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  • XIV: I Hate To Tell You So, But I Told You So  [View article]
    @Gregg Rosenburg & @jimnoles126....

    I did seize that opportunity to buy the XIV@ $4, and rode it up to about $50. It was a very pleasant experience. But not so much since last summer! I'm still 4X long-term, but sad that I'm no longer @ 14X long-term! I'm a very infrequent trader, for good reason, because I usually make horrible mistakes at precisely the right time!

    What to do now? Probably nothing, as last summer's volatility foretold present conditions, which are certainly coming to pass, but will someday abate--they did in 2009, which was arguably a much worse time. Currently more pain, but evermore-pregnant with possibility!

    If you think this is fun--have a look at UWTI and how it correlates with $OVX....and ponder what could happen to UWTI if oil somehow merely wobbles back to just $50/barrel....or $100/barrel by 2020, driven by the ancient commodity-saw "The cure for low prices is low prices!" Whew.....
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  • Apple: More Bonds Please  [View article]
    Bill, with all due respect--and I do respect your writing history here in the Apple corner of SA--I have not seen any benefit what so ever to the share buy back program, and I often wonder what would have happened if that capital were simply returned to shareholders as a dividend. On top of that, what would have happened if Apple had picked up NFLX, FB, etc.,etc....

    We are almost exactly where we were over 1000 days ago! That's a long time for any investor, and long-term shareholders are incredibly frustrated. What is really scary is that the bulls are very quiet, having been proved wrong big time about all of that supply chain hysteria--it was true! And Carl is very, very, very quiet...he may be sneaking out the back door after a series of "failures", such as no new Apple TV deals, not-great watch reception, and only sure to get worse currency headwinds. It is looking like 2 bad quarters, where we may potentially sink 10-20% below this wretched stock price.

    Hard to keep hanging on to the buyback drumbeat--no one is dancing.
    Feb 2, 2016. 03:30 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple's Currency Index Turns A New Page In Its Financial Results  [View article]
    Someone help me understand how this phenomena does not reduce Apple's manufacturing costs and foreign-bought components by the same currency displacement value--doth not the sword cut both ways?
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  • Report: Apple creates large virtual reality team, has built headset prototypes  [View news story]
    I worked with a development team in VR in the early 90's. It is incredibly complicated, enormously demanding, still relatively expensive and extremely difficult to aggregate the computing horsepower, software and hardware sufficient to create a virtual reality experience, but nothing can compare with it--it is a living hallucination!

    Even way back then we were holding experimental cross-continental meetings at virtual conference tables, between Seattle and North Carolina, and even with some participants in Japan, and assembling molecules with haptic feedback, which has gone on to create enormous acceleration in drug design. Fighter pilots have been flying in virtual reality for over 20 years.

    The technology being used was "direct writing" on our retinas with a red laser--didn't matter what color it was--it quickly became real, just like losing yourself in a black and white movie. Only those that have directly experienced virtual reality can comprehend its enormous and revolutionary implications....Say good bye to your children and loved ones, as they will....along with you....disappear down the Rabbit Hole.

    This will rapidly overtake every media experience that you can imagine, and effect everything that humans can do with their eyes, which is mostly everything. It will affect every industry in incomprehensible ways, and perhaps the evolution of the human being.

    It should be a damn good investment, and right now is about where television was in the late 1940's....embryonic and nascent with potential--potential even beyond the dreamers imaginations. Expect the pornsters to crawl to the front of the line with fully immersive "love-suits" that will haptically join both real and unreal partners in cyberspace...even across the galaxy.

    EVERY industry that employs an interaction with a human eye will be impacted. It will be a different world, somewhat like how the world changed with radio, television, computer technology and now cell phones--only FAR more engaging. There will be many human casualties, which will be greatly outweighed by the incredible advancement in human capability and accomplishment.

    How and where to invest is a very challenging question. APPL, FB, MSFT, GOOGL, SNE, NVDA, INVN, Samsung....might be just a start, with scores more to emerge. I very much want to hear other investor's ideas. Good Luck!
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  • Trump: Apple Can't Produce Its 'Damn Computers And Things' In The U.S.  [View article]
    My New Year's resolution was to not read SA articles (or anything else) with Trump in the headline--and that applied here.

    Trump will be relegated to the dustbin of history as hysterical and desperate Republicans jettison him, and resort to a "brokered convention", likely featuring the resurfacing of the 2 century old, and practically-speaking far more-electable, candidate from the "Bush Machine", who could still fail in the face of the first female candidate for presidency in American history.

    Investor bottom line: Not much changes, except crucifixion in the drug space--and that has already happened (IBB, BIB, FBT, etc.,) via Hillary tweets, with Bernie and Trump falling in-line behind. Watch Bush--if he lines-up with the drug-price crusade, he captures a sufficient drug price-concerned demographic to sustain a drive to the WhiteHouse.

    But moves-to-clinch by Republicans could precipitate sufficient fear within the Democrats to weld Hillary to the true last-minute ace-in-the-hole....Biden, who is absolutely electable, and who has enormous personal and political medical momentum. That would steam-roll any Republican combination.

    Again--not much changes....
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  • Apple Dividend Yield Tops 2.00%  [View article] excellent insight on your part! For those who might have felt dusted by fairies in the FANGs, enjoying outrageous PEs and stratospheric evaluations, a strategy to "normalize" might look like a flip into AAPL with those juicy, but not necessarily eternal, profits. That mighta' got started today!

    The reason I know that this is a brilliant strategy is because I ALMOST did the very OPPOSITE--nearly selling some of my very long-term APPL holdings and flipping into FANGS, because I just couldn't stand the pain of a 2013 redo. But I just couldn't do it....and today proved how wrong I would have been!

    As Art Cashin famously says, "When you vomit on your shoes, it is time to step forward!" APPL caused a lotta vomiting since summer, so maybe it is finally time to step forward.

    Happy New Year!
    Jan 4, 2016. 07:44 PM | 8 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Growth Plans Set To Deliver Significantly For American Tower  [View article]
    I did buy it--in 2012, and it has been a rather horrifying roller-coaster ride for over a year! The barf-bag is full. Stories of riches abound, but Mr. Market punishes, dunno what to do.
    Dec 27, 2015. 05:17 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Why I Was Wrong Shorting Apple  [View article]
    @ MAKS....How is it that all of your points do not apply to all other business, including "sheepie" lineups, fads, 10 year forecasts, the "next recession", yada...yada. What a bunch of disjointed and biased opinion-izing, especially about the watch, which is barely getting started!
    Dec 23, 2015. 09:45 PM | 10 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple promotes Williams to COO, puts Schiller in charge of App Store (updated)  [View news story]
    Retired One....You are indeed a critical thinker, and your opinions have value, which I have digested for sometime, but it has become too difficult to read your unpunctuated grammar, which, when challenged about the issue--you are indeed unapologetic!

    These amount to nearly uncivilized rants, which is sad. So until you show respect for other readers, who might want to read your comments--bye-bye!
    Dec 17, 2015. 01:06 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Bloomberg: Apple suspends TV service plans as big media resists (updated)  [View news story]
    Listen ONLY to Les Moonves--he is the smartest, toughest, savviest, most insightful of all the media dogs. Patience will be rewarded as multiple Apple TV trial balloons will be launched and shot down.

    Moonves abhors giving away content, but he is ultimately the most pragmatic operator out there in media-land, and will trim his sails to the wind direction--he is a survivor. He feels the Apple-wind building, and will configure a method to profitably navigate it.

    Everybody else in media-land respects his keen sense of the market. They will do whatever he does--or go down in flames trying to do something else! He is starting to dance with will take time to get the music right. Others may stumble, but not Les Moonves!
    Dec 9, 2015. 03:43 AM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 'Amazon-proof' Costco seen rising 25%  [View news story]
    Costco membership is an almost self-contained lifestyle. Everything from diapers to Depends....they even sell coffins. Postage stamps, pizza, appliances, computers--even travel, business services and gas. Now even iPhones and Pads.

    One never need leave their walled garden. Rebate checks ensure loyalty--nobody does it like Costco. Bought @38 and sold @120 last year....sadly....stock has not looked back to let me back in!
    Dec 5, 2015. 03:08 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Samsung paying Apple $548M in damages, hopes to recover the money  [View news story]
    Not enough to recover legal expenses, but a line-in-the-sand to would-be copycats that they will suffer public indignities if they trespass. A vindication--definitely worth the multi-year struggle!

    And Samsung continues to soil itself publicly by demanding "money back" if they should somehow facilitate a legal miracle in the future--an utterly absurd and embarrassing position after a huge loss of face. Any PR undergrad would easily see this as a further faux-pa. They should just go forth quietly and enjoy the multi-billion$ in Apple-frenemy chip business before they lose that too!

    These guys are sort of Madmen scofflaws, who got away with a major ruse to the tune of many, many billion$, and should quit the B/S while they are ahead. They do make very nice refrigerators and TVs, however!
    Dec 4, 2015. 01:33 PM | 7 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 25% Allocation To Apple - Too Much Risk?  [View article]
    @mrbasketball1973...Thank You for the perspective.

    It is for this ever-expanding set of reasons that I have slowly racheted-up my percentage of AAPL to an astounding 60-some% over 15 years--by default--by thinning out the weak, while AAPl grew stronger and stronger! Woulda been dumb-as-a-door to have sold it for "re-balancing" into other temptations, some of which no longer even exist!

    Yes--for painful periods of time I have had to "hold my pee" as APPL periodically loses favor in the market, but net/net it always re-gathers its momentum in the long run. It is catching "rolling upgrades" again, and now would be an especially poor time to swap into anything else--especially the current FANGS! Unless one believes--as I do--that FAANGS could use a spelling modification!

    Do I wish I was in GOOG, AMZN, FB, NFLX, as well? Yeah--I do, but I'll get over that when the RateHike Sheriff comes to town and guns-down "inflated PE's with sick/non-existent dividends". And if and when that ever happens, APPL is a natural hideout for fleeing tech-money, as it is somewhat UN-correlated to this crowd, and it will be in just the right position to ratchet-up the dividend, thereby attracting ever-more retirement and mutual fund love!

    Folks seem to have forgotten that Peter Oppenheimer, APPL's former Senior Vice President and CFO until 2014, is now a Director @ Goldman Sachs, which just issued a rather smoking upgrade for its premier client, AAPL, which happens to conduct its buyback business through Goldman (and would likely conduct M&A business thru it, as well).

    Nice to have friends in the most influential places in the global investment landscape. As Goldman's Chief Global Investment Strategist, Peter Oppenheimer's perspective should especially interest current APPL investors:

    At this key time in its corporate history--diversify away from APPL at your own risk--just buy other stuff if you desperately need that diversification!
    Nov 22, 2015. 01:46 AM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 25% Allocation To Apple - Too Much Risk?  [View article]

    As another aside....Do I follow Mr. Wonderful, or Mr. Icahn?......mmmm
    Nov 22, 2015. 12:51 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple Is Buying Back Shares Like There's No Tomorrow  [View article]
    A fine article, and obviously very stimulating to the Apple SA "commentariot", but this discussion begs the simple question....Where would the share price be without the buyback-support of Apple's enormous repurchase program?

    Does Apple not have "natural price buoyancy" in the market, based upon incredible products selling in record amounts worldwide, generating/supporting the largest enterprise in modern financial history? Ain't that good be locked-in at a measly PE of 12? And why?

    This is a scary thing to ponder....Without buybacks could we be enduring some fraction of 120--an ugly thought, similar to pondering the existential realities of addiction--APPL addiction to buybacks.

    Smoke and mirrors. It has been said for years that "shareholders will benefit".....So when, exactly, do we begin benefiting, or are we already "done benefiting"? I remain distressed and flummoxed, but patient since 1999. What, exactly, have buybacks done for me lately that dividends wouldn't have done better?
    Nov 10, 2015. 12:30 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment