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  • Thepianist
    $CCJ consider deal is signed. Just visited India and Blackouts are so common that they are in dire need of Nuclear energy.
    Apr 14, 11:25 AM
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    • Thepianist: Agreements are ready and in Steven Harpers office.
      Apr 14, 11:51 AM
      • Thepianist
        $BBRY Got a feeling we are going to $7
        Mar 30, 10:51 AM
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        • Tom Landry: Even "the $BBRY buying opportunity of a lifetime" is a risky proposition.
          Mar 30, 12:35 PM
        • matratra: Not going to $7, may be Morgan want to buy for their client.
          Mar 30, 12:49 PM
          • Thepianist
            $BBRY Not a good Q. We will go down.
            Mar 27, 11:29 AM
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            • caligrowthresearch: I'm positive! Profit even at this revenue and strong cash balance combined with new revenue drivers sounds good to me. I'm adding if it dips
              Mar 27, 11:36 AM
              • Thepianist
                $BBRY almost 3 million shares sold off in the last 10 minutes.
                Mar 26, 3:50 PM
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                • Investor RockieK: Boy, you certainly called the close right. Good job. But ignore CNBC - they're playing fast and loose w/ definition of three black crows
                  Mar 26, 4:24 PM
                • caligrowthresearch: It's back up in afterhours. Pure manipulation...
                  Mar 26, 7:02 PM
                  • Thepianist
                    $BBRY We will see sell off closer to the Bell today.
                    Mar 26, 12:54 PM
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                    • Thepianist: What I have learned with Blackberry, I always stay out before earnings.
                      Mar 26, 3:31 PM
                    • Thepianist: Its not make it or break it quarter.
                      Mar 26, 3:48 PM
                      • Thepianist
                        $BBRY why does Goldman and JPM bother with stock, baffles me.
                        Mar 23, 12:36 PM
                          • Thepianist
                            $BBRY IBM now has a agreement with Apple and Now with Blackberry. Just what the heck is going on? Seems like an orgy to me.
                            Mar 17, 7:31 AM
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                            • Thepianist: @Ivan how will it impact BB now with the agreement IBM has with Apple?
                              Mar 17, 10:26 AM
                            • Ivan Jimenez: IBM does business app for AAPL just like there are business app in Android-for-Work. Why can't BBRY manage these apps too?
                              Mar 17, 12:08 PM
                              • Thepianist
                                $BBRY what does the Canso investment in BB mean?
                                Mar 12, 11:34 AM
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                                • rmccleary97: Or, you do that if you need to raise funds quickly since equity is easier to dispose of - but I'm guessing Canso doesn't have that problem.
                                  Mar 12, 2:01 PM
                                • rmccleary97: Barring something unexpected I expect SP between now and earnings to range around $10. On earnings, expect a huge move (over $1, maybe $2).
                                  Mar 12, 3:02 PM
                                  • Thepianist
                                    $BBRY Hey Poka this one is for you my friend about the new apple macbook.
                                    Mar 12, 9:13 AM
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                                    • Thepianist: you tube this ,"Shocking interview with Apple engineer"
                                      Mar 12, 9:19 AM
                                    • pokalolo: Just unboxed a POSH.. 11 bucks Need someone to put the tiny little chip in. I splurged as I dropped my SamS & wheel mushed it
                                      Mar 12, 9:25 AM
                                      • Thepianist
                                        $BBRY some one please explain the movement in BB today?
                                        Mar 10, 3:22 PM
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                                        • Thepianist: Thanks ER
                                          Mar 10, 3:42 PM
                                        • stasdelaware: Feel the pain. Doubled my position @ 9.56
                                          Mar 10, 6:31 PM
                                          • Thepianist
                                            $BBRY still waiting for that $9 target.
                                            Mar 10, 10:54 AM
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                                            • Thepianist: What a bunch of chicken poop call a 9$ target and dont sell.
                                              Mar 10, 12:33 PM
                                            • rmccleary97: I was going to suggest we'd probably see $9, but then AH showed up - and for a while now, that has signaled a short-term bottom.
                                              Mar 10, 2:10 PM
                                              • Thepianist
                                                $BBRY continue to disappoint Longs. Again.
                                                Mar 9, 10:42 AM
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                                                • Thepianist: Ivan im a trader I look for opportunities. Holding BB is not good until we see revenues increasing and BB comes out with a hit devise.
                                                  Mar 9, 7:24 PM
                                                • rmccleary97: If an analyst has price target of $X on ___ stock, ignore it. They're all guessing. See: Enron's PTs and recs as it tanked, et. al.
                                                  Mar 10, 2:06 PM
                                                  • Thepianist
                                                    $BBRY watch out for that short squeeze RSI will hit 80-85. Mr Lau your target may get taken out.
                                                    Mar 3, 10:15 AM
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                                                    • caligrowthresearch: Glad I added, everythings looking good so far! Once the weak hands and traders are shaken out it'll move up this evening.
                                                      Mar 3, 10:23 AM
                                                    • Thepianist: It may become a takeout target if revenues start increasing.
                                                      Mar 3, 10:34 AM
                                                      • Thepianist
                                                        $BBRY Chen says,"turn around ahead of Schedule".
                                                        Mar 3, 7:24 AM
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                                                        • pokalolo: I think the SEC & Canadian investigations toned things down. Good IMO.. Let #s talk
                                                          Mar 3, 8:28 AM
                                                        • Tikay: Never, ever worried about the "investigations".
                                                          Mar 3, 10:01 AM
                                                          • Thepianist
                                                            $BBRY Ford's bycycle sync up with BB
                                                            Mar 2, 2:13 PM
                                                              • Thepianist
                                                                $BBRY Getting ready for a huge breakout.
                                                                Mar 2, 1:01 PM
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                                                                • Chris Lau: Breakout and peak at between $11.90 - $13. Stock will settle after MWC is over.
                                                                  Mar 2, 1:32 PM
                                                                • tiger8896: That would be a pretty big move. What could Chen say at MWC that would make it move that much. Chen could disappoint as well imo.
                                                                  Mar 2, 2:07 PM
                                                                  • Thepianist
                                                                    $BBRY a beneficial of Net Neutrality?
                                                                    Feb 26, 3:57 PM
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                                                                    • sfinvestor: net neutrality, no. App neutrality, no chance.
                                                                      Feb 26, 6:54 PM
                                                                    • anonymous1234212: The really important question is: when will we see sfinvestor neutrality [and objectivity]? (hint: it's a trick question)
                                                                      Feb 26, 7:25 PM
                                                                      • Thepianist
                                                                        $BBRY hitting its resistance.
                                                                        Feb 26, 12:32 PM
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                                                                        • Thepianist: We need to close above $11.11 tomorrow to take off to $12
                                                                          Feb 26, 3:28 PM
                                                                        • anstin: Amen!!!!
                                                                          Feb 26, 7:58 PM
                                                                          • Thepianist
                                                                            $BBRY Google play will be coming soon to a Blackberry near you. Hang on to your shares folks.
                                                                            Feb 25, 4:17 PM
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                                                                            • anonymous1234212: ES and polkadot shorts are hopeless. Nowadays, it's fun just to laugh at their comments. Really tough to take them seriously though, sadly
                                                                              Feb 25, 5:55 PM
                                                                            • pokalolo:
                                                                              Feb 25, 5:58 PM
                                                                              • Thepianist
                                                                                $BBRY upgrade coming soon to the million users of BB phones.
                                                                                Feb 12, 1:59 PM