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  • Hannon Armstrong Added To Portfolio [View article]
    HASI looked very interesting to me when I first read about it last year prior to the IPO.

    Some of the negative comments (or concerns) I read about HASI early on was it's concentration of business from both the federal government as well as municipalities. I saw that as net positive and frankly a sign of stability and strong base to branch out from and expand to more private sector projects.

    There wasn't a lot of demand for the stock when it first went public and I was able to initiate a position below the IPO price not long after going public.

    Since then I've been impressed with the managements execution meeting strategic goals and transition to an expanding public company. Their new deals with SunPower seem to be just the tip of the iceberg. If they continue I think they have the potential to become a great investment in the rapidly changing new energy landscape for the long haul.
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  • Apple Might Not Use Sapphire, Short GT Advanced Technologies [View article]
    ...And the moon might be made of cheese. No really. I know all evidence would indicate otherwise, but think about it. Or rather, don't think about it-- just trust me. I have spoken to some of my anonymous sources, and they tell me that the moon really is made of cheese.
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  • Are Questcor Shareholders Getting A Good Deal? [View article]

    I guess I answered your question without realizing it.

    Yes, you will most definitely have to pay taxes on this deal, whether the $30 per share is re-invested in MNK or not. Unless you hold the shares in an IRA or tax-advantaged account.

    Mallinckrodt is based in Dublin Ireland. That's where the new merged company will be headquartered. So the IRS will definitely take it's slice.
    Jul 15 10:37 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Are Questcor Shareholders Getting A Good Deal? [View article]
    To answer your second question.

    I'm not certain if this deal has been approved by the US Government to be a tax-free transaction yet. That information will probably be revealed later in the game.

    In my experience most M&A deals you'll end up paying some capital gains taxes on takeovers (if you have any gains). With spinoffs usually not until you've sold the shares.

    It happened with the Eaton deal when they merged with Cooper in Ireland. I owned Eaton. They kept the ticker symbol but changed the cusip #... I was a little disappointed when I discovered I had to pay taxes on that and hadn't sold a share and didn't get the benefit of a pop in the stock because Eaton was the acquiring company. I think it was because they were changing the domicile from the US to Ireland. However, It's been a great investment. More than doubled my money. Still haven't sold a share.

    I'll probably have to pay taxes for Crosstex/Devon takeover/merger into ENLK and for KFN/KKR this year as well.

    Just thinking, I've owned a lot of companies that have either spilt or been acquired in the passed few years. It's been M&A mania.

    The only one I dumped on the takeover news was Fusion IO. I owned that one higher, and was glad to just say goodbye once it was over the takeover price. I won't be paying any capital gains taxes on that one. It was a loss.

    So with all that said. I like my picks that have worked out and that I have to pay some taxes better than my picks where it's a loss and no taxes.
    Jul 15 10:19 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Are Questcor Shareholders Getting A Good Deal? [View article]
    You'll have to ask your Broker about that one.
    Jul 15 09:43 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Are Questcor Shareholders Getting A Good Deal? [View article]
    You put together a good collection of resources.

    However, you didn't answer your own question in the title of this piece: "Are Questcor Shareholders Getting A Good Deal?"

    You also left out two critical details. What exactly the QCOR shareholder gets:

    --Questcor Shareholders Receive $30.00 in Cash and 0.897 Mallinckrodt Shares for Each Share of Questcor Common Stock They Own

    As a QCOR shareholder for approximately three years, I will answer your question from my perspective. I will be voting in favor of the merger agreement.

    Yes. It is a good deal.
    Jul 15 05:33 PM | 10 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Dumb Investment Of The Week: Mallinckrodt Plc [View article]
    The author apparently thinks paying off debt is a bad thing for investors. That seems to be his only argument against Mallinckrodt. That and he's apparently been taken in by others (we know who they are) who have been spreading misinformation about QCOR and manipulating the stock.

    Why? Who knows. Maybe he gets his inspiration from Rick Santelli and being consistently wrong is a badge of honor.

    I'm just glad I'm not a Strubel Investment Management client with this very amateurish analysis.

    I find this argument particularly amusing "previously unsuccessful drug" when referring to H.P. Acthar Gel.

    It wasn't unsuccessful. However, It was not profitable due to the extremely complicated and expensive manufacturing and storage costs and under-pricing.

    So, Questcor acquired it. Raised prices and streamlined the manufacturing process making it profitable.

    So until the US government puts price controls on pharmaceuticals (which Obama sided with the drug companies when writing The Affordable Healthcare Act), and we become a single-payer healthcare system, which let's the government negotiate drug prices (which I am actually a proponent of) then the short-sellers simply don't have a case.

    If the Author thinks it's un-ethical to make money off of prescription drugs. Then he should start working to change the law.

    Meanwhile, welcome to America.
    Jul 15 03:49 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Dumb Investment Of The Week: Mallinckrodt Plc [View article]
    Well, I guess you can just call me dumb while I'm up 300% on my QCOR investment and expect for that to increase in the years to come. Based on the long-term fundamentals and history of both companies (obviously MNK has the longer history even though it's only been spun off recently), as well as future prospects for QCOR/MNK.

    I've been called worse things than dumb before.

    Meanwhile, the self-described "smart" money who has been selling QCOR short keeps getting crushed and squeezed.
    Jul 15 02:55 PM | 11 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Questcor Comes Clean On Acthar; NY Times Seems To Confirm FDA Interest [View article]
    If I'm not mistaken Tylenol has more than a 5% adverse affects ratio in people.

    5% is extremely low for virtually any medical treatment or drug.

    Frankly, I read that as a net positive and continue to hold my position QCOR.
    Jul 11 10:12 AM | 9 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Questcor's Acthar: Refuting A Long's Optimism With Irrefutable Facts [View article]
    Funny. All of your "irrefutable facts" and rumors, innuendo, and theories have repeatedly been de-bunked and refuted.

    I think the only fact you got straight this time was the ticker symbol.

    I see you've actually gone short again. This morning may have been your last chance to cover.

    QCOR and MNK have always maintained that they expected this deal to close in the third quarter. Guess what.... it is now the third quarter.
    Jul 10 02:20 PM | 6 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Hey Mallinckrodt, Pay Close Attention - UnitedHealth Just Slammed Questcor's Acthar [View article]
    Jun 30 12:48 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Questcor's 'Buyout' Could Fall Through [View article]
    Give it up already. You continue to get this one wrong.
    Jun 6 03:55 PM | 19 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • A Close Look At This Morning's Questcor 8-K [View article]
    I haven't read your HLF stuff. Frankly not interested. Not my cup of tea. Much better places for me to deploy capital.

    However, Evidence would mean that you've presented something factual to back up your negative assertions.

    So far, you and Andrew Left have been nothing but dead wrong when it comes your assertions regarding QCOR.

    Wrong about the marketing practices.

    Wrong about the insurance companies and re-payments.

    Wrong about the charity (which frankly is the thing that pissed me off the most about this bear raid, trying to take down a charity that is trying to help those in need)

    Wrong about the science

    Wrong about price direction and trading strategies

    And this latest claim is the most outrageous and demonstrably false of all.

    I swear. Manufactured "evidence" that is quickly rebutted and proven false does not give you one iota of credibility, especially since you were the one touting it repeating it relentlessly. Even worse telling people to act on false information.

    No. You have not produced one shred of actual evidence to back up ANY of your bear thesis.
    Mar 3 05:20 PM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • A Close Look At This Morning's Questcor 8-K [View article]
    You're gonna need a new flux capacitor if wanna claim people have made "lot's of money" following your trading on QCOR.
    Mar 3 03:59 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • A Close Look At This Morning's Questcor 8-K [View article]
    So far it's only a debacle for the short side, and I guess some folks that got blown out because of margin and/or a stop-loss.

    Hell, you didn't even have the conviction to short the stock yourself when you were telling others to short. You just bought puts. Was that because the reality is you just wanted to buy the stock cheaper? Trying to play the manipulation game on Andrew Left's coattails?

    Not to rub salt in the wounds... but I really hope no one else follows your advice at the risk of being burned really bad.

    But I guess at the end of the day that's what makes a market.
    Mar 3 03:30 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment