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  • Professorredbag
    $PVCT Update: Very upbeat.
    Tue, 7:32 AM
      • Professorredbag
        $PVCT A third down the page, see the Latest discovery 360 notes.
        Mon, 3:32 PM
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        • nicothefrenchy: Great analysis. Thanks for sharing
          9 hours ago
          • Professorredbag
            $PVCT A reminder that breast, liver and lung cancer treatments are on the horizon:
            Fri, 7:25 PM
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            • Tile: Good and very informative info. Long $PVCT.
              Fri, 10:41 PM
              • Professorredbag
                $PVCT Blog notes error in criticism
                Jul 2, 3:13 PM
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                • Professorredbag: He who laughs last...
                  Jul 3, 12:20 PM
                • Tile: Yes.
                  Fri, 10:41 PM
                  • Professorredbag
                    $PVCT Management buying shares at well above market prices!
                    Jul 2, 3:09 PM
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                    • holydawn: $PVCT ChiefKing, they HAVE to buy shares over market since they have insider info, presumably for good reason.
                      Jul 3, 11:52 AM
                    • Professorredbag: They exercised options. Can't buy at market because they have the insider info. A great sign of confidence!
                      Jul 3, 12:22 PM
                      • Professorredbag
                        $PVCT So welcomed to read intelligent analysis and prognostication instead of the half-witted from AF, etc.
                        Jun 22, 11:33 AM
                          • Professorredbag
                            Downloadable PVCT equity research report "ASCO 2014: MELANOMA UPDATES", June 19 2014:
                            Jun 20, 5:12 PM
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                            • Professorredbag: < server/PVCT%20(Canopy%20Research)%20Disc360%20Note%2006192014.pdf>
                              Jun 20, 5:13 PM
                              • Professorredbag
                                $PVCT Dermwire news:
                                Jun 14, 12:10 AM
                                  • Professorredbag
                                    $PVCT a NO-Fault settlement to get on with the business of saving lives. Greedy lawyers are the only beneficiaries.
                                    Jun 12, 8:50 AM
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                                    • Valman Group: And those fortunate enough to buy on the dip.
                                      Jun 12, 11:47 AM
                                      • Professorredbag
                                        $PVCT Why Investors Need Not Worry About Provectus Running Out of Money Await an SA article on valuation from TI.
                                        Jun 12, 1:30 AM
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                                        • crazyisay: I thought the article shud be in SA by now
                                          Jun 12, 1:40 AM
                                        • Professorredbag: SA is obviously not a fan of $PVCT
                                          Jun 13, 12:58 AM
                                          • Professorredbag
                                            $PVCT The good news spreads.
                                            Jun 11, 2:50 AM
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                                            • Professorredbag: I think it was either one of these:
                                              Jun 13, 1:38 AM
                                            • Professorredbag: The latter from Nasdaq...
                                              Jun 13, 1:39 AM
                                              • Professorredbag
                                                $PVCT not-an-official-event of ASCO 2014 entitled Intralesional Therapy for Unresectable Melanoma:
                                                Jun 10, 5:42 AM
                                                  • Professorredbag
                                                    $PVCT It is unprecedented for a small molecule ablative agent to have this kind of immune system activity...
                                                    Jun 6, 3:09 AM
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                                                    • Professorredbag: detectable in peripheral blood of patients. The one-two punch from PV-10 [rapidly reducing tumor burden & producing immune system
                                                      Jun 6, 3:12 AM
                                                    • Professorredbag: stimulation] is presumably the underlying driver of these durable complete responses in patients with cutaneous melanoma."
                                                      Jun 6, 3:13 AM
                                                      • Professorredbag
                                                        $PVCT June 3 Conference call Note PIII timeline and cancer centers ready to enroll NOW.
                                                        Jun 4, 12:37 AM
                                                          • Professorredbag
                                                            $PVCT takes the wind out of critics sails.
                                                            Jun 3, 10:15 AM
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                                                            • bobzic: I dont think so
                                                              Jun 3, 3:15 PM
                                                            • bojan.vasiljev: Yayks
                                                              Jun 3, 4:15 PM
                                                              • Professorredbag
                                                                Those readers ignobly criticizing $PVCT for the time to make an FDA app (+PIII) need to read this carefully
                                                                May 31, 3:19 AM
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                                                                • Professorredbag: Read Alan's latest post on Trust Intelligence:
                                                                  Jun 1, 11:40 PM
                                                                • Tile: Thanks.
                                                                  Jun 2, 9:32 AM
                                                                  • Professorredbag
                                                                    Now that we have an immunologic story that shows there is potentially a systemic benefit, for this crazy - and it sounds crazy -
                                                                    May 27, 10:10 AM
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                                                                    • Professorredbag: this drug that you inject into a tumor in your skin may make the tumor in your lung go away. - Quote from Dr. Wachter, Provectus' CTO
                                                                      May 27, 10:14 AM
                                                                      • Professorredbag
                                                                        $PVCT The FDA's response letter noted the need for more data.
                                                                        May 27, 2:14 AM
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                                                                        • Holdem-Hero: PVCT= joke They lack a phase III study for PV10 ! Denied BTD=PV10 wont be to market for a long time Going down like a plane about to crash
                                                                          May 27, 3:42 AM
                                                                        • Professorredbag: It was the FDA that offered BTD application, no need for PIII. The co has the means to go ahead with it. The drug works and that's no joke.
                                                                          May 27, 4:47 AM
                                                                          • Professorredbag
                                                                            The Motley Fool article referenced below mentions 2 respected short selling researchers Citron
                                                                            May 23, 8:07 AM
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                                                                            • Professorredbag: Muddy Waters Both extensively research + present facts on deceitful companies. Never $PVCT cause nothing wrong.
                                                                              May 23, 8:16 AM
                                                                            • Professorredbag: Only maliciously motivated and dishonest amateurs cross the ill-gotten bridge. Shame on them. $PVCT will prevail to help cancer suffers.
                                                                              May 23, 8:20 AM
                                                                              • Professorredbag
                                                                                $PVCT half of patients with locally advanced cutaneous melanoma who had all their lesions injected with PV-10 achieved a complete response
                                                                                May 22, 4:49 AM
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                                                                                • dramorgan: On case you missed this.
                                                                                  May 23, 6:35 AM
                                                                                • Professorredbag: I have his blog open at all times along with the Connecting the Dots blog. A good fellow Canadian!
                                                                                  May 23, 8:45 AM