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  • Amazon 'Punches Apple Hard' With Kindle Fire's $199 Price  [View article]
    Dialectical -- you are not a "fanboy", at least as I define the term. You are smart enough to realize that there are different products for different market segments. ("Different strokes for different folks.")

    The "fanboys" (and there are many) are those who are so blindly enamored with anything Apple does that the've lost their ability to think rationally. Sadly, there are many such people -- and their problem is not so much their assessment of whether Apple is a good company or provides good products, but the fact that such irrational thinking usually extends to other even more important areas of life.

    We are teaching an entire group of of people how to NOT be able to think -- and given the current state of the economy and world, these people are in very serious trouble going forward. Unfortunately they don't realize it -- and whether they prefer a iPad, Kindle, or Nook is trivial in the overall scheme of things.
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  • Amazon 'Punches Apple Hard' With Kindle Fire's $199 Price  [View article]
    It's truly amazing how many people are so obsessed with the iPad (and Apple) that they immediately view any even remotely-iPad-looking device as a potential "competitor" that must be trashed. It's obvious to any rational observer that the iPad and the Kindle/Fire are two completely different products specifically designed to do different things.

    The Kindle and Fire are essentially reading devices, the iPad is a tablet computer. Many people will buy both and use each of them for the specific tasks they do best. I have an iPhone for all of the things it does well (I have about two dozen apps, like 99% of the population I don't need 500 much less 100,000 mostly useless ones), and I'll probably buy either a Kindle or Fire to use as a highly portable, compact reading device. (And there is little disagreement among most reasonable, fair-minded people that the Kindle is a better reading device than the iPad.)

    Virtually all of the Apple-related threads I read remind me of the fact that just because people can (and will) publish anything on the net, that doesn't necessarily mean they have any intelligent rationale behind their postings! But it's these fanboys who make me spend more on Apple stock than on either the iPhone or a Kindle!

    OK, flame on, fanboys! I think I'll go buy more Apple stock tomorrow...
    Oct 4, 2011. 04:26 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Analyzing Nancy Pelosi's 5 Newest Stock Trades  [View article]
    They're married, aren't they? One need not be all that "sophisticated" to know that she owns everything as much as he does. Sounds like you are the one who is "likely intentionally misleading" us by stating otherwise...
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  • As Silver Reaches Euphoric Levels, Protect Your Investments  [View article]
    Did any of you commenters actually read the original article? He didn't say he was sure silver was in a bubble, and he didn't say to necessarily sell all your SLV holdings -- he said to consider buying some puts as protection.

    What's wrong with that, particularly given the recent rapid rise in silver prices?

    Comments like this remind me why SA really should be moderated...
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  • Weekly Commodity ETF Flows Report: Traders Bet on Silver Top  [View article]
    WACG -- I seen nothing in rodgers12's comments that requires specific knowledge of the analytics regarding HFT. He just points out the next set of support levels.

    Please explain to us why one needs to know HFT algorithms, or do "near real time analysis" to identify support and resistance points, which are easily found on a chart. (So far I haven't needed my MIT degree or 5 years experience in engineering R&D do do this.) So, who is the "uninformed blatherer"?

    Just another post proving that one must take great care when reading SA posts -- some are very informative, others are rubbish...
    May 1, 2011. 03:38 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple: A Baby-Boomer Stock  [View article]
    There are a number of both good (well-reasoned and sensible) and weak (emotional, reactionary and poorly-thought-out) comments here -- which I've found is typical of SA postings on AAPL. As a result, I typically don't respond.

    Not to hijack this thread, but there is one fundamental flaw in the original article that most have neglected (and far more important than a discussion of Apple vs. Windows products) -- and that is the assumption that most baby boomers will have a lot of disposable income. They won't.

    The overwhelming majority of boomers haven't saved enough for their retirement and future medical costs, and many will have to help out their kids and grandkids financially (and by that I mean much, much more than simply buying them Apple products).

    The US is broke -- and here I'm not talking only about the $15 Trillion National Debt that is typically mentioned, but also the additional $60 Trillion in unfunded Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and State Pension Fund liabilities. This total far exceeds the $50 Trillion in total US household net worth (and I doubt that the the US government is going to confiscate ALL of US citizens' assets!).

    I always get a big kick from the SA postings on AAPL, and most remind me that there will be continued upward pressure on AAPL's stock price (at least from retail investors).

    Again, I don't mean to hijack this thread, but whatever you think about Apple and it's products versus PC/Windows products (and I own both -- I pick the one that best suits my needs for whatever I'm going to use it for), probably the most important thing you can take away from this particular article is what I've noted above -- and that's even more true/relevant for the Baby Buster and Gen-X generations. I encourage you to spend less time thinking about the Apple vs. Windows debate, and more time learning about how to manage your finances -- you won't regret it when you get to be my age...
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  • U.S. Energy Policy Is Responsible for Unrest in Egypt  [View article]
    You held my interest until you described hydrogen as a "fuel". It is not -- it's merely a method to transport energy, in the same way that electricity is also not an energy source/fuel either (notwithstanding the fact that a lot of people actually think it is).

    Sadly, this type of mistake is increasingly common in energy discussions. It (and numerous other fallacies that people assume as "energy truths") further confuses the issue, and consequently makes thoughtful and rational discussion less likely, and further postpones the development and implementation of real solutions to the energy crisis.

    With all due respect, you mention "as we say in engineering" -- if you are an engineer and got this basic fact wrong, I can't help but wonder where you went to engineering school. It's time we start giving more creedence to the ideas and opinions of real engineers -- that's the only way we're ever going to solve this problem.

    Sadly, I saw this whole "alternative energy" movie before back in the late 70's when I was doing energy research on DOE contracts. Unfortunately, as is the case now, we had way too many liberal arts majors pontificating about problems they were/are ill-equipped to discuss, much less solve...
    Jan 30, 2011. 09:05 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Fiscally Irresponsible Friday: Trading for Magic Beans  [View article]
    After hearing his drivel, why would/should we believe that Mr. Davis "made money trading options".

    Just more proof that while there are a number of good, well-thought-out articles here on Seeking Alpha, there is also a lot of garbage. One needs to be able to discern the difference in order to benefit.
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  • Fiscally Irresponsible Friday: Trading for Magic Beans  [View article]
    Good grief! This guy Phil is truly clueless. I can't believe that he actually has 50,000 "followers". I truly feel sorry for most of these people. If they spent less time reading his mindless political drivel, and more time working harder -- and smarter -- they'd be a lot better off in life.

    Yes, it's true that there are ridiculously overpaid investment bankers and hedge fund managers (I've known a few), and there are also "trust fund babies" who have inherited wealth -- but complaining about them isn't going to do anything to help you!

    The fact is that the overwhelming majority of people who have accumulated significant wealth have done so because they got a good education (which means actually studying hard and learning something useful rather than just getting high and occasionally showing up for liberal arts classes), worked hard (ridiculous hours), worked smart, and took well-calculated risks in their careers. They deserve what they have earned, and in the process have paid the overwhelming majority of taxes, and created the most wealth and jobs for others. They are also the largest contributors to charities.

    I truly hope that those of you who are complaining about such people will take a hard look at yourselves, and learn from those who have been truly successful in life, not just in their careers. With the future we are looking at in this country, you would be very foolish not to.

    In any event, you won't benefit from wasting your time reading comments from the likes of Phil!
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  • Gold and Silver Almost Go Parabolic as Currency Wars Heat Up  [View article]
    When one looks at the weekly charts, this thesis is refuted...
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  • Warning Signs Suggest Market Headed for Another Collapse  [View article]
    Capt Brian -- which annuity have you purchased? Sounds like a great return given current interest rates. Thanks for your help and comments.
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