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  • Report: New Apple TV set-top due in September, will have remote with touchpad [View news story]
    I do not see Tim Cook smirking--rather, I see him "standing on his head 'till his ears turn red, and falling over dead while eating bugs", in order to make everyone on the planet happy! He is doing a remarkable--and from an investor point of view--arguably far better job of addressing concerns.

    You are not paying attention to the enormous amount of change in this regard....everything from Chinese worker relations to world-wide environmental considerations, while simultaneously developing a world class headquarters and pursuing a phenomenal and unprecedented capital-return program! Oh....and the introduction of new products and services....
    Jul 30, 2015. 08:24 PM | 13 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple: Fiscal 2015 Was OK, But Fiscal 2016 Shaping Up To Be A Better Year [View article]
    The greatest enterprise in human history grinding along with a PE of 14 is an investment travesty in a world of Facebook and Amazon PE's....and even half-dead Microsoft, which after taking a 12 billion write down of Nokia is still at a PE of 19, and no-way has the growth potential of APPL, which they have yet again proved!

    Up from 125 to 140 in the next 15 months? This is an absurd expectation....go buy some bonds!
    Jul 24, 2015. 06:26 PM | 16 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Have Apple And Beats Created The Future Of The Music Business? [View article]
    A lot of us got GTAT wrong! That was the most amazing bomb of my investment career, and I still do not fully understand how it all wobbled out of control and crashed. None of it makes sense, other than criminality at the management level, and we have not heard much since the collapse, and might never!
    Jun 29, 2015. 01:31 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple caves on music streaming royalties [View news story]
    Apple came down in the right side of this situation, which had the potential of a cultural revolt, and they have done it with a rare demonstration of corporate humility and class. This is an astoundingly good move, completely eviscerating the cascading negativity arguments being launched by the punditry about how horribly immoral a player Apple is in the music industry.

    Eddie Cue is The Man, and with ONE decision and ONE publicized phone call to Taylor Swift, the current "music world's standard-bearer", changed Apple's music dynamic in the marketplace--and you can bet Jimmy Iovine provided the necessary insight for this correct decision, which should help all those who thought Beats was overpaid now understand what a deal Apple got when picking it up--and why they did!

    Go Eddie & Jimmy!!
    Jun 22, 2015. 01:56 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Future Of Apple Hinges On The Mac Upsell [View article]
    Alex....Once again a superlative article--the main feature being simple logic in the face of Apple/mac history, and a continuation of upward momentum.

    And you should be comforted by the fact that every scientist that I know is very busy employing the phenomenal Apple ecosystem to do their level best with what "Einstein would have drooled over", and we are only in the early innings of what is enabling the greatest leap in knowledge and sharing in human history.

    Prepare to live to 150, maybe 200, and invest in APPL so that you can enjoy it free of financial fear!
    Jun 19, 2015. 07:17 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple And Icahn: Pillars Of Growth [View article]
    @J.M. Manness.....Great job on this article, by the way!

    "no view is conclusive".....and that, as you are well aware, is exactly how Apple always operates. Nothing is conclusive until the whole initiative is brought forth "fait accompli", and only then will we see what they have been up to.

    And I'm assuming that whatever they are doing, automotive-wise, it will be sufficiently worthwhile and satisfying enough to merit our continued investment!

    Regarding "hiring the very best engineers in those fields", that assures designs from the mountain-top, where there is the finest perspective, rather than the valley--which can be crowded with noisy fools. These are monumental engineering decisions that will carry huge infrastructural planning/tooling costs, and they gotta be "right" for a long time.

    In any event--you are absolutely right...."at this point no view is conclusive."
    Jun 5, 2015. 12:25 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Reports: Apple cancels plans to unveil new Apple TV at WWDC [View news story]
    An excellent negotiation tactic for muscling the fence-sitters in the content marketplace....being able to walk away, even if only temporarily, keeps the hammer in Apple's hand, and these are the toughest nuts to crack!

    Even Les Moonves has finally seen the writing on the wall, and has "gone with the future", which is anytime/anywhere delivery to any device. And Apple makes the best devices--owned by the crowd that historically will pay up for solid value.

    Anyone ready for/anticipating a new AppleTV will be even more ready for it when it finally happens--knowing that it will be the best product that it can be, which is exactly why folks buy Apple products in the first place. Additionally, this is extra PR buzz preceding product launch--for free!
    Jun 3, 2015. 06:15 PM | 14 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Jony Ive Promotion [View article]
    A better title for Jony Ive would have been CVO....Chief Visionary Officer, for that has been his role all along. You cannot design an object without a precursory "vision quest"...."What is this thing supposed to do?" "What problems does it solve?" "How is it to be used?" "How should it feel/look/handle....etc, etc.. These are the questions demanding vision/imagination and an embrace of the future not just for your device, but of its place in an evolving future. That takes a visionary, and both Steve Jobs and Jony Ive have been the main Apple visionaries since 1996.

    Laureen Powell Jobs understood that Jony Ive was left standing alone and overwhelmed in the storm following Steve's death, and has facilitated a brilliant transformation which will separate Jony's raw creative power from the management grind, setting him free to do what he is on earth to do--and we shall shortly find out what that is!

    Those working at Apple are electrified to understand that raw creativity expressed at the highest level of tasteful design in the world is where they will hang their hats for their day's work. Investors should be equally electrified to understand that this has never before happened in the history of economic enterprise--and they should act accordingly!
    May 30, 2015. 03:00 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Jony Ive Was Demoted, Not Promoted, And Other Things Apple [View article]
    A bigger mystery is how this author has risen to "Premium" status.....I've read everything he has published regarding Apple, and he is consistently wrong. Who is minding the controls here? Always an attention-grabbing sensational punch-line, followed by pap and faulty logic, and endless defensive banter.

    I'm so tired--this is the last I shall waste my time on. From now on it's "auto-delete". Bye-bye....
    May 29, 2015. 03:42 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple And Icahn: Pillars Of Growth [View article]
    The list of talents that you have provided is the precisely the list of talent needed to build systems that interface with automotive power train management, data, navigation, communication and entertainment systems, for you cannot do any of this without embracing all of the engineering aspects of these systems that you desire to interface with. Ponder the sound of one hand clapping.....

    So Apple needs to be as well versed on every aspect of contemporary power train and control systems engineering, etc., as are the folks that are manufacturing the cars of the other words, you will interface with your future car with your future Apple mobile device.....whatever that will be, and it will get you to where you want to go in a manner that is an extension of your personal software ecology....your destinations, music, routines and routes--even driving style.

    The list provided offers nothing regarding platform/suspension development, body and interior trim design and manufacturing, factory design and assembly engineering, safety and testing....yada, yada....that list would be in the hundreds.

    Apple is positioning itself to interface with the evolution of automotive design. As a shareholder, I am comforted by this news.
    May 29, 2015. 03:23 AM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Ive named Apple's Chief Design Officer; others taking over managerial work [View news story]
    Historically, Paulo is regularly wrong, but an important counterweight to the "irrational exuberance" expressed by the majority of informed AAPL optimists. Without him and MB, the "investing ecology surrounding AAPL" would be out of balance! We need both of them to express their twisted points of view, which they somehow laboriously arrive at when viewing the same corporate performance and potentials as the rest of us.

    As good bears--even dignified in MB's case--they will often be seen raiding the Investment Park trash cans and dumpsters....but they are ultimately harmless if one keeps their distance!
    May 27, 2015. 02:30 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Ive named Apple's Chief Design Officer; others taking over managerial work [View news story]
    This is Apple's master move....placing the foremost design talent on the globe at the front of the product train--Ives is the locomotive that has pulled Apple for years, and now will integrate design--corporation-wide, just at a time when competitors are fragmenting and struggling to find their way. Pity them, for the best and highest road has already been taken by Ives.

    All Apple investors/commentators that have not read this article are functionally ignorant of the forces that have and will continue to shape Apple for years to come. Read and draw your own conclusions, and if you don't understand the article--go away with the snarky comments:

    Design trumps all. This is why I am a long-term APPL investor. It has worked since 1999.
    May 26, 2015. 01:54 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple: Coherent Acquisition A Big Boost To Map Asset [View article]
    Knowing where the iPhone is within centimeters has truly astounding implications for "proximity marketing", allowing merchandise to literally "speak" to the shopper....."Hey--what about me? I'm on sale today!" "You've already got the peanut butter--how about my strawberry jam on sale this minute!? Value shoppers will be turned into spending robots. AAPL will chew off mass revenue in ways that are presently barely explored.

    This has reach beyond our imagination, once it filters into merchandising and service marketing. A quantum leap on all levels.....and yes....navigation in an Apple-empowered car!
    May 19, 2015. 01:58 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • VXDN: A New Spot VIX Fund That Will Perform Similar To Inverse Volatility Funds [View article]
    I am no way this smart, but have fortunately (confirmed after reviewing your study here) stumbled into the XIV, where I have been a very happy long-term (yes....long-term) camper. suffers horribly in corrections, but snaps back with a vengeance!

    Have avoided the VXX--just haven't had the guts--and that appears to have been relatively provident, by comparison, as well!
    May 18, 2015. 03:39 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Higher interest rates seen as headwind for consumer staples [View news story]
    Stupid to link this saber-rattling to COSTCO! Just stupid......
    May 18, 2015. 03:15 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment