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I am an engineer from the first few years of Gen-X and began my interest in investing in my teens with a single share of stock (T) from my Bell System grandfather before the breakup. I am one of the fortunate few of my generation that will have access to a pension that will make up a good chunk of my retirement income. Ever since my first "real" job, I have tried to save some, tithe some, and spend some with the goal of being able to have a portfolio large enough to pay for my retirement independent of the pension or government support.

Most of my investments are in IRA, 403(b), and 401(k)--some of this money has limited choices, but some is available for individual stock purchases. My DGI portfolio ...More
  • Description: Occasional Investor. Trading frequency: Infrequent
  • Interests: Dividend stock ideas & income, Retirement savings
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