly the same as Maxwell's House or Foldgers. We save approx 5-6k a year home brewing. It is astounding. I enjoy large chunks of savings like that, and still get out to sbux, Pete's or what not for biz mtgs of course. Panera is crushing it.
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  • Netflix And Its $1.2 Billion Spend On Original Content  [View article]
    WestEnd511: Isn't the biggest question for all of media 'What is content worth?' This impacts the LgF, STARZ and DISCA of the world first (worse?), then the Streamers such as NetFlix. All must grow their content library packages. Or if a HULU - compete via Increased and ever complicated partnerships using revenue sharing & combined libraries. DIS dropping because 3-5% of cable subs are picking an OTT bundle that might not have ESPN forever is simply an opportunity. The under 20 yr old still doesn't pay a bill for the next 3-5 years; but will as they 'age'. Going on my 5 year olds complete understanding of skipping ads - or replaying them- using the DVR... It's all about mobility, dynamic & creative ad placement.

    Nickelodeon and Disney can't be more far apart re quality. And 'What is content worth?' Ie: Power Rangers apps, let alone the horrid 'acting' vs even lower end DIS content - the consumer power of the mouse is totally unavoidable. Which is what these brands are all about, mobility related ancillary sales, merch, games, books; all the known money machines within content (not a new concept). I think there are so many deals to be found as the media market is in free fall due to a lack of understanding from many analysts. Most firms stuck with 'poor libraries' are creating opportunity. Netflix has a long way to go and billions more to spend to be successful in the international market. Which is highly subsidized; with far lower adoption rates for paid channels and concepts like NetFlix to start. Only reason they have a greater growth curve on paper - not better ARPU though.
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  • Mylan misses by $0.05, misses on revenue  [View news story]
    Not like this firm is an angel of Pharma ... They 'could' get hit more than others, politically. Thus the shuffle. They should be valued higher, if only ...
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  • FCC filing: AT&T preps 5G testing in Austin  [View news story]
    La Marque, in a home it still converts fiber feeds to cable. Yes, It's way faster and more capable, plus not shared. But it's fiber to cat5 - to the router, box (or whatever) using the latest cable one can use if not buried behind walls. Much depends on the age and geography of the consumers house, I feel.
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  • FCC filing: AT&T preps 5G testing in Austin  [View news story]
    Exactly. New home routers now offer the choice of 2.4 or 5 (FiOS) depending how one is using the device. 5g in the home is shorter ranged, harder thru walls with pipes vs 2.4. At least it's an option now that 4K is here for those early adopters. Although a 760 TV still looks just fine to most people, storage inside the TV, boxes and new dongles will help up convert newer content on larger screens. But this article has more to do with the anywhere factor which is outside the home network typically.
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  • What's Wrong With Sirius XM?  [View article]
    Thanks for the link; he will be thrilled if I comment I'm sure :)

    It is noise until it happens, I understand how you think better now. Yes, you have mentioned MSFT. Too many ignore the old workhorse. I wouldn't see a MSFT offer for Sirius working as an aside. I think VZ needs to add music. They have an offering and run it well, but it's tiny. Add in that T has them totally beat when it comes to their 365 mobility offering for all major revenue lines in one account. VZ is close - but missing a few boxes. I just don't see Sirius growing much more after 2017 if solo, not without some major acquisitions either way. Once Malone gets more of the benefits with LVY, FCF of SIRI now 90% of LMCA. You know I think this FCF starts to dry up, they are now Leapfrogged. Liberty knows all about that game and that's why they keep playing in Europe, International. The growth 'looks' better than a matured US market. Liberty needs mass influx of cash to keep making international bigger, where Malone seems to be heading. Never can tell.
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  • Twitter Is Undervalued  [View article]
    Really primate? Too funny. Anything of value real time like Twitter re investing is between private groups, not on Twitter. If talking retail news feed then sure, whatever floats ones boat ... What do you specifically use Twitter for when investing? Really Curious? Best.
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  • Bloomberg: AOL's Armstrong leading early talks about Yahoo asset bid  [View news story]
    VZ and YHOO have a long running relationship and AOL technology is about the best. Now with MM who they grabbed for a song. But they don't need more ad placement tech, they (VZ) needs more eyeballs and FiOS subs to keep it growing.

    What YHOO units would provide them 'value' ? It's all about the VZ OTT GO product's social mobility platform. That's what the top is overly focused on.

    Wasted money If VZ buys YHOO outright.

    Some system work has been done to an extent, on a VZ/YHOO partnership that morphed the VZ home page into a hybrid 'experience' that flopped. So... That is of note. With email and game accounts that go back to Pre 2k years offering decades worth of data they already probably have. So, What does YHOO add that VZ doesn't have? VZ should buy a slew of smaller firms like tiny but relevant NEUL for pennies - not yahoo for billions. Or be bold and offer Malone the real cash for a Sirius - costly but far more sticky for the profitable VZ line up.
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  • What's Wrong With Sirius XM?  [View article]
    Interesting about the link; the second should show all categories and at the bottom allow you to search the related information - it's a worthy subscription; even has help available to refine research.

    We are closer in our perspectives I do agree. I'm very strong headed that if they remain 'only' a car driven sat delivered music service; charging a range of 119-240$ per car, not even per family, with limited Howard driven video they have their heads deep into dirty sand. I don't believe this management team is the group that will be tasked to get them into the new promised land I described. It is the 'new measurement' for big media. Perhaps a NEW, more capable management team will be set in place to drive these initiatives. It feels like the current regime, I suspect, has incentive to position them there and get paid big, only.

    5$ is about right. Leapfrogged, as they are fast becoming, will trigger change. 90% of LMCA and getting to 40% LYV is a nice package deal for Malone. He needs a large cash infusion, long view.

    I didn't notice SF's 5-6$ predictions either. Funny nobody mentions a MSFT in any of this, nor a SNE. All companies now use a wide range of delivery methods, from satellites, wide range of spectrum and broadband to wifi that makes 'it' all deliverable to any device anywhere, any time. The satellite aspect will remain a cost and need as marketing will start to focus on more than music; such as smart home connectivity. I realize T is already their... You?
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  • America Doesn't Run On Dunkin'  [View article]
    Thanks for the write up on good old Dunkin' - Can't blame the managers for cashing out at a double after waiting about 4/5 years for some reward. They face stiff competition in the NE where 35% of the US lives from ever the expanding WaWa Family's stake; growing into a top gasoline retailer from the blue as well if they'd only go public ... To every other imagined coffee or donut retailer. The expansion into California has hit stated road blocks; I believe they will refocus on more company owned assets; mainly coffee products in supermarkets along with an expanded 'fresh' presence inside their competition - ironically WaWa, 7/11 both carry Dunkin products for many years. I don't think Dunkin is really on competition with SBUX and they have offerings to compete with McDonalds, agin a firm in its own league. Amazingly the vast majority of Americans prefer home brewed inexpensive drip coffee, still about 75%. All the way down to the 30$ mark is a bit overkill to me; can't go by the app, all have one these days and it's annoying. McDonalds has these numbers because they have free kids games only via the app, you scan the give always and it's a new game. Of course that will look slanted. We'll see if management is on their way to fixing the shop over the next year; look for company owned products in more retail outlets. More diverse products; ice cream included.
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