• Maria Auziliadora
    $FRAN beat and their outlook is great and the stock is down Opportunity to buy
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    • Raunaq23: Yep I'm in FRAN too at 24.7 but have no idea why it keeps dropping after the good news and insider buys? you see anything fishy?
    • Maria Auziliadora: yes a little it was upgraded 3 times in November and even the day they reported so I sold half of my positon at 28.50 the day they reported
    • Maria Auziliadora: so I just added more but I don't understand what is going on
    • Maria Auziliadora: It is a Nasdaq stock and AAPL is messing up the Nasdaq big time but FRAN is not even a tech stock
    • Maria Auziliadora: Rauna hope you were patient with FRAN this one always comes back
    • Maria Auziliadora: and it did and it will go higher