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  • Misinformation Concerning Verizon-Advanced Micro Devices Server Deal Clarified [View article]

    what does overclocking have to do with the Phoronix article? 10208741 was just offering a counter-argument to what you said earlier about Intel's CPUs' performance being out of reach for AMD. The specific point being that in a Linus environment, the difference is not that great as opposed to what is experienced in a windows environment for a variety of reasons. From your previous posts I infer that you are working in an environment that is mostly not windows and therefore should be able to provide real life evidence for or against the article. Your response does not close close to that expectation.
    Oct 16 09:39 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Xbox? PS/4? The Big Winner Is AMD [View article]
    Finally someone who gets it.

    Very nice article that calls to attention the immediate windfalls to AMD. There are two other ways that AMD will benefits from these 2 deals in addition to promoting the furthering of the compute paradigm.

    PC gamers will have quicker access to new games developed for the consoles. Right now these games are either not available or are crippled versions of the console originals. Being developed on the same X86-64 platform, the new games can be developed quickly and be optimized for both platforms with a lot less efforts than today. Developing games based on the GCN architecture (GPU architecture) means that the next generations of games will be based on AMD rules as opposed to NVIDIA. So yes, NVIDIA will loose out.

    The most important aspect of the move to X86 is HSA (Heterogeneous System Architecture) and its real world application: hUMA (heterogeneous Unified Memory Access). In this new computing paradigm, the CPU and GPU will share equal billing in running the portions of the codes that maximize their respective strength: serial processing for the CPU and parallel processing for the GPU. Application programs will use a new breed of compilers that will pre-assign these code portions to whichever processor which will perform the tasks most efficiently. Both the CPU and the GPU sharing the same address space means that data will no longer have to be moved around as much as they do today. This is the primary reason why both consoles can deliver so much performance running at only 1.6 GHz.

    The ability of the CPU and GPU to share the same memory space means that we will all benefit from this new order and not just AMD Microsoft, Sony or the gamers.

    Maybe, someday, the people who fear the imminent demise of Moores' law might look very kindly at the emergence of HSA.
    May 22 12:21 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • NVIDIA Announces PhysX Support for Microsoft Xbox One Game Console [View article]
    So now $NVDA wants to accelerate the $AMD APU thru CUDA after badmouthing it for so long as being under performing?

    $MSFT would be a fool to let that Trojan horse get into their console.

    Wouldn't $NVDA stop at nothing for a little bit of publicity? Are that desperate?
    May 21 04:16 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
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